1. G

    best replacement steering wheel

    Anyone got any suggestions on a replacement steering wheel. Ideally i would like it smaller and closer keeping controls and airbag. As far as i can tell the only real replacement is from the clio 197/200. Has anyone fitted an aftermarket wheel and managed to keep the controls. Cheers
  2. X

    Clio Trophy Rear Shocks

    Hi All, I'm in need of some rear shocks for my trophy, everywhere I ring they are on back order or have no ETA, Renault are useless and keep giving me normal 172/182 parts... my local dealers aren't any better. But my options seem to be MF revalved Koni's, standard Koni's or still try seek the...
  3. B

    Project: Renault Clio RS 200 Track Car

    At Finishline UK we're in the process of repairing and transforming this Renault Clio 200 Renaultsport into a track car! So far managed to get into it (the doors were locked, the battery was dead and the lock on the passenger side was ruined), strip out the interior and now we can get started on...
  4. R

    Hello Clio Trophy Members

    Hello members please guide my how was your experience about clio trophy, because soon i am the owner of clio trophy.
  5. J

    Trophy OEM springs £50

    When getting the christmas tree out if the garage attic, I came across my old Trophy springs which I forgot I had as my car had Mark Fish springs when I sold it. Removed at approx 35,000miles, no structural rust or cracks and apart from some dirt in excellent condition. £50 to anyone who...
  6. K

    Stolen Clio Trophy LV55 EJJ

    Hello Trophy owners My Clio Trophy, which I’ve had from new, was stolen this week. It was parked on the road just outside the house. During the night thieves broke into house front door and stole the keys. In the morning the car was gone. Stolen from Nimrod Road, London SW16. Reg is LV55...
  7. Sam_K

    Clio Trophy No. 382 For Sale

    For sale is my beloved Renaultsport Clio Trophy No. 382I have owned No. 382 for nearly 5 ½ years (purchased in July 2009). It’s been my pride and joy ever since I have bought it however I am now selling as it is not getting used as much as it should (always been a 2nd car) and I have a new car...
  8. M

    Clio Trophy 384/500 For Sale

    2005/05 Renaultsport Clio Trophy 182. Regrettably I'm putting my Clio Trophy up for sale, I have owned the car for 6 years. The reason for the sale is that I'm emigrating to Canada at the end of November and as much as I'd love to take it with me I need the money and it just wouldn't be...
  9. S

    Royal Blue Clio III 2006 DCi With Sport Interior & Extras - £2250

    Would love to see this go to a decent home as I have put a lot of work and effort into it! Pics are here: It is a 2006 model (06 Reg) - Personal number plate will be removed before sale. Comes with MOT until 21st March 2015...
  10. MarcB

    1 x Genuine Trophy Turini Alloy

    Looking for 1 Trophy Turini alloy wheel. Does not have to have a tyre and can have curbing. All i ask is that it is straight and true with no buckles. Cash Waiting.
  11. D

    Light painted Trophy

    A good mate of mine is a keen photographer and wanted to have a go at "light painting" so here's the results. Not bad for his first attempt!
  12. M

    Humming/droning sound - don't think wheel bearings

    Hi, I have an annoying low droning sound that seems to be coming from the rear of the car. It is linked to roadspeed not engine speed, and raises in pitch with speed, but then beyond 40mph seems to stay at the same level. Everything you read about suggests rear wheel bearings, but there is...
  13. GazTwo

    1995 (M) Renault Clio 1.8 16v - Xeros Grey‏

    141,092 miles Registered - 20/06/1995 Former Keepers - 7 (last owner for 8yrs) No MOT I bought this car to use for spares for the CUP Car I'm restoring but I could do with the space at the minute so I've decided to sell it complete. The only modifications on the car are.... Magnex cat back...
  14. S

    Tyre Sizes

    Hi there. I recently bought #091 (Yeah I've read all the history but she's in good shape), and I'm shopping for tyres to fit the stock alloys. Can anyone tell me whether a 215/45/16 will work on them? I have done a bit of research and it seems to be fine but would be grateful if anyone has...
  15. M

    Refreshing rear suspension

    Hi - probably a dumb question, but if I want to get #478 feeling as "new" as I can, and i'm already all-in for a BG damper refurb, assume it makes sense to do the rears as well. Original sachs rears seem to be £105 as well - questions are: - Just the shocks, or make sense for Springs as well...
  16. L

    182 Trophy - Info on Renualt Heritage site

    If anybody hasn't seen this as yet, brief write up on .......which concludes by stating: All this has made the Clio Renaultsport 182 Trophy the ultimate Renaultsport 182. The "World's Greatest Hot Hatch" says Autocar. The...
  17. M

    BG Damper Rebuild - compression adjuster upgrade. Worth it?

    Hi - my dampers due to go in at BG on October 31st. Getting the struts power coated too. It's expensive enough already (and have been happily buying other bits for my new car without keeping an eye on what i'm spending!) - and adds another £170 to the bill. Has anyone done this, and if you...
  18. M

    New owner - #478 (nee T7PHY)

    Hi there - after a very very long sales process, I am from last Wednesday the proud owner of Trophy #478. The register has more details, but quick summary is got the car, found a number of issues I should have spotted myself - the dealer agreed to take them on and the whole thing took 7 weeks...
  19. Patrick Bateman

    182 Service history gap

    What do we make of something like a 27k mile gap and a 20k mile gap between services? I'd like to think it'll have a negligible effect in real terms given the engines are meant to be strong. I bought a 330Ci before that had over 30k miles between a service and it always ran sweetly at over 100k...
  20. C

    Clio 246 For Sale £4300ono

    Hi guys know this is really cheeky and I've only just joined but got my clio trophy up for sale. The car runs fine the dampers are fine but have not been refurbished hence the cheap price. Body works in very good condition few stone chips e.c.t as can be expected from a car that is nearly 10...
  21. A

    renault clio cup 172 hill climb, sprint track msa log booked

    Here we have my Renault Clio hill climber that ive used for the past 3 years with great success. This car has been developed throughout my ownership to be a competitive car and the quickest Clio in class winning both my class and overall championship in 2013. Throughout 2014 ive spent time...
  22. Radioegg

    BMW M6 to Clio 182 Trophy - some practical questions

    It might seem like a bit of an odd swap (long story), but I'm on the cusp of selling my 08' M6 and looking at some alternatives. I nearly bought the original 172 but got a MINI instead, and have always had a hankering for a RenaultSport Clio. But got some boring questions as the M6 wasn't the...
  23. J

    Black Gold 182 (Trophy Spec)

    Hi all, Some of you the forum will know me already, although I've been quiet for a couple years. I've owned my Black Gold 182 since Oct 07, so I've had it for nearly 7 years. The car has been absolutely fantastic in this time, however due to me recently purchasing an E46 M3, I cannot justify...
  24. B

    Discounted Performance Brake Pads

    We've been speaking to a few guys that are on the forum and they said we should share this here! Finishline UK Ltd are offering you great prices on high performance Mintex Brakes for your Renault Clio 182! We currently have M1144 compound front brake pads on our Ebay store, and we can supply...
  25. D

    Clio 182 Trophy No. 351 £3350

    Up for sale is Clio 182 Trophy number 351 of 500. Go through the basics of the car first: 95,800 miles, Mot until August 5th 2015, Tax until November 31st 2014 Two owners from new, last owner had it from new until last year. Full service History, all up to date and with Renault and...
  26. D

    Clio Trophy 416 for sale ! 68k

    Hi there My trophy is up for sale - it is advertised on PH and Ebay (you can see pictures there). Located in West Yorkshire - for sale for £5500. Thanks! Any questions please message me (There is a chip in the windscreen which happened 3 days ago on the motorway (? stone) - it is around 1-2cm...
  27. J

    For Sale: #126
  28. P

    mk1 clio rattle

    Hi, i have a mk1 clio 1.2i 1998. I encountered a slight rattle whilst i was driving along and has persistantley got louder, it happens all the time wether hot or cold. I assumed it was the drivers side cv so i changed the driveshaft, it seemed like it hushed it down abit but the noise is still...
  29. C

    Specialist in the Leicester Area

    Hi all, Im going to view a Clio Trophy this coming Saturday, and having read several buyers guides and i feel i understand the main areas to look out for when purchasing a Trophy. However for piece of mind i would really like it looked over by a specialist before purchasing. Can anyone...
  30. C

    BREAKING FULL TROPHY (no sachs dampers)

    Hi Guys,I am breaking my trophy after having the worst possible luck since i bought it, the final straw was when it rolled down a multi storey car park and smashed the rear quarter in and destroyed the rear bumper. The f*cking this is cursed.I have spent a small fortune on this car and it has...