1. T

    Wanted: 182 Trophy

    Hi all, I'm looking to get into ownership of a 182 Trophy and wanted to post on here to see if anyone was looking to part ways with their Trophy. Ideally after a sub 80k mileage, well maintained example that has been looked after. If you're looking for your Trophy to go to a good home, I can...
  2. Ales

    Alex's '05 BG 182 LHD

    Hi everyone! I've been here for a while but never posted anything, now I think that I have to introduce myself and show my 182 to all of you guys. I'm Alex, from Almería, south Spain (common holiday destination for some of you Brits I think? hahaha) and in August of 2016 i've bought my first...
  3. R

    For Sale: Trophy #202

    Summary 182 Trophy (#202/500) 126k miles All Trophy original bits intact (Sachs remote-reservoir front dampers, Recaro seats, Speedline Turinis, etc) Irish registered MOT/'dNCT'd until September 2018 Taxed until end of October Price: 5,800 GBP (subject to export) Spec Recaro trendlines...
  4. G

    Trophy for sale in Swansea

    Hello Has anyone viewed this Trophy (or know it). Its a long trek for me, but interested. Anyone know it or can offer any feedback? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2005-Renault-Clio-2-0-Renaultsport-182-Trophy-3dr-/281620647036?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4191e60c7c Thanks in advance.
  5. G

    Trophy Clio for sale in trade

    Does anyone know these cars, I want to buy a trophy but need dealer facilities, clearly the dealers don't know what has been done to them, anyone know them? Trophy 176 http://www.hollytreecarsltd.co.uk/used/renault/clio/20-16v-renaultsport-182-trophy-3dr/waterlooville/hampshire/15938381...
  6. dablk

    karama red dash strips

    120 is heading how I want her. That didn't include these. I would suggest the would suit somone wanting to test out doing theirs red. the left is good with the word trophy, the steering wheel used to have the logo but it rubbed off leaving an outline. The right used to have 120/500 on it...
  7. trophy427


    I'm after some good pictures of the trophy dampers. not going to tell my reason why just yet as nothing is set in stone. But if you don't mind posting up your best picture of your damper including the springs fitted.
  8. B

    Trophy engine failed / died / cam belt slipped

    Well what an eventful few days it's been, the T had an oil top up at Eurocarparts and slow drive back to my work and - BANG the car sounded like it had a terminal failure. Just about ran, heavy knocking from the top end under load, almost failed to start, AA guy guessed cam shaft fail, then...
  9. olliep

    New Clio Trophy?

  10. dablk

    Interior Strips/ gear lever

    HI folks, 1st new owner question.. interior strips and gear knob and sw insert.. same as 182 or not? 120 has had the "paint em red opition" at some point. Not for me. If anyone wants them after I have pulled them off, let me know or they're going to make plastic bags. Chris
  11. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy found on ebay...

    Trophy found on ebay, up for bargain price: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/renault-clio-182-trophy-/311293338566?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item487a8763c6
  12. hoolio


    A bit of a frivolous question/survey as I fancy a change during the T's spring clean. If money was no/not much of an object what would be your preferred exhaust. For me it would have to sound great, not too loud and be well made. And anyone who suggests A Yozza will be beaten around the head...
  13. MarcB

    Clio 182 FF Alloys (Perfect Spares)

    Been trying to sell these for the last week or so. Was trying to get my money back of £175 when i bought them 6 months ago but now know thats not going to happen so popped them up on eBay with a buy it now of £120...
  14. Miller

    Cams ...

    Hi im thinking of getting all the belts and pulleys done very soon but also thinkin about uprating the cams while im doing everything else. So just want to know which ones, where and general advice Cheers Miller #116 :cool:
  15. N

    Vent control panel 'pealing'

    I've just noticed that the dark blue finish is beginning to crack, leaving the white plastic exposed. Does anyone know the part number for this ventilation control panel and how easy it is to replace please?
  16. L

    CLIO 172/182 (1999-2005): MARKET WATCH (Pistnheads)

    Title should read 'CLIO 172/182 (1999-2005): MARKET WATCH (Pistonheads)' http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=31417 Price Guide: Clio 182 Trophy £4,000 to £7,000
  17. MarcB

    Rear Damper Problems (group buy)

    Right I have just spent over 40mins on the phone and spoke to Mark @mark fish Motorsport. He is happy to do a group buy for the rear Koni dampers providing there is enought people. The dampers are standard rear Koni adjustables and they are sold at £100.vat Each + shipping. renault OE Sachs...
  18. K

    looking at buying a Trophy. .

    I'm looking at buying a trophy & what better place to look! I have a 182 FF inferno at this moment in time, Anyone looking to sell in the near future Regards Robert Whitstable Kent.
  19. D

    After some part numbers for some new sensors.

    hi all fellow Trophy owners, still got mine, nearly owned it for 9years now:). Anyway, I know you guys (or some of you ) have part numbers off the proper Renault parts software and was wondering if you could tell me the correct part numbers for the following:- what I am after is the sensor...
  20. R

    Supercharged T for sale - maybe

    As per title - Depending on interest and offers I will be putting my supercharged trophy up for sale. Have owned the car for past 5 years, spent over 10k and am now considering selling it to help with deposit on house. Car is immaculate, covered just 27K miles, is running 275Bhp with Driftbox...
  21. C

    New Trophy Owner! Help!

    Hi all, I've just purchased a 182 Trophy (No.382) today, rather a nice upgrade from my Fiat Seicento Sporting! It needs some work doing to make it perfect but it's brilliant to drive all the same :D However the battery light is on, as is the STOP light. At high revs this goes out so I believe...
  22. X

    Clio Trophy Rear Shocks

    Hi All, I'm in need of some rear shocks for my trophy, everywhere I ring they are on back order or have no ETA, Renault are useless and keep giving me normal 172/182 parts... my local dealers aren't any better. But my options seem to be MF revalved Koni's, standard Koni's or still try seek the...
  23. D

    Orbisoud exhaust

    Does anyone have an Orbisoud exhaust for sale for a 182?
  24. S

    Rear driver ABS Sensor

    Hi guys, Need a new abs sensor urgently and have been told that these are not the same as the 182 cup ect. Is it correct that they are around £120? Is there a cheaper alternative to the one from Renault as spent a fortune on the T this year and my mot is going to cost enough a couple of days...
  25. G

    putting 172 hubs on a 182

    Hi guys, sorry not really a trophy problem but I'm getting nothing from renaultspot forum, What I want to do is remove my struts from my 182 which are 60mm and put on my 172 struts on it which are 54mm can I just change over the hubs as well, will this change anything else? all I can find is I...
  26. T

    172 / 182 Engine

    As above.
  27. ldubl

    T28 PHY number plate for sale

    T28 PHY, one of the closest possible to TRO PHY, and at a very reasonable price :D £495 incl £80 DVLA transfer fee & sending the new owner the plates currently in use :up:
  28. K

    Stolen Clio Trophy LV55 EJJ

    Hello Trophy owners My Clio Trophy, which I’ve had from new, was stolen this week. It was parked on the road just outside the house. During the night thieves broke into house front door and stole the keys. In the morning the car was gone. Stolen from Nimrod Road, London SW16. Reg is LV55...
  29. Patrick Bateman

    182 Trophy Suspension noise

    Just started to notice this more recently. It's not really apparent at speed, only occasionally showing itself but at low speed going over speed bumps and the like there's an obvious creak/crash from the front left of the car. It's definitely the left as I've made sure to go over speed bumps...
  30. M

    Clio Trophy 384/500 For Sale

    2005/05 Renaultsport Clio Trophy 182. Regrettably I'm putting my Clio Trophy up for sale, I have owned the car for 6 years. The reason for the sale is that I'm emigrating to Canada at the end of November and as much as I'd love to take it with me I need the money and it just wouldn't be...