1. T

    Replacement Strut Top Mounts

    Hi Guy/Girls Has anyone replaced there strut top mounts with part number 543A09780R and if so did it all go together ok with no running problems etc. I've had my Trophy since since new so I know those I have removed are original and can see that the uppermost rubber item (7700426450B) (visible...
  2. T

    John Deere kids Gator ride on electric truck

    John deere kids gator suitable for 3-8 year olds. 12v battery drive, 2 speeds plus reverse, single pedal control, push to go-release to brake. Adjustable seats. This does have some scratches and scrapes but otherwise is in excellent condition. Brand new wheels and tailgate just fitted. Comes...
  3. J

    Trophy #475 For Sale

    First off, apologies that this is my first ever post on here! I've done a lot of reading of the forums, but never had anything useful to say! The sad time has come to sell my Clio Trophy. It’s a beautiful car that never fails to put a smile on my face when I take it out for a drive at weekends...
  4. MarcB

    Rear Damper Problems (group buy)

    Right I have just spent over 40mins on the phone and spoke to Mark @mark fish Motorsport. He is happy to do a group buy for the rear Koni dampers providing there is enought people. The dampers are standard rear Koni adjustables and they are sold at £100.vat Each + shipping. renault OE Sachs...
  5. X

    Clio Trophy Rear Shocks

    Hi All, I'm in need of some rear shocks for my trophy, everywhere I ring they are on back order or have no ETA, Renault are useless and keep giving me normal 172/182 parts... my local dealers aren't any better. But my options seem to be MF revalved Koni's, standard Koni's or still try seek the...
  6. M

    Refreshing rear suspension

    Hi - probably a dumb question, but if I want to get #478 feeling as "new" as I can, and i'm already all-in for a BG damper refurb, assume it makes sense to do the rears as well. Original sachs rears seem to be £105 as well - questions are: - Just the shocks, or make sense for Springs as well...
  7. M

    BG Damper Rebuild - compression adjuster upgrade. Worth it?

    Hi - my dampers due to go in at BG on October 31st. Getting the struts power coated too. It's expensive enough already (and have been happily buying other bits for my new car without keeping an eye on what i'm spending!) - and adds another £170 to the bill. Has anyone done this, and if you...
  8. R

    Koni adjustable shocks, eibach springs look after your Sachs dampers through winter See the link, you may be able to use these to prevent your fancy Sachs dampers getting too corroded through the winter months...
  9. Big Dave

    Koni rear shocks.?

    Hi, Can anybody tell me, Are the koni adj rear shocks that people fit, better than the standard Sachs.? Im not after a harder ride, just a bit more compliant , Do the konis adjust to a softer setting than the Sachs.? Ta Dave W.
  10. Big Dave


    Hi. Im just wondering a few things. On my car I have a set of Mark Fish springs. The car came with them fitted. I also got the standard springs as part of the deal. Without changing them around, can somebody tell me,, Are the MF springs shorter an stiffer than he standard ones.? If so, how...
  11. Big Dave

    Steering wheel spacing.?

    Im wondering if this is possible. I have a T with a standard steering wheel. As im tall,, 6ft5" with long legs, and sit a fair way back in the car, I need the wheel spaced out from the dash. I realise the steering wheel is adjustable for rake, up and down, but not for distance, in or out. Has...
  12. P

    No.464 upgrades

    Hi, this is what i currently run with some thoughts on changes; JMS RS2 with upgraded engine mounts ( probably replace with standard and get updated map ) upgraded dogbone and gearbox mounts. fully polybushed all round. whiteline rear arb. standard suspension all round with refurbed front sachs...
  13. D

    Sach suspension question

    Ok on the front suspension there's a red dial you can twist what is this for?
  14. M

    083 For Sale!

    The time has come to sell my Trophy :/ 083 is perfect, always enthusiast owned and the history can be seen on the list section on here! Its easier for me to copy and paste the advert i've written up for other sites so here goes... Here we have my 2005 Renaultsport Clio Trophy up for sale. I...
  15. S

    Koni Rear Damper Settings

    Hi there everyone, im the new owner of Trophy 309. Been driving it for less than a day and i really cant understand why ive not bought one before, amazing! However it has adjustable rear dampers and ive been told by the guy that there on full hardness however after driving ive noticed that the...
  16. J

    Renault Clio Trophy

    Reluctantly I am putting my Clio Trophy up for sale:( Currently on 95,000 miles, It is very well maintained with full service history and has had timing belt replaced at the correct interval. The wheels have been refurbished and fitted Michelin PS3's all round, Brembo HC front discs and Renault...
  17. P

    Full Post - Clio 182 Trophy For Sale #499/500, 47K ml, immaculate condition - Warwick

    £6750ono 47000 miles. Tax expires – 31/08/14 12 Months M.O.T. Full Service History A chance to get hold of a prime top example of one of best drivers and if not the best hot hatch of all time. Evo magizines 7th best drivers car of all time beating plenty of mighty metal and deservedly so...
  18. P

    Clio 182 Trophy For Sale - #499/500, 47K ml, immaculate condition - Location Warwick

    £6750ono<br> <br> 47000 miles.<br> Tax expires – 31/08/14<br> 12 Months M.O.T.<br> Full Service History<br> <br> A chance to get hold of a prime top example of one of best drivers and if not the best hot hatch of all time. <br> <br> Evo magizines 7th best drivers car of all time beating...
  19. P

    Clio 182 Trophy For Sale - #449/500, 47K ml, immaculate condition - Location Warwick

    £6750ono 47000 miles. Tax expires – 31/08/14 12 Months M.O.T. Full Service History A chance to get hold of a prime top example of one of best drivers and if not the best hot hatch of all time. Evo magizines 7th best drivers car of all time beating plenty of mighty metal and...
  20. S

    New member with rear shock question

    Hi all new member here to the Trophy world after picking up number 393 yesturday but I come with a question for you more knowledgeable folks. One of my rear shocks is leaking and its unsettling the car. Ive spoken with Renault who said the last pair showing on their system has gone and now none...
  21. M

    Clio trackday car

    Hi I've been looking for a trackday car,I fancy a clio 172 cup with a roll cage and nice suspension,looking at 2-3k cheers marc
  22. Johnny E

    For Sale: Koni Rear Adjustable Shocks

    Link to Cliosport
  23. J

    For Sale: Trophy number 475

    For Sale: Clio Tophy No. 475 62,500 miles (still rising as used as daily driver). 9 months MOT & TAX. Loads of History from new including the cambelt and pulleys not long before i bought the car. I am the second owner of the car. Recent new: rear discs (new bearings), pads and 2 x Pilot sport...
  24. D

    For Sale: My Trophy No. 493

    I think the time has come to sell my car after 4 years of ownership. I fancy a change now and dare I say it probably something diesel. Once I get round to getting it out the garage and taking some photos I will post them up but at the moment just gauging interest really. It has full service...
  25. J

    Recaro Sportster CS Custom Lower Seat Mounts

    So I have designed and fabricated lower rails for the recaro sportster cs seats for the mkII clio. They lower the seats 40mm more than standard rails and are a direct replacement. I am now offering these as a Group Buy for the Recaro Sportster CS seats, the cost will be £250 plus £15 p+p. This...
  26. K

    Clio Trophy 78k Great Condition

    Well first of all my reason for sale is an Integra Type R has come up in Aberdeen well priced and in my favourite colour, i have always wanted one so this is why i'm listing this cracking hot hatch! The car has full service history, including receipts of a timing belt change on 31.8.10...
  27. Claude

    Wheel Spacers

    I'm thinking about getting some spacers and was wondering, has anyone else has tried them on a Trophy, and if so, how did you get on? I'm currently running 1.5 degrees of negative camber at the front, standard Sachs (still pinned), Eibach Sportline springs (although I'll hopefully be trying out...
  28. S

    Trophy 108 For Sale - 54k miles, Superbly Maintained

    Clio 182 Trophy No. 108 After 4 years of ownership I am reluctantly selling my much loved Trophy. It has received nothing but the best treatment in its life, and is a truly superb example of the car. I have had to purchase a smart fortwo to get me around the streets of London, and the Clio...
  29. T

    Suspension Woes - Any help hugely appreciated!

    Put the Trophy in for its annual service/MOT and it turns out BOTH front springs are broken and a rear damper is leaking. Car had basically sat for 6 months straight beforehand so I am surprised. Front dampers are fine with no leaks (they were refurbed last August). My questions to you good...
  30. B

    Trophy 181 for sale

    For sale here is Clio Trophy #181 of 500 , the car was first registered in 2005 and is on a 55 plate, it has currently done approx 95k miles. Car was bought only a few months ago as a weekend car/run about and has seen very little use, I’ve probably only done around 1k miles in it, in fact it...