1. M3 Y RT

    Brand New Polybush Kit + Locking Wheel Bolts.

    Just a couple of little bits i have lying around. -First is a Powerflex front wishbone poly bush kit, brand new in box, part number PFF60-301, will fit ph1 + 2 172's and also 182's including Trophy, maybe others if you check the part number on google or whatever. I'm going to build a racecar now...
  2. M3 Y RT

    Momo model 08 suede wheel.

    Came with my new track car but i always use the same wheel on all my track/race cars so this is of no use to me. As brand new, only a few weeks old, £156 from demon tweeks. Its a Model 08 Momo wheel, black suede with black anodized spokes, 350mm diameter and is a dished wheel as you can see from...
  3. hodgy21

    New BTM Exhaust

    I don't know if anyone has seen this yet but there is a new exhaust from BTM (formerly Yozzasport). Here is their advert from Cliosport :- No more crap Renault exhaust hangers! Unfortunatley the...
  4. R

    Trophy Problem

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the problems I'm having with my T atm Filled up full yesterday and drove 110 miles motorway no stopping and a constant 56mph the whole way and some how managed to get through half a tank ! Also it feels to be lacking power and engine...
  5. R

    Trophy 019 for sale £5250

    Hello everyone, I feel bad as a totally inactive member of the forum to be offering my car up for sale, but hopefully someone here looking for a trophy might find this to be the perfect car. Number 19 was originally bought by Simon (OldGit on here) who owned the car for ~18 months before...
  6. J

    Trophy #490

    Had the Trophy for a few weeks now, but haven't shown it off yet so I thought I may as well start a thread! I had a 106 Rallye that was one of the best condition S2s around, so getting rid of it was quite emotional! I'd grown really attached to its no-nonsense approach to delivering its drive...
  7. eddyg

    Ph1 Oz F1 wheels on a Trophy

    Hello all, Just wondering if anybody else has used these as track wheels. I have a set (et 43) and when i put them on the spokes just (i mean just) clash with the rear brake carrier. A small spacer makes it clear but i thought the rear setup has never really changed much on any of the clios...

    last time you saw one?

    apart from your own when was the last time you actually saw a trophy on the road. I have not seen one since when I was christmas shopping!! simon
  9. Cue

    Gear ratios

    Anyone know the gear ratios of the 172 v 182? Are they different?
  10. M

    F/s trophy #49

    Decided its definatly time to sell and replace my T with an RS focus. Here is the link on pistonheads. Elliott.
  11. L

    Renault Clio 182 Trophy NO.440 £6,000 ono

    I have my Clio 182 Trophy No.440 for sale; I have owned thisfor the past 2 years and will be sad to see it go. Genuine reason for sale as I needed something bigger that Icould get tools and bits in. Due to me being a full time mechanic the Trophy has beenmaintained to the highest standard and...
  12. Cam

    What exhaust should you get for a Trophy

    Can anyone give me some advise on exhausts? I need a new rear section soon and was wondering should i go Yozza sport? Just want a 'sporty' sound than the original. If anyone can give me any alternatives and ideas of price? how does the price differ against original? I have heard a Yozzasport...
  13. son of solo

    Sill guards - sizes - pics?

    Hey can anyone measure their T sill guards stickers for me please? also does anyone know if the 182 had the sill guard stickers or the plastic sill guards like the 172 ph2 did ? cheers
  14. Race2theredline

    Renault Clio 182 Trophy 219/500

    Sadly I present Trophy 219 for sale. The car has been faultless in the almost 5 years I've had it, never tracked or abused, always run on Optimax and has wanted for nothing during my ownership, the mileage reflects mainly motorway miles and my daily commute. Bodywork and interior are in...
  15. M

    F/S Clio Trophy No.49/50

    In two minds really but let's see what happens... Renaultsport Clio 182 TROPHY No.49/500 I have come to the decision that after two and a half years it is time to sell my pride and joy and move up a step to a megane RS 250. I have owned the car for two and half years now and it has been...
  16. S

    Shed loads of Bargain Clio parts. Remains of 5x different 172/182's.

    Well, it's time to clear out all of the stuff I’ve got kicking about (1 double length garage and 2x sheds worth). If you need it, chances are i've got it kicking about. All parts are from either a Titanium Ph1 172 with 85k, a Monaco Blue Ph2 172 with 72k, a or a Titanium Silver 182 with 58k on...
  17. j0sh

    For Sale: Clio 182 Trophy #248 (37,500 miles)

    It is with great regret I am putting up for sale my Renault Sport Clio 182 Trophy #248, due to a change in work circumstances and an increase in my commuting mileage. The car has served me faultlessly, it has been looked after and maintained with no expense spared, washed and waxed weekly...
  18. polarbert

    Recaro Seat Runner Memory Thing Broken

    Sorry I'm not able to be more specific in the title. Its the thing that remembers where the seat was set when you tilt the seat forwards. It has snapped and come loose. Its a piece of metal so there doesn't seem to be anything that I can do about this. Has anyone had a similar thing...
  19. B

    Magnex Decat and 182 CC Steering Wheel.

    Hi All, I have for sale Magnex Decat - Bought second hand with a cat back but i don't want to use. Apparently one year old. £40 Standard 182 Steering wheel with CC buttons. Is melting, one thumb grip is perfect other has a small split. Will retrim perfectly. See photos. £50. Please PM me...
  20. S

    Wanted clio 172 cup

    wanted clio 172 cup max £2300 max miles85000 thank you
  21. L

    Updated shots of #433

    Morning all, not been on here for a while! Seeing as we had freakishly good weather yesterday (I got sunburnt ffs!), I decided to give the car a mini detail and grab some pics. I also found a 197 RS badge that I forget I bought 18 months ago, so stuck it on. Nothing special with the photos tbh...
  22. D

    Trophy rear bench f.s

    Trophy rear bench for sale, no longer have the trophy so needs to go £20 collected. You all know what a trophy rear bench looks like :)
  23. MarcB

    All Trophy Owners - PLEASE READ!!

    Well what a bloody find. Please read carefully and then read at the bottom of the pictures !! It states in the letter that this is a one off but dont worry as im on teh case to get a pile of stickers for a few people as even on the phone a RUK manager has told me that...
  24. OliS

    BTB Exhaust & modified cat

    Looking to sell my BTB cat back exhaust (with modified Renault cat). The exhaust is a lovely piece of kit, but just too loud for me. It's been on my Trophy since May last year, I've done about 8k miles with it fitted and it is in excellent condition. I will take some photos of the actual exhaust...
  25. P

    PFC Magazine March/April 2012 coming soon

    March April 2012 issue of Performance French Cars Magazine out in WhSmiths etc on 09/02/2012. This issue is JAMMED with 6 feature cars - awesome!! Still only £19.99 to subscribe...
  26. A

    Trophy Full Suspension set up - Refurbed dampers and springs

    I am selling a full Trophy suspension set up, with recently refurbished front dampers. This set up will fit a 182 Cup, a 182 with Cup Packs and the Trophy. I bought the dampers off a guy on Cliosport last July. I have not even fitted these to my car as I have been preoccupied with another...
  27. G

    Renault Sport Clio 200 GW *High Spec* £13500

    Selling on behalf of the mrs - (ad taken from Clio Sport) Reluctantly selling my 200 after much deliberation, due to needing some extra cash. Got the car from my local Renault dealer Dec 2010, purchased brand new to my specification. The car has been well looked after, It has been washed at...
  28. MarcB

    Renault Steering Wheels (Worth A Read)

    Well after being up at my local renault today i was speaking to the warrenty advisor and i asked about my melted steering wheel, He says he has only ever changed one and that was last week on a 197 and funnily enough that was my brothers car. He said my best bet was to call Renault UK and i did...
  29. M3 Y RT

    2007/07 Renaultsport Megane 230 F1 R26. Stage 1 map + extras for sale.

    Looking at selling my R26 to get another estate car, this has been my second RS Megane and it certainly wont be the last. Its a 2007/07 and has just turned 55k miles with 2 previous owners who've taken very good care of the car, full renault history and not due a service for another 3k miles or...
  30. A

    Sabelt 3 Point Harnesses For Sale (Pair)

    - Sabelt 3 Point Harnesses (Pair). As new condition. These were installed in my car but have never been used. Not even once! They've never been lent on or sat on either as I've always kept them tucked behind the seats. They're basically mint and also imo in the best colour scheme for the...