1. J

    Badge number font??

    Hi folks, new on here - first proper post. Long shot this, but don't suppose anyone knows what font the number (not the 'Clio' or 'Trophy' bits, just the number i.e. 001/500) on the badge located on the seat base of every Trophy is in? Want to get something etched/engraved with the number of...
  2. PS CUP

    For sale #383/500

    For sale Renault Clio 182 Trophy number 383/500 registered in 2005 as a ”55” plate. 43,000 miles and is HPI clear. Usual Trophy spec of Sachs dampers, Recaro seats, Speedline Turini wheels. The car is in fantastic condition and a testament to its previous careful owners...
  3. geordie

    Boot nets for sale

    Hi I have six brand new boot nets for sale at £12.50 posted or £10 collected from Durham Payment welcome through PayPal fees at buyers expense, Any question just ask Thanks Geordie
  4. marcholloway

    What happened to Trophy 17 ?

    Number 17 is up for sale now through a dealer and looks as though it's been well maintained. Paintshield to the front. However in the registered just says RIP as a mark of respect? :(
  5. G

    clio sport parts for sale auction on ebay

    front 182 cup struts front 182 cup springs rear 182 cup/trophy springs ds2500 front pads.
  6. W

    Numero #66

    Hi all! With a house purchase on the cards in the not to distant fututre I am having to sell off my toys :( Numero 66 is a low miles three owner car. She has just tipped over 39k, and will come with 6 months TAX and a full MOT (has just flown through with no advisories). Belts have been...
  7. J

    Possible group buy on the Sachs Twingo R1 dampers

    Since we now know that Renault UK are now supplying Sachs Twingo R1 dampers (p/n: 77 111 67 414 and 77 111 67 413) as a replacement for the Trophy and are now charging £1400 each, I thought I would contact the official RenaultSport UK rally parts supplier to see how much they would supply these...
  8. S

    My 186k mile Trophy :O)

    Last weekend was my two year anniversary of owning the little French S1tbox, so thought id celebrate the event by giving it a well deserved clean over the weekend!! Method for the geeks: Pressure wash, AG shampoo & wash mit, bucket with grit guards, followed by half a bottle of of Iron-X. I...
  9. T

    Buying advice please

    I've been hunting around for a t for a while now, extensive research on here has really helped with any questions I've wanted to know or find put more on, so thank you. I am just wondering what people's views are on higher milage specimens, are they a pretty solid car if all he's been well...
  10. P

    Sept/Oct 2012 issue of PFC Magazine available now

    ONLY £20/YEAR or single issues here:- IN THE SHOPS FROM 23rd August 2012 (Retail finder) - Click here 8 PLANET PFC The latest news from the French car scene 12 NEW...
  11. marrow

    n33eef in Cambridge (Scotsdales)

    Black twin-five spoke wheels Lowered ? coilovers Black 16v bullets 3/4 reg
  12. T

    Mega rare Clio Trophy lol ;) x According to this trader there were only 500 made worldwide and only 200 in the UK perhaps this is the mega rare shoddy wheeled model lol ;) x
  13. eddyg

    Ph1 Oz F1 wheels on a Trophy

    Hello all, Just wondering if anybody else has used these as track wheels. I have a set (et 43) and when i put them on the spokes just (i mean just) clash with the rear brake carrier. A small spacer makes it clear but i thought the rear setup has never really changed much on any of the clios...
  14. D

    55 reg 182 workshop manual

    Hi All, can anyone tell me the best place to get a workshop manual, i've tried haynes but they don't do one.
  15. marcholloway

    How much would you pay?

    I'm in the market for another Clio Trophy. Having had one before I know what there all about and think it would make a great weekend toy. I'm in no made rush but clearly wanna get the best one for my money. Ie dampers done if poss as well as good service history. Is it worth looming for one with...
  16. H

    182 Cambelt

    Brand New Boxed Gates Powergrip Cambelt (5507XS) for Clio 182 Bargain £40 posted (£60+ Retail)
  17. R

    Trophy spoiler

    Hi everyone Im after a trophy rear spoiler for my 182, there very rare on eBay so I tried to get a quote off Renault but there asking me for a VIN number, I wonder of anyone would be so kind and PM me a VIN number I could use it would be much appreciated, or of anyone knows of any for sale...
  18. S

    Life after Sachs??

    Following on from some other topics and comments regarding Sachs and rebuilds, has anyone changed the Sachs for something else, if so what are the options? I know the Sachs are the selling point of the Trophy, but as there is a lack of new stock and the refurbs do not seem to last I am...
  19. felix

    Oh no. Not again.

    After only 2 years since i had my dampers refurbed one of them is leaking oil again. Anyone know the availability of new dampers?
  20. N

    Clio 200, Cup Pack, Storm Grey, Leather,22k

    Hi guys, Not been on the forum for ages since I defected to an R26. (which I still have) Anyway since selling the Trophy my wife has had a 197 Cup and currently a Storm Grey 200. Unlikely to intrest you boys but with the cup pack its pretty hardcore and with the leather & colour its very...
  21. R

    url in link wrong

    I noticed on a recent post that when I hovered over the twitter 't' under my avatar the url it linked to was wrong. it is showing assume it should be
  22. Fasteddie

    Trophy springs Guys ?

    Front ones yellow, rears black is this right?
  23. L

    Wax recommendation

    This weekend will be the first chance I've had to give the Trophy a quick detail since buying it, I was wondering if anyone can recommend me a wax for the red of the T? Also what are peoples opinions on colour charged waxes (Dodo juice) waste of time? Thanks
  24. P

    Summer special of PFC Mag - only available in shops or online

    Summer Special of Performance French Cars Mag shops/online only includes French Car Show coverage and much more ONLY £20/YEAR or single issues here:- THIS...
  25. FISHER

    Help with my daily driver please

    hi, its a 51 plate clio 1.4 privilege. When ideling it seems to 'judder' and has very low revs. The gear stick also seems to vibrate abnormally. The car seems slower than normal ( if possible )lol, and now the engine shaped light is on full time. Its been fine an developed this after not being...
  26. Fasteddie


    Just got myself a new red Clio Trophy to go with ma old red Dub :p , so here I am :) Forum looks a good job guys :up: