1. R

    150 - new owner

    Recently bought myself number 150 after many months of looking. I've only ever owned Clios in my life and I'm still not fed up of them yet. especially as the trophy is possibly the best hot hatch ever made. This one had 1 previous owner - a member of Mcbusted... but never mind that because my...
  2. Badgerman85

    Fitted Citroen Xsara / C3 windscreen washer jets

    Not sure if anyone else has done this on here yet, seems to be a common upgrade over on My standard washer jets were having a hard time and after multiple efforts at cleaning them out with a needle and taking them off and blasting them through with the compressor they still...
  3. O

    £1 Shipping on all UK Mainland Orders - No Minimum Spend

    Hi all, We have an amazing offer to kick start your 2014 with £1 Shipping on all UK mainland orders - NO MINIMUM SPEND. STARTS 1ST JANUARY ENDS MIDNIGHT SUNDAY 5TH JANUARY As always, our expert advice is free. If you need help you can call us on 01209 202944 Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm...
  4. J

    Cambelt question

    Hi all My T is approaching the 72k mile mark so will be going for a full service in a few weeks time. I know that the cambelt and acc belt should also be replaced at this mileage (or every 5 years) but the previous owner did this at the 40k mile mark around 3 years ago. Would you agree that I...
  5. T

    Clio Trophy For Sale - £3750

    For sale is my 2005 Renault Sport Clio 182 Trophy, Number 441/500. After owning numerous RenaultSports in the past, I thought it was time I finally owned a “Trophy”. Due to a change in circumstances and a significant increase in my annual mileage, it is with regret, my Trophy is for sale. The...
  6. T

    Dyce Aberdeen - Private Plate starting "EEZ"

    I work in the same office but haven't established who else has a Trophy? I don't use mine at the moment but by the summer there could be two Trophies in the car park ;)
  7. H

    Anyone going to SPA?

    Hi, Anyone going on the Renaultsport trackday to SPA? Wondering if I'm going to see another Trophy! Mark
  8. Mikeyjp

    Dial Conversion

    any one ever done or looked into changing the color of the lighting behind the dials?
  9. W

    rear demister relay ?

    hi guys does anyone know which relay is for the rear demister ? mine dont work , the bulb dont illuminate either , although it does when i do the dash trick so i know the bulb is ok . any help will be great guys :) thanks
  10. S

    Wiper Mechanism Failed

    Hi all, My wiper arm gave up last week and snapped leaving me with the drivers wiper stuck in the middle of the windscreen at 40mph in very bad rain. It almost resulted in me stuffing it into the back of a Police car who ironically enough had broken down by the side of the road. Luckily I was...
  11. J

    Bad smell from heater following cold weather

    Hi guys I hadn't driven my Trophy since Friday and went out this morning to fire her up prior to the morning commute. I turned the heaters onto full and set to the windscreen to clear the ice that had built up and went back indoors. I returned to my car after a few minutes and whilst there was...
  12. J

    Trophy #490

    Had the Trophy for a few weeks now, but haven't shown it off yet so I thought I may as well start a thread! I had a 106 Rallye that was one of the best condition S2s around, so getting rid of it was quite emotional! I'd grown really attached to its no-nonsense approach to delivering its drive...
  13. PS CUP

    Does anyone else's Trophy have this?

    I have a square patch at the bottom of my windscreen in the centre which has a different tint to the rest of the screen! Perhaps it's been replaced before I owned it. I would upload a pic but can't seem to do it from my iPad.
  14. Anatonic

    Looking at a Trophy...

    Hey guys, Had a good read around and most of my questions have already been answered but I was off to potentially look at this Trophy (No. 320) in exchange for my FN2 CTR but couldn't see any previous info on here about it. Link below...
  15. S

    Renault Sport Clio 182 For Sale!

    Hi, I'm selling my 2005 RenaultSport Clio 182. This car has only done 27441 miles and is in excellent condition. It has full service history(most with main dealer) and has had only 2 owners. Cleaned once a week and polished, and well looked after. The car had the timing/accessory belts and water...
  16. T

    For Sale: No. 71

    Renault Clio Renaultsport 182 Trophy No. 71 of 500 48,600miles Bought in Nov 2009, selling because we need a bigger car for a dog (good lady wants one for her bday in March!). Won’t need any further money spending on it until tax at the start of July and then service/MOT in November...
  17. N

    cracked my windscreen, but otherwise...

    Spent yesterday on a one-way road, without speed limits in my Trophy (& a pal's 182) yesterday - given it's age & mileage it entertained immensely - just grips, turns in, then revs like there's no tomorrow! Picked up a stone chip which cracked my six week old windscreen, but that aside the day...
  18. Badgerman85

    Friday Afternoon Road-Rage, resulting in 1 x Dented Trophy

    So I was driving home on my lunch break, nothing out of the ordinary, came off a roundabout and went to merge in, when all of a sudden some white van man quite some distance backl decides to floor it and undertake me whilst flashing his lights beeping and gesturing quite angrily towards me! So...
  19. BenG

    Trophy Broken into.

    I went for a 360 Health Test today at Nuffield in Manchester. When I left I walked up to my car and saw this ..... As you can see they went for the glove box. I'm sure they were looking for my Sat-Nav, there was nothing of any value in my glovebox and nothing was taken from the car...
  20. R

    Silverstone F1

    Clio trophy spotted here on Sunday R5 JKU in silverstone whittlebury campsite.
  21. BenG

    What Faults Have You Had During Ownership?

    I know Renault seem to get bad reviews amongst people regarding the reliability but during my ownership I have found the Trophy really reliable. I've owned it 3 years and 4 months and had the following issues... Failed Coolant Termperature Sensor Failed Damper Seal Failed CV Boot Clip Thats...
  22. Cue

    Wow - a week on the German Autobahns.

    Well even after nearly 6 years of ownership this little pocket rocket still surprises me. I know how quick it is on a B road, but in a straight line i always thought it slightly underpowered to take on the great and good of Germany's finest but boy was I wrong. 100 octane racing fuel on board...
  23. trophy427

    trophy in thame Who are you?

    This is the second time i have seen you parked in the new football ground at thame. Saw you on the 26th around 3 parked up Nearly didnt see it was a trophy with how dirty it was i think the reg was Lv55 ejk?
  24. B

    Heating and AC stopped working??

    Any help please!! it only stopped working today when i started my 182 up :( had a long journey to work with the windows down and running out at lights to keep windscreen de-iced lol Am guessing a fuse but not checked yet? Is there anything else i should check for? Cheers Rick :mrgreen:
  25. M3 Y RT

    172 Rolling Shell with Full Weld in Cage.

    The shell is a 2000 W road legal Ph1 shell with history, v5 etc. 72k (ish) miles, will have to check clocks. Cat C damaged years ago but kind of irrelevant now as stripped to a bare shell there is no damage. Fitted with a full weld in CDS Custom Cages cage to all suspension pick up points...
  26. T

    Squeaky Recaro Seat!?

    Just noticed my driver seat has suddenly got a loud squeak. Apparently its near my left butt cheek. Anyone else had a similar problem and if so how the hell do you fix it! Not a good week as I got a chip on the windscreen as well! Thanks :D
  27. G

    Clio Trophy - No. 25 - Fantastic Condition, low mileage

    Hi all, My partner has opted for self employment and as I have not used my car since September, I am looking to sell my Trophy to cover the everyday bills. As you will see below, the car has never gone short. I am in two minds about selling it and will be genuinely sad to see it go. Car &...
  28. T

    New Year Treat!

    Hey Guys! I've fancied a new project for a while and finally found what I was looking for today!... I decided to treat myself to a 106 S1 Rallye to use mainly for track days and road rallies! Great spec, just a few little jobs and she's ready for some track action! I've got a couple of sets of...
  29. R

    Fog Lights ?

    Driving at night who puts there fogs on every time ?
  30. B

    Dam…..mayonase stuff found under bonnet……please help!!

    Hi guys- must make this quick! Tried to replace the windscreen wash in my dads 182. Opened what I thought (it may not be!!!) may be the windscreen wash top- and found the lid and opening contained a mayonnaise substance. I know this is a really bad sign if it’s the oil top. :S I have circled...