Started a site. Feedback appreciated!

Jun 28, 2014
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I started a new website a few days ago and I'm now starting to share it about for more feedback. If you're interested check it out below and let me know any constructive ideas/criticisms you have.

we are aware that the site needs more work, it's seems a bit slow and laggy, so need to get to the bottom of that. Also the mobile site is full of design issues that make it hard to navigate at the moment but we are LIVE!!! Haha.

Feedback would be appreciated...grammar and spelling nazis, I am aware of a number of errors already and will be updating page content this weekend when the proof readers get back to me!

If you want to get involved, either have your photos hosted and shared, or write a report from an event you have been too, drop me an PM or Email me at (We will be getting our own mailbox set up with an @motorsportsreview address in a week or two!)