Feb 6, 2015
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First off, apologies that this is my first ever post on here! I've done a lot of reading of the forums, but never had anything useful to say!

The sad time has come to sell my Clio Trophy. It’s a beautiful car that never fails to put a smile on my face when I take it out for a drive at weekends.

The excellent handling, combined with the extra power over standard makes for an exhilarating drive. The exhaust note is a perfect addition to the experience and a great improvement over the standard one. The car has been looked after extremely well all it’s life and comes with lots of spares and history. I really don’t want to sell this but I’ve just bought another car and I can’t really justify owning this as well.

66,200 miles, will not rise much as it doesn’t get driven very often.
MOT Until September 2015

Good bits

- Loads of History from new including the cambelt and pulleys end of 2012
Last stamp @ 62,000 miles
- I am the third owner of the car.
- December 2014 Replacement alternator
- Jan 2015 - Oil and Filter Change and Fluids Top Up
- 2014 Rear discs (new bearings), pads and 2 x Pilot sport 3's
- Rear adjustable Koni shocks and Mark Fish spring set. The shocks are re-valved to his specification.
- ITG Maxogen air filter.
- Matched inlets.
- Janspeed exhaust system with a Ktec race cat (original cat included).
- RS Tuner remap (rs tuner included in sale).
- Ferodo 2500 front pads.
- 15" Speedline 2118 wheels in anthracite (palmer sport spec) - Added bonus of cheaper replacement tyres

Less Good Bits

Chances are you wouldn't notice some of these if you came to view it, but I'd like to make sure you know exactly what you're looking at.

- Paintwork isn’t perfect as there are a few stone chips on the front end, but it polishes up very nicely as you can see in the pictures.
- Very slight graze on the rear corner (hardly noticeable, I missed it when I bought the car) Can be seen in last picture.
- Tiny ding in drivers door from trolley (can only see in certain lights, again something I missed when I bought the car)
- Fog lights not fitted, but are supplied. Removed to aid airflow by previous owner
- Mirrors are not colour coded. One colour coded cover supplied.
- The Sachs dampers have NOT been refurbished. They appear to working correctly. I have cleaned and Ankor Waxed them towards the end of last year (they use it on oil rigs to protect the metal from the sea). They didn’t have any leaks.
- Wheels are a bit kerbed
- Slight delamination of windscreen. Not got any worse since I've owner it, and the same was said by previous owner.

It’s a great car and wonderful fun to drive. Always puts a smile on my face.











Price: £4900 ono

Location: West Horsley, Surrey
Contact: 07779 335 405 or


Jan 26, 2013
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Very good price that, should sell quickly

Good luck with the sale