1. R

    150 - new owner

    Recently bought myself number 150 after many months of looking. I've only ever owned Clios in my life and I'm still not fed up of them yet. especially as the trophy is possibly the best hot hatch ever made. This one had 1 previous owner - a member of Mcbusted... but never mind that because my...
  2. hoolio


    A bit of a frivolous question/survey as I fancy a change during the T's spring clean. If money was no/not much of an object what would be your preferred exhaust. For me it would have to sound great, not too loud and be well made. And anyone who suggests A Yozza will be beaten around the head...
  3. X

    Scorpion exhaust problems

    I was driving back home today and decided to take the long route along the b class roads for a bit fun... which turned out to be a nightmare as my scorpion now has a huge hole in it, just after the back box exhaust mount. Has anyone else had this problem before? Any information would be appreciated.
  4. liamkirkham

    Bushes and Mounts

    Hello all, I'm slowly bit by bit getting round to all the things I wanted to check/change on the T. My question today is about bushes and mounts. I'm sure one of them (at least) needs changing but I have no idea what types there are. Bushes, engine mounts, dogbone etc. Any good guide on what...
  5. Patrick Bateman

    182 Trophy Suspension noise

    Just started to notice this more recently. It's not really apparent at speed, only occasionally showing itself but at low speed going over speed bumps and the like there's an obvious creak/crash from the front left of the car. It's definitely the left as I've made sure to go over speed bumps...
  6. R


    Hi all, I think my alternator is on the way out... I have a strange whining noise at around 2K RPM and when I stopped and popped the bonnet I found that my alternator was very hot! To hot to touch, is this normal? Secondly, should there be a cover/guard at the front of the alternator to stop...
  7. Gambit

    Project #126

    Hi Guys, Picked up #126 just the other week. Previously owned a 172 PH2 in Oz before with mild mods, and now that i'm in the UK thought i'd go back to where it all started. Always wanted a Trophy and now the dream has been realised. As far as modifications previous owner installed a...
  8. M

    Humming/droning sound - don't think wheel bearings

    Hi, I have an annoying low droning sound that seems to be coming from the rear of the car. It is linked to roadspeed not engine speed, and raises in pitch with speed, but then beyond 40mph seems to stay at the same level. Everything you read about suggests rear wheel bearings, but there is...
  9. P

    mk1 clio rattle

    Hi, i have a mk1 clio 1.2i 1998. I encountered a slight rattle whilst i was driving along and has persistantley got louder, it happens all the time wether hot or cold. I assumed it was the drivers side cv so i changed the driveshaft, it seemed like it hushed it down abit but the noise is still...
  10. Big Dave

    Polybushed dogbone mount.?

    My car came to me with a poly bushed dog bone mount. Can these cause some extra "unwanted" noise/vibration in the car.? Mine seems to have this at tickover. Im just working my way through the car and getting it just how i like it...:up: Its NOT going to be a track toy, i have something else for...
  11. F

    Squeak from steering?

    I test drove a 182 Cup today and I liked it although there was an occasional squeak , it sounded like it came from the steering when cornering hard, maybe sounded like a power steering kind of noise. Is this a common problem? I've also read in various adverts about the dephaser being done...
  12. P

    Diff bearings gone at 66.5k miles

    Just been to Mark Fish to investigate a noise i had on the car. Turns out it was worn diff bearings. Cue engine and gearbox out, suspension off exhaust off. rebuild diff and gearbox. new clutch, new belts and pulleys etc. im gonna be brassic this month. any spare change?
  13. P

    No.464 upgrades

    Hi, this is what i currently run with some thoughts on changes; JMS RS2 with upgraded engine mounts ( probably replace with standard and get updated map ) upgraded dogbone and gearbox mounts. fully polybushed all round. whiteline rear arb. standard suspension all round with refurbed front sachs...
  14. P

    Anyone still running JMS RS2?

    Hi after a period of doing nothing to my Trophy and it not getting use due to me setting up a car showroom i was wondering if anyone is still running this mod? I still have mine. Has there been any further work done on these, i do love the torquey nature and the noise although it's very harsh...
  15. D

    Engine noise

    I got hold of a trophy at a reasonable price. I knew it needed work. One of the things it came to my attention is the sound the engine is making. Here is a quick video. 182 trophy engine grind: I got a receipt for the dephaser and Pully. If the engines gubbed I...
  16. Mark

    Discs and pads

    Morning all I need to replace my front discs and pads all round. Thinking of sticking with the OE items but would appreciate everyone's thoughts. Car is mostly used on the road but likely to do the occasional track day (perhaps once a year). Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks Mark
  17. R

    something shattered

    I test drove my mates car today (182 cup) that i am thinking of buying to fix and sell. It started and idled fine. The problem came when I took it for a drive. There was an immediate whining noise as I pulled off in both 1s and 2nd gear and gears where hard to engage. When I can to reverse the...
  18. jarjarmustdie

    Got my first admirer yesterday

    Leaving work in Selly Oak last night a guy in a mini cooper let me into traffic and gave the new trophy a big thumps up. Asked me the number and said his brother owned 300 and something, didn't catch the number through the traffic noise. :up:
  19. P

    Pure Motorsport Exhaust (warning: Extreme teasing present)

    Hi Guys and Girls, Time has come to get a new blow pipe for the car. `had the original mild steel Renault item for 63,000 miles. I had to be welded to get through MOT last year. I decided on the Pure Motorsport one, so no help required as to which one to purchase. I placed the order on...
  20. E

    NEW Trophy owner needs some advice

    Hello just got number 14. Very pleased with the car and the way it goes. It's my 1st decent fast 'new car' having always had classics. I'm 42 so not a real racer type. I think it will fit in well with some of the oldies own. Only poor areas for road driving in my opinion are: a bit of movement...
  21. T

    Cornering Force

    My dampers will need looking at soon (feeling a bit sticky at slow speeds and making an odd clunking noise) and have already spoken to BG (£430 all in with a 5 day turn-around) and thought I'd give Cornering Force a call to see what they would charge etc. However the website is down and can't...
  22. Kangoosport

    Clio Trophy 182, AT Power ITBs Specialist Components Standalone ECU £5000

    Clio Trophy 182, AT Power ITBs Specialist Components Standalone ECU £5000 OK Here Goes, after listening to advice I have decided to sell my latest acquisition, since doing my first trackday last year I was blown away by my old Trophy 321's handling and the noise and speed of a few clios...
  23. clioalbania

    Clio misfire

    I have a clio 2002 16 v 1,4 Since yesterday the engine works bad, seems like misfire, maybe a sensor or something that cause to not work 4 cylinders. with 800 rpm it has a small vibration and with 2-3000 rpm it has a bad noise and doest has power any idea ??!!
  24. J

    Start-Up Issue

    Hi guys My Trophy has developed a minor fault over the past couple of days but I'm slightly worried it could develop into something more sinister! After the car has been sitting for a while, i.e. a few hours with the engine off, when I next come to start the car and try to turn the key in the...
  25. D

    Cat Cams 428 high lift cams with Dephaser and 182 head

    Hi all got a set if Catcams 428 cam shafts including perfect Dephaser and exhaust sprocket. Perfect condition, would recommend fitting these at the same time as a cambelt as it will be no additional cost! So if your due a cambelt soon this is the ideal modification. The spec for the 428 cams are...
  26. G

    New to trophy ownership....a few issues

    Hello all (first post :)). I have put a deposit on a Trophy which I will collect this weekend. When I went to have a look around it there were only really 5 issues I could find. 1. front shocks advisory on MOT as a bit soft. obviously in need of a refurbish. will sent to cornering force as...
  27. power ranger

    Steering noise dilemma

    Howdo, I'm hoping some of you tecnically minded people will be able to help but you will have to bear with me while I try to explain it. I have a very loud metal snapping noise coming from cenrally under the engine, this is only when turing the wheel staionory or manoeuvring slowly. The noise is...
  28. T

    New exhaust

    Hi, Just got back from the garage the exhaust was blowing a little and i was shocked to find out the RS192 has cracked at the box coming out of the Cat. Chaps in the garage advised would need a new one. I don't fancy another Scorpion, anyone got any suggestions? Thanks
  29. N

    Grinding noise on test drive?

    Test drove a trophy today. On full left lock there was a grinding noise (sorry not sure how to describe it) coming from the right front suspension. Any idea what that might be possible?
  30. M

    Had my new PureMotorsport exhaust fitted today!

    As title, Went down to see Nick at PureMotorsport today to have one of his nice new 182 manifold back systems fitted. I chose to decat instead of use his option of a race cat, purely to keep costs down. The system gave a proven 6.6 hp gain on the rolling road, back to back over stock on his...