1. E

    Early Trophy for sale

  2. R

    Clio 182 Cup for sale

    Hi all, Whilst my Trophy is tucked away under blankets my 182 CUP has to go :( please see add: Cheers, Rob
  3. R

    Clio 182 Cup for sale

    Hi all, Whilst my Trophy is tucked away under blankets my 182 CUP has to go :( please see add: Cheers, Rob
  4. C

    Any trophy with lower mileage ?

    Any idea what my trophy is worth ? one owner 15500 miles completely original & perfect condtion ( apart from cracked spot light ) full service history at rentech portsmouth inc cambelt change new spare alloy and most of the motor mag reviews at the time when the car was new. cheers Mike.
  5. tholman

    Clio Trophy #192 for Sale

    It is finally time to say goodbye to my Clio, need to make room for a new arrival (Lotus Elise:up:). I'm sure there is a good home for my Clio out there. Car has full service history from Renault dealer all up to date, recently replaced gearbox has only done 400 miles, 12 months MOT all fine...
  6. A

    Trophy 411

    Hey ladies and gents I used to own clio trophy number 411 from when it was about 6 months old and had it for about 4 years. It was THE GREATEST CAR and I loved every second of owning it!! It never ever failed to make my face split in two with a grin the size of the grand canyon and I miss...
  7. heckler

    For Sale: #167 @ £5200

    Since I withdrew from sale in 2011 (previous thread here with further details), #167 has done another 10K quick and reliable miles. Still puts a smile on my face with every drive and I hope it goes to a good home. Selling because we now have 2 other cars and the Trophy is not getting used...
  8. MarcB

    Trophy 727 Touch Up Pots

    Got 727 Capsicum Red (Trophy Red) touch up paint pots. I have around 5/6 of these sitting in the house just made this week. These are small touch ups for minor stone chips or door edges. These are water biased paint pots and its just a case of touching up what you need and leaving. I have...
  9. T

    steering column replasement foult

    Dear friends I have a renoult clio mk3 2008 1,4 petrol engine. I have a problem with the steering wheel. There is income message steering foult I have already replase the steering column with one used column but the car didn't start up because the ECU of the steering column has codes from the...
  10. D

    Trophy 28

    My clio trophy after a quick polish [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]
  11. T

    Clio Trophy 299

    Clio Trophy 299 I've owned this car since 2007 when I bought it from Steve at All Vehicles with 500 miles on. The car has had a full rebuild including gearbox, new clutch, all belts and dephaser plus anything that was worn was replaced. It has 6 months tax and 12 months MOT. The car does not...
  12. J

    Started a site. Feedback appreciated!

    I started a new website a few days ago and I'm now starting to share it about for more feedback. If you're interested check it out below and let me know any constructive ideas/criticisms you have. we are aware that the site needs more work, it's seems a bit slow and...
  13. Mikeyjp

    10 years coming up

    so next year will be the big 10! must be worth organizing some sort of meet? maybe at another car show, something like Origine RS or prescothill climb, basicly one of less chavy shows :D
  14. R

    Low Mileage Clio Trophy for sale - 36k

    This is a very low mileage and very well cared for enthusiast owned car. I've owned it since October 2012. In my ownership I've had the below maintenance performed; - Timing & auxiliary belts changed replaced - New original Renaultsport splitter replaced - Trophy Sachs dampers refurbished...
  15. D

    Low mileage trophy

    Hi chaps I'm after the best trophy I can get please - Low mileage, so anything from say 10-20k would be what I'm after but will consider lower if there are any around. Must be with good service history, and must be good condition ideally with original paintwork. Happy to discuss prices with...
  16. clioalbania

    clio key problem

    hello on my friend's Clio there is a problem he opens the doors with the remote key, when he enters the key on the central lock the lamp on the dashboard blinks. is not possible to turn on the car sometimes it is permanent (not blinking) and then the car can be turned on. i tried to remove...
  17. P

    Anyone still running JMS RS2?

    Hi after a period of doing nothing to my Trophy and it not getting use due to me setting up a car showroom i was wondering if anyone is still running this mod? I still have mine. Has there been any further work done on these, i do love the torquey nature and the noise although it's very harsh...
  18. S

    rusted manifold

    so just got round to getting the trophy full serviced/cambelt done etc etc.. all in good order aside from some rust where the manifold joins the cat, turns out just one bolt holding it together really.... seems like i need a new manifold, anyone have any opinions on whether i source an oem part...
  19. L

    Clio 182 Trophy #441 for sale £3300

    Clio Trophy #441 for Sale Here for sale is Trophy #441. I bought the car on 1/8/13 on 103000 miles and have now been given a company car hence it is now up for sale. It has been a good runner and it still has the Sachs dampers unlike some for sale. MOT Till - 11/12/14 Tax Till - 30/8/14...
  20. D

    water sound at drivers area

    Hi all I have only had my trophy a week or so. I can hear what sounds like a small lake swishing from time to time around the drivers area I have pulled back the plastic trim in the rear drivers side where the seatbelt is and stuck my hand down but never found water down there. I have also...
  21. MarcB

    Clio 182 Trophy Paint Pots

    I have three paint pots left. These are 727 Capsicum Red and come with 3/4s of a bottle. I have done many paint pots for people over on cliosprt. These are £8.00 posted with buyer covering paypal fee's Some Examples
  22. MarcB

    Show / Track Plates

    Done a large group buy selling number plates (clear / clean ones) and i made a could of extra sets for shows / track days to pop over your own number plates. Looking for £10.50 per pair (front & rear) posted with buyer covering paypal fee's. Clio 182 x 2 pairs Trophy x 1 pair
  23. MarcB

    2.0l Side Bullets

    I have a used set of 2.0L 16V side bullets taken from a renault sport clio. These have some wear on them but all clips are in tack and fit fine. These would once again be ideal for carbon dipping, wrapping or painting. The RRP from renault is £40.00 each for these. Im looking for £14 for the...
  24. MarcB

    Clio Trophy / V6 High Level Brake Lights

    I have two working high level brake lights for a Clio Trophy / V6 spoiler. Im having a small clear out and there is no need for me to have 3 of them so two are up for sale. One has a small chip on the left side which can be seen in the picture. The RRP from renault are £64 each. Looking for...
  25. M

    trophy body panels

    Needed trophy panels as follows Front bumper Rear bunper Drivers wing. Bonnet Boot lid Will collect with cash
  26. R

    Trophy buying info

    Hi all, been looking at getting a second car, and a Trophy has always been on the list...:) Have saw one and put a deposit down, but as it's so far away haven't been able to inspect it. There's no info about whether the dampers have any attention, so I'm assuming they won't have had a...
  27. J

    Trophy 259 For Sale

    I am considering selling 259 due to a change in circumstances. I have only driven 200 miles in Trophy in the last 8 months, 150 of those miles last weekend. I originally bought the Trophy due to the requirement of needing a fast but economical car. Now it is proven that I don't need the...
  28. D

    Engine noise

    I got hold of a trophy at a reasonable price. I knew it needed work. One of the things it came to my attention is the sound the engine is making. Here is a quick video. 182 trophy engine grind: I got a receipt for the dephaser and Pully. If the engines gubbed I...
  29. keenanpearce96

    Clio MK2 Front Foglights/Spotlights Wiring Help

    I have had this Clio MK2 for about a month now and the front foglights have not been working. There is a setting on the stalk for both front and back foglights but the front ones would not switch on. I then jacked the car up to have a closer look, thinking it could be the bulbs or a loose wire...
  30. M

    Megane R26 (P/X Trophy?)

    More pictures here: For sale is my Megane R26 F1 Team. It's a reluctant sale, however necessary to facilitate a house move. I will consider a P/X for...