1. bryntech

    Thinking of booking a trackday soon.....

    I'm thinking of booking a trackday soon.... Apart from the obvious things like insurance, helmet etc I was wondering if any of the trackday veterans on here could give me any advice. I'm looking for info' like, what should i take with me? Do i have to tape my lights? Do i have to fit a tow...
  2. hoolio

    Water mystery

    Whilst trying to keep a pair of motorcycles honest the other evening i noticed lots of water droplets over the rear window and when i arrived home also all over the rear of the car. They were clear, none oily and unsmelly so i suppose just water. I had been driving quite spiritedly, anyone any...
  3. J

    Want some advice on buying a 182 Trophy

    Hi all, Firstly let me start by saying hello to you all and congratulations on an excellent informative and interesting website. We are in the proccess of searching for a 182 Trophy in or reasonably close to Hertfordshire hoping to pay less than £10k. I was firstly after a little bit of...
  4. J

    Brake advice - pads and discs

    My trophy needs new pads and discs all round, I'm thinking of upgrading to some that feel more solid and that don't squirm under heavy braking as with the standard ones....... I don't really know much about these things, anyone got any recommendations? Also, how does upgrading affect the...
  5. Gazza

    Essex boys!

    Coming up for my 24K service and just wanted to know where people near me went. I live near stansted. All I seem to hear is ren-tech, ren-tech, but there is no way im going to portsmoth to service my car! well maybe lol Cheers
  6. N

    Knocking noise (but not the usual?)

    I've never suffered from the infamous 182 top mount knock, but a couple of days ago my Trophy started making a knocking noise when maneuvering at slow speeds. I assumed this was the knock, and thought nothing of it, but it has been getting progressively worse since then. The knock was then...
  7. mc45


    Im going to look at a VX220 tomorrow! Really can't decide whether i want one or to stick with the trophy? What are peoples thoughts on the VX220? And do you think its worth the change?? Cheers
  8. Cool Hand Luke

    A job dilemma 3

    In fact its probably more of a commuting dilemma, anyway - lets say you were the kind of person who commutes to work and uses the car as a bit of a toy for evenings and weekends and only does around 3-4 thousand miles a year. You have also just bought a new car after searching for ages to find...
  9. T

    Tyre Pressure

    Hi bit unsure what tyre pressure is for the Trophy, I ve searched net and only found some general bumf saying 33 front and 31 rear. Trying to get set up for steering right as one tyre is brand new and other on front is half worn so have slight pull to the left! Can anyone help?
  10. S

    Trophy running sluggish

    My Trophy has developed a subtle engine fault over the last couple of months. There is a distinct missfire at 2500 RPM (in neutral) and has become a little sluggish under acceleration, especially from lower revs. It sounds rough too. I have also noticed a rumble, in tick-over, from the cambelt...
  11. bryntech

    Damper pin removal. Help please.....

    Whilst fitting my new Yozza Brembo / Ds2500 pack this afterrnoon, i thought it would be the perfect time to whip out my damper pins. Quickly got the passenger side done, undid the grubscrew, levered the cap off, knocked the pin upwards and refitted the cap, hey presto!! However, when i...
  12. D

    Finally had enough of the standard wiper stalk! wheres the best place to buy the 'proper' intermittant stalk? i've checked ebay but no luck so far and i remember people where paying around £20 from some place. any ideas? cheers. BTW - I've just hit the 10k mark!
  13. S

    Ford Focus Auto Saloon 1.6L Ghia.

    Year 2000 (X reg) Black, 60K miles, VGC. This is my girlfirends car, we're doing our bit for the planet by sharing a car (she is going to get insured on the Trophy (Gulp!)) Advert here; If you know anyone who's after this sort of car...
  14. rube79

    Insurance.......Please Modify ur car!

    a crazy question for you guys i have just called my insurance to switch my cover to my Trophy i'm about to pick up they've told me that as its standard it'll cost me £177 more than if i modify it!!! :shock: can u guys give me any ideas what to modify...... not costly and not...
  15. B

    50k mile Trophy - Good buy or not? **Updated**

    Hi, I'm new here. I have been offered an ex-company Clio Trophy. It has done 50k miles. Would this be a good buy or not??? I haven't seen it yet. How many services should it have had in this time??? Will those expensive dampers need doing??? Thanks Rob
  16. hoolio


    Got a call as i was putting the car in the carport last night and left it in gear with predictable results when i started it this morning. fairly certain it's just superficial but the bumper is cracked. Anyone know of any decent reno dealers in the Oxford/Reading area? :( Edit; sorry meant...
  17. gtvlew

    Green Cotton Filters carbon fibre ram intake system

    Found this on a french site , but for the life of me i can,t find any write ups or reports on this, think its about 250 quid, green cotton ram airs are used on most wrc cars, quality is superb on them, yet i'm stumped if i can find a report, anybody else can help me out in finding one
  18. F

    Engine Warning light problems.

    Has anyone had problems with engine warning lights on these - now looking at a third visit to the dealer, each time the warning light begins to flash! This light is on the lower right of the dash - engine shape (without the STOP in it). Any past experiences or advice?
  19. S

    Brake Pad Poll.

    Right, I'm just about to place my order for new front discs and pads, I've decided on Brembo High Carbon discs, as they are a cheaper and better alternative than the OE discs (which are often specified as these discs anyway), but after trawling through all the brake posts, I'm still bloody...
  20. F

    Clio Trophy Servicing

    Can anyone give me an idea of what I should be paying for the 10K service on a Trophy? I'm being quoted around the £290 - £300 mark which is more than I exptected. Do I need to get it done at a dealer to keep the warrenty folk happy?
  21. T

    Orbisoud exhaust.

    Hi, Next month I think im getting a bit of a bonus from work so have decided to get an orbisoud exhaust as it is the best you can get for the trophy. Just wondering whether people think that it would be worth a 600 mile round trip just to get it fitted? Or whether getting it posted (not sure...
  22. M

    How do you remove sticker stickyness

    Hey all Just after some advice, I removed the garage sticker from my back window, I hate advertising garages! Using the old hairdryer trick. Its come off cleanly apart from about a 2 inch square bit of glue. Whats the best way to remove this? Its also on the heated rear window. Cheers
  23. C

    Brake pads Again!!

    Its time for some new brake pads. I was going to get some Feroda DS2500's but I'm struggling to find these. Has anyone any experience or opinions on the Mintex Extreme range? I can get these from our local motor factor.I don't intend using the car on track days, I just want some good all round...
  24. W

    Your opinions please

    Firstly as a new member to the forum i'd like to say hi to everybody. Right here it goes... I'm 19 years old living in nottinghamshire, and have loved clios for years. I own a 2004 1.4 dynamique in black, which has been my pride and joy for about a year and a half. Even though I havent...
  25. felix

    Mk2 Clio On Tonights Watchdog!!!!!!

    250 people contacted the show to report bonnet catch failures :shock: saw the show my self and Reno are saying all the cars they have inspected have not had their bonnets secured properly. what do you think? ... 0123.shtml bonnets have been...
  26. bryntech

    Torque steer??

    As I have only owned No. 259 for five days, I'm unsure whether the behaviour I'm experiencing from the car is normal and i just need to get used to it or it is being a little bit naughty..?, I'll try to explain. When accelerating hard in 2nd or 3rd, when engine gets to about 5000rpm and...
  27. Day

    First detail of 2007

    I wasn't planning to do this detail so early on in the year but a friend needed some photos for his new business and I acquired a new camera for Christmas so thought this weekend was a good opportunity as any. The weather forecast looked workable despite a shower on Saturday afternoon that...
  28. mc45

    HELP! advice needed!

    my trophy has started to sort of jerk wen i put my foot down but its not like a wrong gear its more of a stop start jerk like its not fireing properly. A orange light keeps on flashing at me sometimes when this happens. its the exhaust gas monitor light or something? been told it could be water...
  29. artdealer

    Integra Type R DC5

    Here's some pictures of Integra now just awaiting reg doc to come through. Looks good. As for driving, from the same gene pool as the Trophy. ... r_sale.htm Thanks also to Trophy Forum regulars who have sent enquirers for these and Trophys of late...
  30. quik5i1ver

    Alloy Wheel Cleaning

    Decided to try and give my wheels a thorough(ish) clean today. They have brake dust in the corners where the spokes join the rim and the odd stain from what I can only assume is wet brake dust coming from inside the wheel. Anyway, the car was permaguarded before I bought it - do they do the...