1. R

    Exhaust time...

    My T requires a new exhaust system as the back boxes and middle box are breaking down inside, corrosion etc. I do not want a loud exhaust I want something very similar to standard ! I know there's not much to gain but also something that will slightly boost performance, so a good exhaust...
  2. C

    Grinding noise at low speed whilst turning?

    It's not really pronounced yet I can hear this on full lock, mainly when reversing.. top mounts? cheers guys
  3. M

    How to Lubricate the top on the shock??

    About 1 1/2 years ago I had my shocks reconditioned and the are fine, but recently there had been horrible noises and clunking coming from the drivers side. After much hassle finding the problem we noticed that it is the lac of lubrication on the top of the shock. Can any one help me and tell me...
  4. D

    Large Trophy 182 clearout PART 2

    Following on from my other thread: Pair of 182 cup packed/ trophy front hubs complete with bearings (no play or noise) and Abs sensors. Please note these do not come with the driveshafts!! £40/£50 delivered Set of engine coolant hoses as seen £10/£16 posted Rear arch liner £10/£15 posted...
  5. Claude

    Best value no-compromise road tyres?

    Which tyres offer the best value & performance in 205/45/16? I only use the T for weekend fun so road noise & wet weather capabilities are of no concern, I just want great performance & value for money. Of course, they have to be road legal too! Suggestions & recommendations most appreciated.
  6. W

    New Trophy owner, several questions!

    Hello, I've bought a trophy and I love it lots, but there's a couple of niggles: 1) I feel the car is slightly down on power, the car has an incomplete service history and i'm told the cambelt was changed by the previous owner, it's suggested that I get the timing checked, does anyone know how...
  7. M

    Yozzasport Backbox with Standard Cat

    Hi Guys, Does anyone else who still frequents this forum have this set-up? I'm having a major issue with the fit between the 2 parts. I am getting a blowing which caused me to fail the MOT for emissions. My MOT centre managed to get the car through but after some spirited driving it is...
  8. J

    Alternator charging issue - help!

    Evening, hoping someone can shed some light on an odd charging problem my Trophy's sprung upon me. I had a new alternator fitted a couple of months back and all was well until a couple of weeks ago. The car runs fine but after about an hour's continuous running if you turn the car off the...
  9. Sean Jones

    Dephaser pulley?

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked many a time but I just want to be sure (: my trophy has started ticking when it's up to temperature and idling. The ticking increases with the revs, up to about 2000rpm then goes away. Is this the dephaser pulley on its way out? Anyone else experienced this? I'm...
  10. Mikeyjp

    ITG or KTR

    So will still be a couple of weeks till get the air box back on i should think what do you recommend a ITG or KTR panel filter? or other? thanks
  11. hoolio

    Lil bit of road rage

    So I've been doing a few more miles in the T recently and this morning after being on the receiving end of some serious road rage AGAIN and tbh not being your stereotypical boyracer hoonhoodlum I'm beginning to wonder if it's the car that attracts a little bit of extra unwanted attention or is...
  12. Sean Jones

    Springs and Sachs

    What kind of springs work best with the Sachs apart from the standard ones? Looking to go for stiffer springs but don't want to wreck the dampers in the process. Thanks.
  13. S

    Anyone experiencing loose front pads?

    My Brembo's and DS2500's were old and tired and I my driving means i don't need uprated items, so i went for Mintex front discs and pads, Genuine renault rear discs and Mintex pads. When i fitted the pads into the front caliper i noticed the pads were a mil too small to fit snug in the gap. Sure...
  14. P

    Whistling under acceleration

    Can any one shed any light? The T has started whistling when accelerating. The harder the acceleration the louder the whistle? I've got a maxogen fitted, which I've had no issue (or whistle) with for over 12 months, all pipes from filter to plenum seem ok. any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  15. power ranger

    Solid Top mounts. Yay or Nay?

    So after having the Sach's refurbed, new MF springs and camber bolts being done ( not on the T yet ) I'm considering fitting new Solid top mounts. Now from various sources I've been told it's too harsh with the Sach dampers. Has anyone got any experiences with STM fitted on there T or should I...
  16. Badgerman85

    Creaking / Knocking - O/S/F - Getting Annoying

    So my cars been making this noise for a while now, so far the lower ball joints, outer track rod ends and steering rack bushes have all been changed, and the car has solid top mounts fitted. So the noise started out quiet a few months ago, and is progessively getting louder, but from underneath...
  17. W

    Help! Damper problem I think?

    Hi. I have been having a few problems while driving like country type of Roads not been impressed by the handling of my car :-( I began to realise something ain't right coz ma old 182 handled better than this. Which isn't right. Anyway cut a long story short. I pushed down on the front...
  18. T

    Humming noise..?

    I have a humming noise coming from my car, sounding like a shot wheel bearing - humming more when turning right, indicating a left bearing. I changed both of my fronts and after picking it up from the garage this evening, it's still there, not so loud though. I jacked the car up before it went...
  19. eljeffo64

    Ktec Induction kit

    Drives better, a few more ponies on the power run (dyno'd) but........ The best bit... The sound is fuggin awesome !!! ;)(vowed never to use that word but nowt else would do)
  20. W

    Knocking Noise....HELP

    can anyone help me. when sitting still and I slightly move the steering side to side I can feel and hear a knock at my foot? This wheel doesn't feel right when I am driving either sounds funny but like feels like the wheel is doing its own thing.... Any ssuggestions? X
  21. R

    Track day prep...

    Hi, I am doing my first track day oct 14th at angelsey (anyone coming?) I plan on changing my brake fluid and wondered what people used and recommend?! Also,would braded lines be a worthy upgrade or are they already braded on the Trophy? I have red stuff pads at present and grooved discs that...
  22. Badgerman85

    Eibach sportline problem

    Hi all, a couple of weeks back we fitted some sportlines to BigDaves trophy which seem to be absolutely fine, so I thought I'd get myself a set and fit them to my trophy only difference being mine has the ktr solid top mounts, anyway no worries there got them apart and back together with the...
  23. PS CUP

    Who would you use RSport Wimbledon or Mark Fish

    My Trophy is coming up for its annual service plus I have a new RS192 exhaust to be fitted. I would also like to get all the geo and tracking checked can anyone recommened someone to use ? I live in Surrey. Many thanks
  24. steve f

    help ! creaking front suspension

    Hi, my trophys on 31k and had the front dampers refurbished a few months ago by bg motorsport. The car is on mark fish springs with koni rear dampers. Ever since i got the dampers refurbished the springs creak "as if ur hearing them compress" when braking hard and then when u let off the...
  25. S


    Had the Trophy on track last night and there is a knocking noise from the rear under hard braking, worse when trail braking and lifting a inside wheel. Is it the exhaust hitting, engine mount? Cheers
  26. quik5i1ver

    Orbisoud - to mod or not to mod?

    So, with the Trophy now being the only car in our household, thus enjoying the odd long journey, I’m somewhat struggling with the drone from the Orbisoud exhaust at motorway speeds… It was never previously an issue because the car was only used at weekends, but during a recent trip to Oxford...
  27. G

    decided to keep my trophy. few questions tho.....

    After wanting to sell my clio for something different, 330 e46, or an r26. i am keeping it but will be spending some money on it. just dont think il get something more enjoyable for the money!! Has anyone on here had their dampers refurbed recent??? if so how much? visually and driving i cant...
  28. Cam

    What exhaust should you get for a Trophy

    Can anyone give me some advise on exhausts? I need a new rear section soon and was wondering should i go Yozza sport? Just want a 'sporty' sound than the original. If anyone can give me any alternatives and ideas of price? how does the price differ against original? I have heard a Yozzasport...
  29. J

    AST Solid Top Mounts

    Has anybody got these on their trophy? I was wondering what people thought and if they changed anything else when putting these on IE damper settings. I'm thinking of getting some because top mounts are knocking over bumps (not the usual knocking on full lock either) I've worked it out to be...
  30. I

    The thrill of driving (a clio trophy)

    I re-discovered Evo magazine’s raison d’être last weekend – the thrill of driving. I bought my Trophy (#23/500) in early December. Its one previous owner had serviced it regularly but in most other respects it needed a dose of TLC including: refurbished front dampers; new exhaust; rear...