1. C

    How much are trophy turinis worth?

    Got a set of 4 I would look at selling in a few weeks! 1 is damaged but still true and not cracked, but I wouldn't probably sell individually! How much are they worth individually? Would need a refurb
  2. Badgerman85

    Woe and despair

    So, long story short, hit pothole, killed Sachs, killed PMS top mount, send Sachs off for rebuild courier managed to bend the spring cup, BG are going to try repair but needs repowder coating, expensive week!! On the plus side booked in with Dan @ SJM for his bargain cam deal he has going with...
  3. olliep

    New Clio Trophy?
  4. X

    Scorpion exhaust problems

    I was driving back home today and decided to take the long route along the b class roads for a bit fun... which turned out to be a nightmare as my scorpion now has a huge hole in it, just after the back box exhaust mount. Has anyone else had this problem before? Any information would be appreciated.
  5. trophy427

    Urgent help needed please

    Hi everyone its very off topic but I wouldn't ask if I was desperate, its really quick & simple. Would any of you click on this link, click on the photo and like the comment with 'Roo's Button Boutique' its my better half's business and she dying to win this competition. Cheers...
  6. B

    Project: Renault Clio RS 200 Track Car

    At Finishline UK we're in the process of repairing and transforming this Renault Clio 200 Renaultsport into a track car! So far managed to get into it (the doors were locked, the battery was dead and the lock on the passenger side was ruined), strip out the interior and now we can get started on...
  7. Sam_K

    Clio Trophy No. 382 For Sale

    For sale is my beloved Renaultsport Clio Trophy No. 382I have owned No. 382 for nearly 5 ½ years (purchased in July 2009). It’s been my pride and joy ever since I have bought it however I am now selling as it is not getting used as much as it should (always been a 2nd car) and I have a new car...
  8. Gambit

    Project #126

    Hi Guys, Picked up #126 just the other week. Previously owned a 172 PH2 in Oz before with mild mods, and now that i'm in the UK thought i'd go back to where it all started. Always wanted a Trophy and now the dream has been realised. As far as modifications previous owner installed a...
  9. J

    Black Gold 182 (Trophy Spec)

    Just to add a couple photos of the sheer volume of paperwork
  10. E

    Few Sachs Shocks and springs for sale

    I'm selling my Trophy Number 014 so these could be very handy for the new owner!! If there's no takers I'll put them on the car. See the for sale section. Set of front Sachs dampers in used condition with rubber bellow dust cover over piston rods. Were refurbished about 3-5 years ago but not...
  11. T

    Pic Requested: 2118's with Trophy Sach's

    Ideally wanting to go down the 2118 route. Does anyone have any photos of Trophys running 2118's, also info on springs you are using with the Sach's.
  12. J

    Started a site. Feedback appreciated!

    I started a new website a few days ago and I'm now starting to share it about for more feedback. If you're interested check it out below and let me know any constructive ideas/criticisms you have. we are aware that the site needs more work, it's seems a bit slow and...
  13. S

    rusted manifold

    so just got round to getting the trophy full serviced/cambelt done etc etc.. all in good order aside from some rust where the manifold joins the cat, turns out just one bolt holding it together really.... seems like i need a new manifold, anyone have any opinions on whether i source an oem part...
  14. E

    What Replacement Cat can I buy

    Hello. Been off here for a while as all was good with 014 until yesterday. Its failed it's MOT because of emissions. I did see it before but... the CAT is missing and the down pipe from the manifold is welded onto the Milltek exhaust. Looks like someone removed it badly. Anyway is the new cat...
  15. T

    Renault Clio 182 Trophy for sale £4,295 West Yorkshire

    Hi, I'm selling my Clio Trophy as I'm 6 months pregnant and need something with 5 doors. Here are the details: 72,000 miles full service history serviced May 2014 MOT til May 2015 - no advisories Tax til end of July 2014 front dampers were replaced by cup items by previous owner...
  16. B

    Hello from France

    Hi guys, My name is Vincent and I'm from France (Toulouse for people who knows). I have no RenaultSport Clio for the moment but I am born with the Renault Sport virus. In fact, my father owns a Super 5 GT Turbo and also a R5 Turbo 2 ;) Me, I drive a Megane 2.0 16V and I refurbish a R11 Turbo...
  17. C

    Some DSLR pics of the trophy

    I'm no pro but I think they came out nicely! IMG_2604[1] by chrisdonald742, on Flickr IMG_2605[1] by chrisdonald742, on Flickr IMG_2608[1] by chrisdonald742, on Flickr IMG_2615[1] by chrisdonald742, on Flickr
  18. Mikeyjp

    Have your T etched on anodised aluminium plaques

    spotted this, thought about it, but at £100 and you have to send him very specific photos, its not fo me see what you think
  19. Mikeyjp


    hello not sure why, but when i try and post photos atm, i do not get a thumbnail preview, it just comes up as a link to click on any ideas ?
  20. NathanH

    Sachs strip down with photos.

    First off this isnt my first post as im a user from the old forum but ive had to sign up again as admin are not gettin back to me about reactivating my old user name ( If someone could look into it that would be great, my old user name is nathanh) Anyhow, my suspension has needed rebuilding...
  21. Mikeyjp

    Rear bench brackets

    hello having problems getting photos uploaded so CS link it is :P thanks
  22. W

    For Sale - Clio Trophy #067 - £4,350

    Renaultsport Clio 182 Trophy 067/500 for sale. Trophy on 15's_14 by Sam_Wick, on Flickr Llandow9 by Sam_Wick, on Flickr The car has been owned by a host of forum members and its ownership history can be traced back on the Trophy register. Most recently it was purchased by me from...
  23. J

    Respraying my Trophy...

    Hi, Has anyone had their Trophy resprayed Capsicum Red ie factory finish??? Does anyone know what would the costs would be for a good job??? I guess the mind is wondering a bit tonight ;) Regards, jsgthomson
  24. D

    For Sale: My Trophy No. 493

    I think the time has come to sell my car after 4 years of ownership. I fancy a change now and dare I say it probably something diesel. Once I get round to getting it out the garage and taking some photos I will post them up but at the moment just gauging interest really. It has full service...
  25. M3 Y RT

    172/182 Cup Spoiler, FF Door Cards and Black Carpet.

    As title, Mondial Blue 172 Cup rear spoiler, very good condition with only a couple of light scratches, complete with brake light which is immaculate, no cracks or missing pieces. All fixings present too. £120 inc uk postage. Next is a front set of 172/182 Non Cup/FF door cards in black with...
  26. D

    Me presento desde argentina

    Hola! me llamo Dario soy de argentina, tengo un clio 2 dynamique motor 1.6 16v k4m modelo 2006, en argentina no entro la version trophy , y como me gusta tanto me propuse hacer una replica lo mas original posible con las piezas que se pueden conseguir en mi pais, les dejo unas fotos de como...
  27. J

    Recaro Sportster CS Custom Lower Seat Mounts

    So I have designed and fabricated lower rails for the recaro sportster cs seats for the mkII clio. They lower the seats 40mm more than standard rails and are a direct replacement. I am now offering these as a Group Buy for the Recaro Sportster CS seats, the cost will be £250 plus £15 p+p. This...
  28. C

    full trophy set up for sale/swap for coilovers

    Moving to coil overs so......... Fronts refurbed and de pinned by cornering force the week before last (receipt to prove), New sachs rear dampers (done less than 500 miles) Yellow original front Eibach springs (or sportlines if you prefer however these have spring rates not suitable for the t)...
  29. hoolio

    Saamm93 , Marcham?

    Heading out of Marcham towards the Frilford Shell garage at abput 17.00. My first spot of another Trophy on the road in eight years of ownership and damn they look good. Would have waved or flashed but was in a series 1 BMW luxo barge and guessed I would have looked like some kind of maniac.
  30. MarcB

    Alot of work & all for free

    Well i dry stored my mates VX for him the last few years and he was going to pay me for it but i said no, He then said he would fix my car for me so 1 year later the task was taken on. I was away on holiday so dropped the car off to him to sort out while it was not being used and also so it was...