1. N

    Trophy No: 140 36k miles

    This pains me, but a recent divorce and a new house purchase necessitates it; I've owned two of these and it'll be sorely missed. This is a very special example: 36,000 miles 1 previous, retired owner to 2012 and 18k miles Full service history with no expense spared MOT until end November...
  2. O

    Opie Oils Competition - Samsung Tablet worth £399

    Enter Opie Oils competition before the end of March for your chance to WIN a Samsung Galaxy Tab S worth £399 > > > To be in with a chance of winning simply follow this link to our competition page and answer our multiple choice question or click on the picture below: The team at Opie...
  3. Greenouse

    My new Trophy and her older brother!

    Hi Guys, Been reading a while and finally bought my Trophy last weekend. Really impressed so far but many more miles to look forward to. Chuffed with the car I found, #499 and a nice low mileage well cared for example. Had a little detailing session at the weekend, still a fair bit to do...
  4. MarcB

    GOOD NEWS - Sachs Rears

    I have just got an e-mail from Renault UK to 100% confirm that these are going into production and will take around 14 weeks. I have this all written down and in an e-mail that I'm happy to post online for people too see
  5. J


    Hi, What is the latest on Tyres! What do people like and what are proving to be good? Thanks! jsthomson
  6. hoolio


    A bit of a frivolous question/survey as I fancy a change during the T's spring clean. If money was no/not much of an object what would be your preferred exhaust. For me it would have to sound great, not too loud and be well made. And anyone who suggests A Yozza will be beaten around the head...
  7. J

    Trophy #475 For Sale

    First off, apologies that this is my first ever post on here! I've done a lot of reading of the forums, but never had anything useful to say! The sad time has come to sell my Clio Trophy. It’s a beautiful car that never fails to put a smile on my face when I take it out for a drive at weekends...
  8. Miller

    Cams ...

    Hi im thinking of getting all the belts and pulleys done very soon but also thinkin about uprating the cams while im doing everything else. So just want to know which ones, where and general advice Cheers Miller #116 :cool:
  9. N

    Vent control panel 'pealing'

    I've just noticed that the dark blue finish is beginning to crack, leaving the white plastic exposed. Does anyone know the part number for this ventilation control panel and how easy it is to replace please?
  10. Big Dave

    Insurance co recomendations.?

    Its that time of year again, the T needs insuring.. Im wanting to get an agreed valuation on it this year after the stories of low payouts. Which companies would you recomend to get in touch with. Im currently with Aviva , but it hasnt got an agreed value on it... Thanks...
  11. power ranger

    My re trimmed Clio steering wheel

    Thought I'd share I had my steering wheel re trimmed as the original had gone the usual way of completly melting and looked shabby even though my Clio Trophy has only 50K on the clock. The colour of the wheel to the airbag looks slightly off but in real life its hardly noticeable. Option is...
  12. liamkirkham

    Bushes and Mounts

    Hello all, I'm slowly bit by bit getting round to all the things I wanted to check/change on the T. My question today is about bushes and mounts. I'm sure one of them (at least) needs changing but I have no idea what types there are. Bushes, engine mounts, dogbone etc. Any good guide on what...
  13. Stevie

    Trophy Steering Rack

    Hi, could someone please confirm if the steering rack on the Trophy is the same as normal 182s? Thanks.
  14. G

    best replacement steering wheel

    Anyone got any suggestions on a replacement steering wheel. Ideally i would like it smaller and closer keeping controls and airbag. As far as i can tell the only real replacement is from the clio 197/200. Has anyone fitted an aftermarket wheel and managed to keep the controls. Cheers
  15. C

    New Trophy Owner! Help!

    Hi all, I've just purchased a 182 Trophy (No.382) today, rather a nice upgrade from my Fiat Seicento Sporting! It needs some work doing to make it perfect but it's brilliant to drive all the same :D However the battery light is on, as is the STOP light. At high revs this goes out so I believe...
  16. R

    172 battery and stop light

    Should the stop and battery light be on if the alternator is not charging? I've been to look at a 172 with the stop and battery light up on the dash. Its not charging and looks like its had a new alternator fitted that failed after two days. Should the stop light be illuminated if its not...
  17. R

    Hello Clio Trophy Members

    Hello members please guide my how was your experience about clio trophy, because soon i am the owner of clio trophy.
  18. ldubl

    T28 PHY number plate for sale

    T28 PHY, one of the closest possible to TRO PHY, and at a very reasonable price :D £495 incl £80 DVLA transfer fee & sending the new owner the plates currently in use :up:
  19. K

    Stolen Clio Trophy LV55 EJJ

    Hello Trophy owners My Clio Trophy, which I’ve had from new, was stolen this week. It was parked on the road just outside the house. During the night thieves broke into house front door and stole the keys. In the morning the car was gone. Stolen from Nimrod Road, London SW16. Reg is LV55...
  20. Sam_K

    Clio Trophy No. 382 For Sale

    For sale is my beloved Renaultsport Clio Trophy No. 382I have owned No. 382 for nearly 5 ½ years (purchased in July 2009). It’s been my pride and joy ever since I have bought it however I am now selling as it is not getting used as much as it should (always been a 2nd car) and I have a new car...
  21. Stevie

    Altrincham / M56 - Yesterday approx 8.30am

    I went past you and gave me a wave. Are you on here? Your car looked nice and clean!
  22. D

    Light painted Trophy

    A good mate of mine is a keen photographer and wanted to have a go at "light painting" so here's the results. Not bad for his first attempt!
  23. S

    Tyre Sizes

    Hi there. I recently bought #091 (Yeah I've read all the history but she's in good shape), and I'm shopping for tyres to fit the stock alloys. Can anyone tell me whether a 215/45/16 will work on them? I have done a bit of research and it seems to be fine but would be grateful if anyone has...
  24. M

    Thinking perhaps time for another Trophy

    So I sold number 6 must be about 5 1/2 years ago. Went and bought a 1967 vw campervan. Travelled around Europe for a few months in it and have had lots of great trips away in it. Recently though have been thinking of selling this and getting a Trophy again. Really miss my old car the great...
  25. O

    Winter Competition - XBox One bundle worth £439!

    Get your entries in! - Opie Oils Winter Competition is now open to enter! We've got a mega prize bundle worth £439 - One lucky winner will receive an XBox One together with Fifa 15, Forza Horizon 2, Destiny and an extra controller. To be in with a chance of winning simply follow this link to...
  26. M

    BG Damper Rebuild - compression adjuster upgrade. Worth it?

    Hi - my dampers due to go in at BG on October 31st. Getting the struts power coated too. It's expensive enough already (and have been happily buying other bits for my new car without keeping an eye on what i'm spending!) - and adds another £170 to the bill. Has anyone done this, and if you...
  27. M

    New owner - #478 (nee T7PHY)

    Hi there - after a very very long sales process, I am from last Wednesday the proud owner of Trophy #478. The register has more details, but quick summary is got the car, found a number of issues I should have spotted myself - the dealer agreed to take them on and the whole thing took 7 weeks...
  28. A

    renault clio cup 172 hill climb, sprint track msa log booked

    Here we have my Renault Clio hill climber that ive used for the past 3 years with great success. This car has been developed throughout my ownership to be a competitive car and the quickest Clio in class winning both my class and overall championship in 2013. Throughout 2014 ive spent time...
  29. J

    Black Gold 182 (Trophy Spec)

    Hi all, Some of you the forum will know me already, although I've been quiet for a couple years. I've owned my Black Gold 182 since Oct 07, so I've had it for nearly 7 years. The car has been absolutely fantastic in this time, however due to me recently purchasing an E46 M3, I cannot justify...
  30. Mikeyjp

    Admin, Moderator