1. PeterGinger00

    3 x Clio 182 Trophy Speedline Turini Corsa (Freshly Refurbed)

    FOR SALE!!! First to see will buy. I may no longer have my beloved T, but I am yet to sell these bad boys. I bought them as replacements. However I managed to refurbish all of my existing wheels, so these were not required by me. So they are now to go. As I have three, I propose to sell them...
  2. IRK

    Renaultsport Clio 182 Trophy - Number 196/500

    2x Keys V5 Present 7 Former Keepers MOT June 2023 (No Advisories) Full Service History (10x Stamps & Invoices) Just Serviced - June 2022 Sachs Dampers Rebuilt July 2021 Belts Done August 2018 (14k Miles Covered Since) 97, 968 Miles Outstanding Condition Throughout After 5 brilliant years of...
  3. Wokling

    Trophy parts Sachs dampers front and rear, Speedline Turinis, splitter, sprinfs

    I’ve had a change of plans and will be selling my Trophy in the near future so I’m selling some spare parts I’ve accumulated. I’m located in Warrington, but travel about the country very often. I can also post items. All parts are as brand new, unused condition, apart from the wheels. The...
  4. T

    Wanted: 182 Trophy

    Hi all, I'm looking to get into ownership of a 182 Trophy and wanted to post on here to see if anyone was looking to part ways with their Trophy. Ideally after a sub 80k mileage, well maintained example that has been looked after. If you're looking for your Trophy to go to a good home, I can...
  5. R

    WANTED!! Clio 182 Trophy Turini's

    The previous owner had removed the wheels from my car and sold them separately so I've never had the original wheels. I am looking to put the car back to standard now and need a set of these please. Thanks, Ryan
  6. R

    For Sale: Trophy #202

    Summary 182 Trophy (#202/500) 126k miles All Trophy original bits intact (Sachs remote-reservoir front dampers, Recaro seats, Speedline Turinis, etc) Irish registered MOT/'dNCT'd until September 2018 Taxed until end of October Price: 5,800 GBP (subject to export) Spec Recaro trendlines...
  7. IRK

    Clio Trophy Wanted

    Hi everyone, Firstly, apologies for another 'Trophy Wanted' thread, but I feel like this might be the best way to find the right car. I'm a long-time lurker on the forum, and after a bit of uncertainty, I've decided a Trophy is what I want next. I sold my ST180 yesterday, so no going back now...
  8. Fish2

    V6/TROPHY Spoiler

    Im selling my Clio Trophy Spoiler it has damage on one side as seen in photos £120 posted buy pays PayPal fees
  9. Fish2

    dose any one know what this is or were it is from on a clio trophy ?

    I have this clip and have not discovered what its is for over 3 years maybe more. I found it in my drive one day and very few people come up my dive. So I am assuming it is off of my Clio Trophy here are some pics. some one please help its been driving me mad. I even keep it in my car and...
  10. Fish2

    My Trophy after a good loving

    Done a lot of work restoring her just the wheel need a good refurb #198
  11. ian.m.

    SELLING #103 - Valuation advice.

    Considering selling my Trophy 103. Have had some local interest. Could anyone assist with what they think is a realistic value. - Mileage 40K - One previous owner before myself (I brought it on 9K) - Ive had it 10 Years. - Full service history with a Renault technician. - Shocks re-built...
  12. SMJ

    What's your mileage (after 11 years)?

    Given the recent appearance of the 16K Trophy on eBay, and because the calendar just rolled past October 1st 2005 which I'm guessing was something of a peak date for original registrations (I nominate it as the notional birthday of the Trophy!) as people deferred collection until the then new...
  13. G

    Trophy for sale in Swansea

    Hello Has anyone viewed this Trophy (or know it). Its a long trek for me, but interested. Anyone know it or can offer any feedback? Thanks in advance.
  14. N

    Trophy Turinis

    1 Original Trophy Speedline Turini with Michelin Pe2 tyre, both never been used and as new. 1 Trophy Speedline Turini sourced from Renault with the correct ET offset, still boxed and brand new. (has raised markings) Collection preferred or you arrange courier arrangements. £275 the pair
  15. T

    Genuine Trophy / V6 Spoiler + Boot Struts

    Genuine Trophy Spoiler for sale, comes in Capsicum Red. £220 delivered. The spoiler has a slight bit of paint damage, where the spoiler has been hitting the roof; due to the previous owner using incorrect boot struts. However I will include my genuine Trophy / V6 boot struts, which will...
  16. A

    Front dampers never rebuilt?

    My Trophy is on 80k+ and i have a tons of receipts from the last owner but very little from previous ones. There is no paperwork to say the struts have been refurbed, they aren't in bad condition externally with no leaks and are functioning perfectly fine. What are the chances that they have...
  17. olliep

    Metro Gta (a series) for sale

    I know this is not trophy related but, if this gos the trophy (clio) gets to stop, as i have a new trophy on order (megane) and 3 cars for me is to many according the wife? I am sure we all have friends who have other classic cars that might like this...
  18. MarcB

    The New Wheels

    Well my genuine Trophy Speediness are now in a bad way. One has a slight buckle in it, the other has a rather large chunk out the wheel and the lacquer is badly coming off them. I have spoke to a few people to try and buy 2 genuine OE trophy wheels but I'm looking for the older style and not...
  19. BootStrap

    Genuine Trophy Spoiler for sale

    Genuine Trophy Spoiler for sale, comes in Capsicum - taken off my Trophy. Excellent condition, please see pictures. £220 delivered. Perfect 'working' order with light/elec plug and washer hose. The sale includes my boot struts to stop you from over extending the tailgate and damaging the...
  20. T

    Replacement Strut Top Mounts

    Hi Guy/Girls Has anyone replaced there strut top mounts with part number 543A09780R and if so did it all go together ok with no running problems etc. I've had my Trophy since since new so I know those I have removed are original and can see that the uppermost rubber item (7700426450B) (visible...
  21. P

    Multicar insurance that mirrors no claims on both cars

    Anyone done this? I've been given my dads Passat for nothing and want to use it as a daily beater, but also insure my T until i sell it. Any recommendations. My T is currently with Sainsbury's at £219 fully comp for the year. But their multi seems expensive as I don't think they mirror. They...
  22. G

    Trophy Clio for sale in trade

    Does anyone know these cars, I want to buy a trophy but need dealer facilities, clearly the dealers don't know what has been done to them, anyone know them? Trophy 176
  23. A

    KN55 HYA Milton Keynes

    Is there a Trophy in Milton Keynes? Thats me parked next to it outside Marks & Spencer on December 21st 2014. The catalyst to starting me on a search for a Trophy!
  24. N

    Trophy No: 140 36k miles

    This pains me, but a recent divorce and a new house purchase necessitates it; I've owned two of these and it'll be sorely missed. This is a very special example: 36,000 miles 1 previous, retired owner to 2012 and 18k miles Full service history with no expense spared MOT until end November...
  25. dablk

    karama red dash strips

    120 is heading how I want her. That didn't include these. I would suggest the would suit somone wanting to test out doing theirs red. the left is good with the word trophy, the steering wheel used to have the logo but it rubbed off leaving an outline. The right used to have 120/500 on it...
  26. BootStrap

    Trophy passenger door wanted.

    as above.
  27. C

    How much are trophy turinis worth?

    Got a set of 4 I would look at selling in a few weeks! 1 is damaged but still true and not cracked, but I wouldn't probably sell individually! How much are they worth individually? Would need a refurb
  28. Mark

    The New 2015 Clio Trophy

    So ten years later this is what we are getting:
  29. R

    150 - new owner

    Recently bought myself number 150 after many months of looking. I've only ever owned Clios in my life and I'm still not fed up of them yet. especially as the trophy is possibly the best hot hatch ever made. This one had 1 previous owner - a member of Mcbusted... but never mind that because my...
  30. trophy427


    I'm after some good pictures of the trophy dampers. not going to tell my reason why just yet as nothing is set in stone. But if you don't mind posting up your best picture of your damper including the springs fitted.