1. Mikeyjp

    Mark Fish spring set up

    someone over on CS http://www.cliosport.net/threads/mark-fish-lowering-springs-nearly-new.770858/
  2. O

    Heatshield Products NOW available at Opie Oils

    Opie Oils are pleased to announce the NEW and SCORCHING addition of Heatshield Products to the Opie Oils web site. Heatshield Products have been making the most complete line of products for thermal and acoustical insulation needs since 1985. They pride themselves on the quality and honesty...
  3. T

    Clio Trophy #167. 76k. Immaculate

    It pains me to do this and I know I'll regret it but #167 is going up for sale. Its been a very short romance but a change in work location and a newly acquired diesel daily means its now a 3rd car and prob won't get used. I hope the previous owner doesn't mind me robbing the particulars...
  4. C

    Renaultsport megane r26

    Just putting up the info from my mates advert. I can pass on his mobile number if anyone is interested Well it is time to let go of my pride and joy for the last 4 years. Due to my new job being a 5 minute walk away, owning the Megane R26 is pointless. The car is going through its MOT at the...
  5. Big Dave


    Hi. Im just wondering a few things. On my car I have a set of Mark Fish springs. The car came with them fitted. I also got the standard springs as part of the deal. Without changing them around, can somebody tell me,, Are the MF springs shorter an stiffer than he standard ones.? If so, how...
  6. J

    JAMason's 172.

    I'm new here so thought I would introduce myself. My name is Jack and I have been on a few car forums in my time having owned a number of different cars. Iv been over on CS.net... It's ok for a laugh but it's not really that good for technical help and you can never be on too many forums...
  7. W

    For Sale - Clio Trophy #067 - £4,350

    Renaultsport Clio 182 Trophy 067/500 for sale. Trophy on 15's_14 by Sam_Wick, on Flickr Llandow9 by Sam_Wick, on Flickr The car has been owned by a host of forum members and its ownership history can be traced back on the Trophy register. Most recently it was purchased by me from...
  8. J

    Recaro Sportster CS Custom Lower Seat Mounts

    So I have designed and fabricated lower rails for the recaro sportster cs seats for the mkII clio. They lower the seats 40mm more than standard rails and are a direct replacement. I am now offering these as a Group Buy for the Recaro Sportster CS seats, the cost will be £250 plus £15 p+p. This...
  9. R

    Lowering springs

    Hi all, I am looking to lower my T as it sits far to high at the rear and intern the side skirts do not sit level with the floor. I have my car booked into K-tec for three weeks time so will get them to sort it out but I need to know what are the best springs and how low to go. I would like...
  10. F

    New member/owner!

    Hello everyone! The Evo Diaries video which Harry Metcalf did a few days ago was the last straw.... I've gone for it, and will be picking my first hot clio up this evening :D THe little Trophy will compliment a Series 1 Lotus Elise in the "fleet" and will replace my 1.9 205 GTi..... Assuming I...
  11. Z

    zootys trophy 362

    Hi im zooty, thought i would show you my new car. Im really happy with the car handles so well and is just about fast enough for now. 2005 55 clio 182 trophy number 362/500 toyo t1r tyres rs2 jms carbon intake manifold with piper cross filter mapped at rs tuning vibra tenhics engine mounts...
  12. Sean Jones

    2118's and standard springs?

    I'm looking to buy a set of 2118's as my turini's are shagged. But is it going to look like a moon buggy with the 15" wheels without lowering it? Or will I need lowering springs to avoid the puddle jumper look? Has anyone got a picture with the, on without the car being lowered? Thanks.
  13. T

    Mark Fish Springs

    Hi all, As per title, money waiting.
  14. S

    RS Twingo - H&R coilover question

    Hi guys. I'm contemplating some decent coilovers for my RS Twingo but have a question or two... The Twingo is based on the Mk2 Clio platform, with the rear beam axle having the usual clio style seperate springs and dampers. Front suspension is set to similar angles as the Trophy and shares...
  15. S

    Damper choice

    My T is on Cup dampers and crappy lowering springs and I'm considering what's the best plan. I don't think the price of new Sachs will ever be reflected in the car's value, so what's the general consensus - fit a decent set of coilovers, or leave it on the Cup dampers but swap the crappy...
  16. S

    Clio Trophy

    Clio Trophy, No 321 Time has come to sell my Trophy which I only bought 3 months ago but we are now expecting our second child in February so looking for something a little bigger! Full Renault service history as follows; 13,020 - 10/11/06 29,852 - 25/6/07 45,655 - 4/1/08 53,447 - 23/9/08...
  17. P

    RS2 news

    does anyone have any more news on the JMS RS2, i have one fitted, are people still having problems mine's only putting out 180bhp instead off the 190ish promised, spoke to an rs tuner and he said he could have got 180 with a remap which is exactly what he did with his brothers car and it was...
  18. D

    Insurance declarations

    It's approaching insurance renewal time so I thought I'd start an honesty thread. If I was being up front about modifications to the T I'd declare: - Filter upgrade (ITG panel) - Suspension upgrade without lowering (Koni rear dampers) - Brake upgrade (Ferodo/Brembo) - Exhaust upgrade...
  19. Claude

    Insurance declarations

    It's approaching insurance renewal time so I thought I'd start an honesty thread. If I was being up front about modifications to the T I'd declare: - Filter upgrade (ITG panel) - Suspension upgrade without lowering (Koni rear dampers) - Brake upgrade (Ferodo/Brembo) - Exhaust upgrade...
  20. A

    Trophy -25/500 For Sale £5750

    Bought this brilliant car earlier in the year with the intention of doing a few hill climbs sprints (see my posts on here in spring about damper rates etc) - but apart from a couple of outings it hasn't been used much so unfortunately it must go. Getting valet done at the weekend so will have...
  21. C

    old rides? post here :)

    ill start..... my white 3 door after some tw4t nicked a bus at 2am, this was the aftermath: the keen eye will also notice the 16v clio too, taken in part ex for the ERST i had before this. next up: wish i never sold it, and then this: and then: and then a pimp wagon lol: then...
  22. A

    Best set up with Trophy dampers for my 182

    Hi, I have owned a Cup packed 182 for over 4 years now, determined to keep it as long as possible. Always kind of wished for the Trophy set up so I have just invested in a full set of Trophy dampers. I was wondering what you guys could recommend to get the set up correct. Lots of advice already...
  23. P

    July/August issue of Performance French cars Magazine

    July/August issue of Performance French cars Magazine very well received Performance French Cars July/August issue is out now in WHSmiths high street. You can subscribe online for £2.33/issue And that’s £20/year. Feedback on this latest issue has been first class from both...
  24. S

    Lowering Drivers Seat

    Has anyone managed to lower their drivers seat. It ok on the road but far too high on track, hmmmmm buckets time?
  25. trophy427

    lowering a trophy

    I want to lower my trophy not conpletly slamed but just a bit lower wats the best springs to buy and where to get them from?
  26. G

    Clio Trophy - No. 25 - Fantastic Condition, low mileage

    Hi all, My partner has opted for self employment and as I have not used my car since September, I am looking to sell my Trophy to cover the everyday bills. As you will see below, the car has never gone short. I am in two minds about selling it and will be genuinely sad to see it go. Car &...
  27. MarcB

    182 Trophy Suspension

    One of the coil springs has broken at the front of the 182 Trophy and i was punching my head with what i was going to do as the OE Renault ones are £150 a spring. Just called Mark Fish and ordered a full spring kit for the 182 Trophy. Has anyone got this spring kit on there car and if so what...
  28. S

    suspension setup

    I have an issue with my trophy's suspension set up. I adore the sash dampers they are very well build and have a good amount of adjustability but are lacking adjustable spring seat platforms. I feel when the car is on track it needs to be lower at the front and the back but mostly the back. My...
  29. G

    #025 For Sale - Low Mileage - Do not miss out

    Hi all, I’m currently going through redundancy at work and as a result, I am looking to sell my Trophy to get something cheaper and more practical. As you will see below, the car has never gone short. I am in two minds about selling it and will be genuinely sad to see it go. Car & Service...
  30. S

    You lot really need to join Cliosport!

    Whilst i'm aware that some of you perhaps think that the Cliosport forum is a bit 'childish', 'chavvy' or simply below you as a Trophy owner ... having read some of the threads on here since i've had mine, i have been constantly amazed by the lack of knowledge that 85% of this forums users...