1. S

    Need some help valuing my Trophy

    Hi guys, Asked this question on and was shocked with the answer tbh from a reputable dealer who knows his clios. However it doesn't add up tbh so looking for a final answer on here as i know a lot of members keep a close eye on values. I have owned my trophy for 5 years and...
  2. Badgerman85


    Not been on here for a while due to increasing spam and the fact it's a lot quieter on here! Just popped on today for a quick look and there is a ridiculous amount of spam, frankly it takes the piss a bit and its something that can be sorted really easily. Can this get sorted asap before we...
  3. R

    Hello Clio Trophy Members

    Hello members please guide my how was your experience about clio trophy, because soon i am the owner of clio trophy.
  4. O

    Gold Plug Magnetic Sump Plugs now available

    In the past we’ve often been asked if we sell magnetic sump plugs? Well we have some good news – WE DO NOW and there not just any magnetic sump plug there Gold Plug all the way form the US of A! These plugs feature the most powerful magnets in the world and they knock the socks of their...
  5. M

    BG Damper Rebuild - compression adjuster upgrade. Worth it?

    Hi - my dampers due to go in at BG on October 31st. Getting the struts power coated too. It's expensive enough already (and have been happily buying other bits for my new car without keeping an eye on what i'm spending!) - and adds another £170 to the bill. Has anyone done this, and if you...
  6. Mikeyjp

    Admin, Moderator

  7. E

    Early Trophy for sale

  8. Mikeyjp

    10 years coming up

    so next year will be the big 10! must be worth organizing some sort of meet? maybe at another car show, something like Origine RS or prescothill climb, basicly one of less chavy shows :D
  9. S

    Newbie from surrey looking to buy a trophy

    new to the forum and currently driving/selling my beloved mk5 golf gti edition 30 fully built by REVO to stage 2 334hp 341ftlb, I would post a link to my build thread but not if it doesn't comply with forum rules and I don't want to annoy the admin/mods just yet Cut a long story short me and...
  10. Carbon Chaos

    OEM Trophy Front Sachs Dampers

    As per title i have for sale a pair of OEM front shocks, i would advise they get a refurb before being fitted as they have been off the car for years. Make me a sensible offer ! im in wiltshire near bath/bristol area and would like NOT to post these due to the weight. PM me if your...
  11. hoolio

    New bits

    These are my kind of porn so I thought I'd share.
  12. O

    2 Pairs of TOTB tickets up for grabs

    Our friends at Millers Oils are sponsoring Ten Of The Best been held at Elvington Airfield in York next weekend 26th & 27th July. They have very kindly given us two pairs of tickets to give away to two lucky forum members. Ten of the Best (TOTB), is a performance road car event aimed at...
  13. M

    083 For Sale!

    The time has come to sell my Trophy :/ 083 is perfect, always enthusiast owned and the history can be seen on the list section on here! Its easier for me to copy and paste the advert i've written up for other sites so here goes... Here we have my 2005 Renaultsport Clio Trophy up for sale. I...
  14. Mikeyjp


    Have we got a facebook group ? i am in one at the moment quite a few member on there, that are not on here
  15. B

    Clio 172-182 wheels for sale

    Hi hope I'm in the right place. I have for sale a set of 172/182 alloys in fair condition. 1.9 mm tread depth all round. But front need replacing as building on side. I'm looking at sensible offers. And I'm based in Exeter Thanks for looking
  16. O

    Castrol Classic Oils now available at Opie Oils

    We know that many of our club members own modern vehicles that wouldn't be considered as a classic, however we also know there are a lot of forum members that own a classic car that has been restored or is an ongoing project. If this is you then you will be interested to know that Opie Oils has...
  17. O

    Millers Oils DPF Cleaner now available at Opie Oils

    Millers Oils Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner & Regenerator is now available to buy at Opie Oils. Currently priced at £8.75 for 250ml before members discount. Millers Oils DPF Cleaner and Regenerator ensures that the diesel particulate filter (DPF) is regenerated even during short trips...
  18. G

    182 Cup

    Are 182 Cups in (what I believe is) inferno orange considered rare please?
  19. W

    For Sale - Clio Trophy #067 - £4,350

    Renaultsport Clio 182 Trophy 067/500 for sale. Trophy on 15's_14 by Sam_Wick, on Flickr Llandow9 by Sam_Wick, on Flickr The car has been owned by a host of forum members and its ownership history can be traced back on the Trophy register. Most recently it was purchased by me from...
  20. J


    Hi All, I can't find Michelin PE2s now so are people using PE3s and is ok to use PE2s and PE3S at the same time??? Lastly, what is the difference between them? Regards, jsgthomson
  21. C

    172 Cup misfire

    Hello all. Wasn't quite sure if there is an introduction section (unless im being dumb) but Hi :) Needing some advice as im not in the slightest bit familiar with these engines, ill try not to make this an essay. My 172 Cup developed a misfire which turned out to be deemed as a 'multiple...
  22. C

    Trophy no 2

    Hi to all members. does anyone have any information about car number 02/500. been to see it this week as its for sale. looking to buy my first trophy. was it a press car? etc. cheers
  23. J

    Just had my Sachs refurbed + a freebie service for club members

    Just got my Trophy back after a whole heap of maintenance work and I have to say Wow! I can't believe how much the car is transformed! She went in for a service, new discs and pads, refurbed front shocks from Cornering Force, new front springs and new front top mounts. I had the rear shocks...
  24. Carbon Chaos

    1 owner Car

    Just out of interest how many of members are still the original owners ?
  25. MarcB

    How Do I Get

    Im looking to get the following and i have no idea how to get them I would love to get the Red Keyring so can someone please inform me of who supplied these and who made them ? Also the press release would be an amazing thing to add to my collection of things, Where and how would i get this ?
  26. PS CUP

    182 Cup gets 5 stars

    In this months Evo a 182 Cup gets 5 stars in a section called bargain hunt, some of the most thrilling cars of yesteryear can now be picked up for less than £4000. At least not all car reviewer's are the same!
  27. hoolio

    Missing Gatwick car parkers thread

    So why was this thread deleted? I'm guessing that his visits last night were to fire off some threatening PM's. Pretty lame that the forum folded so easily, disappointing.
  28. P

    Hello from PFC Mag & French Car Show

    Its been a while since I have personally been on the forum and its great to see its still thriving. I am keen to chat to members direct about 1/ magazine features & spotted submissions for Performance French Cars Mag 2/ how you can get involved with the magazine as its the only one out there...
  29. C


    So I'll be picking up my trophy shortly and just wandering where's the best place to pick up parts? I just plan to freshen up a few things ie Renault badges front and back, also need to sort the steering wheel as its melted
  30. O

    Club update from oilman @ Opie Oils

    Hi All, It's been a while and there has been a lot of exciting things going on at Opie Oils, so we thought it would be a good idea to update everyone to keep you in the loop!! So here goes: Opie Oils Club Discounts We are delighted to say that all club discount codes have been renewed. To...