1. IRK

    Renaultsport Clio 182 Trophy - Number 196/500

    2x Keys V5 Present 7 Former Keepers MOT June 2023 (No Advisories) Full Service History (10x Stamps & Invoices) Just Serviced - June 2022 Sachs Dampers Rebuilt July 2021 Belts Done August 2018 (14k Miles Covered Since) 97, 968 Miles Outstanding Condition Throughout After 5 brilliant years of...
  2. Ales

    Alex's '05 BG 182 LHD

    Hi everyone! I've been here for a while but never posted anything, now I think that I have to introduce myself and show my 182 to all of you guys. I'm Alex, from Almería, south Spain (common holiday destination for some of you Brits I think? hahaha) and in August of 2016 i've bought my first...
  3. IRK

    Clio Trophy Wanted

    Hi everyone, Firstly, apologies for another 'Trophy Wanted' thread, but I feel like this might be the best way to find the right car. I'm a long-time lurker on the forum, and after a bit of uncertainty, I've decided a Trophy is what I want next. I sold my ST180 yesterday, so no going back now...
  4. Fish2

    dose any one know what this is or were it is from on a clio trophy ?

    I have this clip and have not discovered what its is for over 3 years maybe more. I found it in my drive one day and very few people come up my dive. So I am assuming it is off of my Clio Trophy here are some pics. some one please help its been driving me mad. I even keep it in my car and...
  5. ian.m.

    SELLING #103 - Valuation advice.

    Considering selling my Trophy 103. Have had some local interest. Could anyone assist with what they think is a realistic value. - Mileage 40K - One previous owner before myself (I brought it on 9K) - Ive had it 10 Years. - Full service history with a Renault technician. - Shocks re-built...
  6. G

    Trophy for sale in Swansea

    Hello Has anyone viewed this Trophy (or know it). Its a long trek for me, but interested. Anyone know it or can offer any feedback? Thanks in advance.
  7. olliep

    Metro Gta (a series) for sale

    I know this is not trophy related but, if this gos the trophy (clio) gets to stop, as i have a new trophy on order (megane) and 3 cars for me is to many according the wife? I am sure we all have friends who have other classic cars that might like this...
  8. MarcB

    The New Wheels

    Well my genuine Trophy Speediness are now in a bad way. One has a slight buckle in it, the other has a rather large chunk out the wheel and the lacquer is badly coming off them. I have spoke to a few people to try and buy 2 genuine OE trophy wheels but I'm looking for the older style and not...
  9. G

    Trophy Clio for sale in trade

    Does anyone know these cars, I want to buy a trophy but need dealer facilities, clearly the dealers don't know what has been done to them, anyone know them? Trophy 176
  10. Mark

    The New 2015 Clio Trophy

    So ten years later this is what we are getting:
  11. T

    Clio Trophy #167. 76k. Immaculate

    It pains me to do this and I know I'll regret it but #167 is going up for sale. Its been a very short romance but a change in work location and a newly acquired diesel daily means its now a 3rd car and prob won't get used. I hope the previous owner doesn't mind me robbing the particulars...
  12. G

    soft brake peddle

    Can anyone help. With the car running normally but stationary should it be fairly easy to push the brake peddle to the floor. On a damp road (in safe circumstances) doing 50 - 60 mph I can hit the floor without triggering the ABS. The car stops pretty well but I feel this is not as good as it...
  13. G

    Clio 200 Owners Manuals, Service Book & Stereo Instructions etc.

    Hi All, bit of a longshot given this is the Trophy Forum and 200 drivers may have long gone, but I need a bit of help. Everyone here has always been a helpful and friendly bunch, whereas having asked for help regarding this matter in all the other forums where 200 owners might lurk, I've...
  14. BootStrap

    Closest Clio paint colour to side bullets?

    I've had a little search but nothing has come up. What do people think is the closest 1*2 clio colour to the silver Trophy side bullets? I am mixing and matching bodywork/grafix on a competition car and need various bits the same/closest to the bullets. thanks
  15. MarcB

    GOOD NEWS - Sachs Rears

    I have just got an e-mail from Renault UK to 100% confirm that these are going into production and will take around 14 weeks. I have this all written down and in an e-mail that I'm happy to post online for people too see
  16. S

    Model code.

    Hi. Does anyone know the model code for a Clio 2 phase 1? I know the phase 2 is X65. Thanks.
  17. RsMax

    OEM Renault Recaro Consoles wanted

    As above: I'm after the Oem Renault Recaro consoles. if someone has a new / used pair on offer, please contact me. Will pay fair price. And yes I do have Recaro consoles but not Renault ones. please send me a p.m. Or post here. other Ideas are welcome, as well!
  18. olliep

    New Clio Trophy?
  19. X

    Amber engine light on dash board

    Hi all, I was cursing along at 50mph when all of a sudden an engine light came on the dash, i haved checked the oil and coolant and ran the OSD on the cars display and no faults were present just - - - - , has anyone else ran into this before?
  20. dablk

    Interior Strips/ gear lever

    HI folks, 1st new owner question.. interior strips and gear knob and sw insert.. same as 182 or not? 120 has had the "paint em red opition" at some point. Not for me. If anyone wants them after I have pulled them off, let me know or they're going to make plastic bags. Chris
  21. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy found on ebay...

    Trophy found on ebay, up for bargain price:
  22. J

    Trophy #475 For Sale

    First off, apologies that this is my first ever post on here! I've done a lot of reading of the forums, but never had anything useful to say! The sad time has come to sell my Clio Trophy. It’s a beautiful car that never fails to put a smile on my face when I take it out for a drive at weekends...
  23. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy Red Paintwork

    Whats the best technique/product to re-generate/ freshen up & make the Trophy look red again instead of looking faded pink colour? Understand T Cut is not a good idea, machine polish? Mopping? or Turtlewax red colour restorer? Cheers
  24. MarcB

    Clio 182 FF Alloys (Perfect Spares)

    Been trying to sell these for the last week or so. Was trying to get my money back of £175 when i bought them 6 months ago but now know thats not going to happen so popped them up on eBay with a buy it now of £120...
  25. Miller

    Cams ...

    Hi im thinking of getting all the belts and pulleys done very soon but also thinkin about uprating the cams while im doing everything else. So just want to know which ones, where and general advice Cheers Miller #116 :cool:
  26. N

    Vent control panel 'pealing'

    I've just noticed that the dark blue finish is beginning to crack, leaving the white plastic exposed. Does anyone know the part number for this ventilation control panel and how easy it is to replace please?
  27. D

    Trophy #083 for sale

    After much regret I have decided to put my 2005 Renault Clio 182 Trophy #083 up for sale. The reason for this sorry state of affairs is due to me needing a car with a decent size boot for transporting the latest family acquisition our cocker spaniel! This is my third Clio Sport and without...
  28. L

    CLIO 172/182 (1999-2005): MARKET WATCH (Pistnheads)

    Title should read 'CLIO 172/182 (1999-2005): MARKET WATCH (Pistonheads)' Price Guide: Clio 182 Trophy £4,000 to £7,000
  29. power ranger

    My re trimmed Clio steering wheel

    Thought I'd share I had my steering wheel re trimmed as the original had gone the usual way of completly melting and looked shabby even though my Clio Trophy has only 50K on the clock. The colour of the wheel to the airbag looks slightly off but in real life its hardly noticeable. Option is...
  30. D

    After some part numbers for some new sensors.

    hi all fellow Trophy owners, still got mine, nearly owned it for 9years now:). Anyway, I know you guys (or some of you ) have part numbers off the proper Renault parts software and was wondering if you could tell me the correct part numbers for the following:- what I am after is the sensor...