1. BootStrap

    Closest Clio paint colour to side bullets?

    I've had a little search but nothing has come up. What do people think is the closest 1*2 clio colour to the silver Trophy side bullets? I am mixing and matching bodywork/grafix on a competition car and need various bits the same/closest to the bullets. thanks
  2. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy Red Paintwork

    Whats the best technique/product to re-generate/ freshen up & make the Trophy look red again instead of looking faded pink colour? Understand T Cut is not a good idea, machine polish? Mopping? or Turtlewax red colour restorer? Cheers
  3. L

    Evo's Top Ten Greatest Driver's Cars - Video intro (features 182 Trophy & R26.R)

    Article an Video:
  4. D

    Engine noise

    I got hold of a trophy at a reasonable price. I knew it needed work. One of the things it came to my attention is the sound the engine is making. Here is a quick video. 182 trophy engine grind: I got a receipt for the dephaser and Pully. If the engines gubbed I...
  5. B

    Heater blower motor dying.....

    ..... hi all, has anyone had their heater blower motor failed? Give it a tap and it jumps into life, albeit it sounds rough! Wondering best place to purchase a brand new one and how difficult it is to remove? Thanks
  6. O

    Get 5L Millers Oils CFS Nanodrive & get 1L Free @ Opie Oils

    Hi Folks, The team at Opie Oils and our friends Millers Oils have got together and come up with this fantastic Nanodrive offer. If you buy 5 litres of Millers Oils CFS Nanodrive 0w-20, 0w-30, 5w-40, 10w-50 & 10w-60 you will get a 1 litre free! Fancy stocking up? You can order any...
  7. O

    New Millers Flow Control Bottle @ Opie Oils

    Hi Folks, The Team at Opie Oils are happy to announce that they now sell the new Millers Oils Flow Control Bottle. Until now when pouring from a standard 5 litre bottles it has been difficult to avoid surges in flow – and the resulting mess, spillage and then smell as the oil burns off...
  8. P

    A couple of laps of Goodwood

    Drove Goodwood for the first time yesterday, good fun that track. These were from my first session so not the quickest of the day but the bloody GoPro ran out of battery after this which was annoying. In the later sessions I was lapping nearer to 1:30 which I was happy with...
  9. RsMax

    My 182 ff "trophy" from Germany

    Hi Guys I infected with the Trophy-virus since the T came out. As you know buying a T was impossible in Germany. So since I purchased my full fat and cup packed 182 in 2008 with 15.000miles on the clock I was looking for a proper T-Sachs-Suspension. I bought one in December 2013 and sent it...
  10. P

    The Nurburgring In My Trophy

    This was the 2nd lap I completed, slow I know but with no knowledge of the track I didn't fancy an off. Gopro ran out of battery for the final two in which I was getting slightly more confident. All in all it's good fun and that's the real reason I went.
  11. T

    Scorpion SRN019D Group Buy

    Hello, I'm currently running a group buy on Cliosport for Scorpion's brand new 182 exhaust. More info here: If you're not a member of Cliosport feel free to PM me for more info Thanks Tom
  12. P

    Pure Motorsport Exhaust (warning: Extreme teasing present)

    Hi Guys and Girls, Time has come to get a new blow pipe for the car. `had the original mild steel Renault item for 63,000 miles. I had to be welded to get through MOT last year. I decided on the Pure Motorsport one, so no help required as to which one to purchase. I placed the order on...
  13. G

    434 for sale

    For sale is my Trophy, no 434. The car is currently on 56k. The car has 2 previous owners (myself included). I’ve owned it for the last 18 months and 13,000 miles. The car has a full service history, with the last service at Mark Fish Motorsport coming in at £1,700 in August 2012 to cover a...
  14. G

    Anyone recognise this Trophy?

    I don't have the number of it yet so it's not easy to search the Register, but does anyone recognise this car and know anything about the history of it?
  15. C

    Back with intent..........

    Hi guys, long time no speak. Back on the hunt for a trophy for keeps after letting number 71 go back in 2008 when I bought my second v6 Clio. Sold the v6 in July last year when I picked up my brand new range rover (2 kids and the failing ability to change gear myself tempted me into land...
  16. hoolio

    Missing Gatwick car parkers thread

    So why was this thread deleted? I'm guessing that his visits last night were to fire off some threatening PM's. Pretty lame that the forum folded so easily, disappointing.
  17. F

    New member/owner!

    Hello everyone! The Evo Diaries video which Harry Metcalf did a few days ago was the last straw.... I've gone for it, and will be picking my first hot clio up this evening :D THe little Trophy will compliment a Series 1 Lotus Elise in the "fleet" and will replace my 1.9 205 GTi..... Assuming I...
  18. PS CUP

    Evo Diaries Trophy Video
  19. B

    Trophy 181 for sale

    For sale here is Clio Trophy #181 of 500 , the car was first registered in 2005 and is on a 55 plate, it has currently done approx 95k miles. Car was bought only a few months ago as a weekend car/run about and has seen very little use, I’ve probably only done around 1k miles in it, in fact it...
  20. MarcB

    Starting Problem.

    This is the second time my car has done this over the last week. Its never done it before and i am not sure if its an engine problem or an alarm/immob problem. Once the car has been started and driven i have no issues with turning it off and leaving it and starting it again but this is now the...
  21. D

    Best place to buy rear shocks and front springs

    Regular stalker of this forum but never time to post T450 is all well (apart from CV boot clip fail) currently on 41k. Anyway, whilst changing the front discs today I realised the T needed some TLC on her, so I plan to refurb the front dampers, new springs on front, lower wishbones, powerflex...
  22. J

    Trophy 259 Progress

    Having owned 259 for 6 weeks or so but spent 4 weeks of that abroad working, it was time to sort out the front end of the car. The fog lights were missing and the splitter a mess. I fitted some new Fog Lights and a Seat Splitter to refresh the front end. I am happy with the result...
  23. rubens172

    Trophy YouTube review...

    Hi, I have found this review on You Tube; is it a joke?! You'll either laugh or want to hit him!
  24. marcholloway

    How much would you pay?

    I'm in the market for another Clio Trophy. Having had one before I know what there all about and think it would make a great weekend toy. I'm in no made rush but clearly wanna get the best one for my money. Ie dampers done if poss as well as good service history. Is it worth looming for one with...
  25. hoolio

    Alpine A110/50

    To those who have not seen it I'd recommend checking out the video of this car featured in the tab in the "Renault" section to the left of the page. Just sublime.
  26. Claude

    Formula 1 British Grand Prix - Silverstone - 2 Platinum Tickets For Sale

    Hi all, I have two Platinum tickets for sale for all three days of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone this July: Friday 6th - Practice Saturday 7th - Qualifying Sunday 8th – Race Support races over the weekend feature GP3, the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup and GP2 series. Platinum grandstands...
  27. B

    Ultra Compact Digital Camera - Samsung ST90 - 14 MP - 5 x Zoom - Video - 2.7" LCD Thanks
  28. marrow

    T spotted on Chris Harris's video @ Brands

    Just over half way through the video whilst he's in the GTR.
  29. son of solo

    Trophy cd rom - 99p on Ebay

    For anyone who hasnt already got one of the official Renault Trophy cd roms I've just noticed a seller on ebay offering them for only 99p BIN with more than 1O available... Search on "renault sport Trophy pc cd"
  30. S

    Sachs Damper - Bounce Test

    How much should they bounce exactly? Has anyone done a video at all ... Mine seem to move fairly easily - although they were only refurbed 13k ago lol (not by BG)