1. Feirny

    2004 Skoda Fabia vRS £3200

    2004 (54) Skoda Fabia vRS in Corrida Red.1.9TDi PD130 130bhp/229lbs-ft Currently sitting on 114,400 miles, and will not increase. Car is currently SORN'd. MOT until 16/11/2013 HPI Clear I have owned this car since the end of January 2013, and covered approximately 3000miles since. I bought...
  2. W

    Trophy on 15's and Cooksports

    At the request of a few people I've taken a few pictures to illustrate the height of 15" F1's with Cooksports. Wheels are 7J ET38 iirc. Tyres, 195/50/15. No spacers. Shoddy effort with the camera. Parked. Took Photos. Went home. Too windy. No tripod. Trophy on 15's_09 by Sam_Wick, on Flickr...
  3. MarcB

    RS Vs RS

    Alot of people have prob seen these over on cliosport.net but thought i would post them for the users on this forum also. ​
  4. P

    Trophy 115 for sale - only 43,500 miles

    I'm very reluctantly selling my Trophy. It is in exceptional condition, with only 43,500 miles and a full service history. I bought it 2 and a half years ago with the original tyres on the rear wheels and they still haven't (quite) worn out - that's how gently the car has been driven. The front...
  5. T

    Clio Trophy For Sale - £3750

    For sale is my 2005 Renault Sport Clio 182 Trophy, Number 441/500. After owning numerous RenaultSports in the past, I thought it was time I finally owned a “Trophy”. Due to a change in circumstances and a significant increase in my annual mileage, it is with regret, my Trophy is for sale. The...
  6. B

    Trophy 181 for sale

    For sale here is Clio Trophy #181 of 500 , the car was first registered in 2005 and is on a 55 plate, it has currently done approx 95k miles. Car was bought only a few months ago as a weekend car/run about and has seen very little use, I’ve probably only done around 1k miles in it, in fact it...
  7. C

    Anyone in Glasgow area with a spare set of wheels I could borrow?

    As above. Need them so I can have my wheels refurbed:) The car is in my personal garage at the moment so no worries about damage to the wheels or wear to the tyres as its not being used at the moment. I can pick up
  8. H

    Trophy for End of August - September

    I will be buying a Trophy toward the end of August to the Beginning of September. I am located in the South East and my budget is Around £3500. If anyone is looking to sell for around this price at that time please mail me and ill get back to you. Thank you.
  9. power ranger

    Clio Trophy #62 track wheels fitted

    Brought some Oz Racing F1's alloys for the Trophy to use as track wheels. They was in a right state so refurbed them myself and got a mate to paint them. The colour is darker than I anticpated but turned out not a bad match to Capscuim Red. So with Bedford track day coming up had some Yokohama...
  10. Claude

    Best value no-compromise road tyres?

    Which tyres offer the best value & performance in 205/45/16? I only use the T for weekend fun so road noise & wet weather capabilities are of no concern, I just want great performance & value for money. Of course, they have to be road legal too! Suggestions & recommendations most appreciated.
  11. Mikeyjp

    Fitted new speedlines

    sooooo, i have fitted a new set of speedlines and tyres, alloys are exactly the same spec as the ones i took off.. but, something just dont feel right, its more at speed i notice it, the steering seems too accurate? if that makes sense?? feels like i turn a bit and turns alot, worth having the...
  12. P

    Some updates on my Trophy

    Well I've had the car quite a while now and I'm really enjoying it. Anyway I've spent a few quid on the car lately sorting out some bits and bobs that were bothering me. The new additions include: Miltek catback Eibach Sportlines and camber bolts Heko wind deflectors Also a few months back now...
  13. F

    Best Value Trophy - Truly fantastic condition and running perfectly !

    I’m selling my Clio Trophy, number 320. This must be the best value Trophy you can get ! You'll notice I've a previous advert in the forum but have now set the price to sell at £3,500 ...
  14. F

    Excellent trophy priced to sell at £4,300.

    I’m selling number 320. Edinburgh, near the airport and happy to pick you up. Excellent condition, paintwork excellent and interior spotless. I planned to keep it and looked for a very good one without worrying about mileage. Over the last few months I have started the process of refreshing...
  15. W

    FOR SALE number 302 £4700

    Well sadly it's time to let her go as I need a 4 door car. I don't want to sell, but no choice. Such an awesome and fun car to drive always makes me smile. I had a 182 before this then moved up to the trophy and never been a dull moment NUMBER 302/500 No money has been spared on this car with...
  16. W

    New Trophy owner, several questions!

    Hello, I've bought a trophy and I love it lots, but there's a couple of niggles: 1) I feel the car is slightly down on power, the car has an incomplete service history and i'm told the cambelt was changed by the previous owner, it's suggested that I get the timing checked, does anyone know how...
  17. S

    Glacier White 197 - Recaros, Cup Pack and more (Part Ex Trophy?)

    Looking for a good Trophy, so for sale is my Clio 197, details below.... 2008 - 197FF - Cup Pack (Shocks, Springs, Red Brembos etc) Black Speedline alloys with 4 good PZero tyres. Electric folding mirrors, sunglasses holder, Renault Tune point Glacier White Recaros - Re-trimmed on...
  18. Sean Jones

    Tyre sizes

    Can you fit 195 tyres to the trophy turini's? I've heard you can but never seen anyone with them fitted.
  19. power ranger

    15" Track rubber

    I've managed to source Yoki 195/50R15 for £62.30+ each, now I believe this to be a good price is there any others I brands I should consider before shelling out?
  20. sj2112

    Wanted - Trophy Turinis

    Hello guys I am after 4 trophy turinis, with or without tyres. let me know ;) cheers stef
  21. J

    French Car Show Website LIVE Tickets on sale now

    Saturday 27th July 8-5pm Sunday chill day 9-1pm Tickets £15 for show day which gives entry to chill day FREE Its 3 months to Adrian Flux French Car Show in association with LASSA tyres and we have this afternoon launched our all new 2013 website. This year we have also introduced camping but...
  22. P

    15" Oz F1 wheels and winter tyres

    got these for the clio after suffering 2 winters with poor grip on the michelins. 4x 15" pirelli snow control tyres and genuine Oz F1 wheels. the tyres give increased grip over the michelins in anything below 8 degrees. in retrospect, well worth the investment to get better grip over winter...
  23. Olliev8

    Trophy 216 for sale

    Full details will be added tomorrow, but for sale at £4,500. located near Reading. cheers Ollie.
  24. Kangoosport

    Still looking but have a few options

    Hi All I am trying to become a proper member by getting hold of a Trophy and Ive got a few options. There is one with 68k for £3800 timing belt done at 48k and another with less miles 40k for £5500.. Which would you go for if condition is not much different.. Not seen either but looking for...
  25. M

    Trophy 131 for sale 39500mls

    131 is up for sale 39500 miles full service + belts MINTY I bought 131 a year ago at 34000miles, since then i have returned the car to as new a condition as i could. interior is Mint, apart from one stone chip on bonnet the exterior is Mint. Always garaged and pampered!! serviced at MarkFish...
  26. S

    TRADE SALE CLIO TROPHY- Ideal track car-

    I have a Clio trophy on PX- This car has a LONG SOLID service history inc suspension refurb @ BG motorsport Cambelt service also done & Stamped in 2010- Only 60k- Has desirable TPHY Number plate Has YOZZAsport exhaust & the car is generally in excellent condition. long TAX + MOT I will...
  27. E

    Trophy 365 For Sale - £5,000

    Hi Everyone Well time to sell my lovely Trophy. Due to family expanding due to children and depleting due to ex leaving me I can no longer afford to run her. I have owned her since December 2010 and have only put a 10K miles on her. Current milage 70,300, 3 Owners from new (a lot of history...
  28. MarcB

    Trophy Upgrades

    Well i managed to get my yozza sitting perfect which is a bonus and i then thought about changing the exhaust brackets for power flex ones (home made of course) I then upgraded my door handles from standard ones to carbon ones to match the rest of the dash. Here are all the pictures in order...
  29. Sean Jones

    55 tyres?

    I've been looking at winter tyres for next year already seeing as it makes up about 9 months of the year these days! Has anyone put on 55 tyres instead of the recommended 45's? Not only are they cheaper in the 55 size but they will also give better traction in the snow and also a bit more ground...
  30. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp's Clio 182, #037, Trophy Progress thread

    Hello Will update this thread as go along :cool: To Do List: Fit new front bumper Remove induction kit Refit OEM box with up rated panel filter Reomve current parcel shelf with 6x9's in it Fit new parcel shelf Remove Amp Remove Sub Get stone chips sorted Get Wheels refurbed Fit Stainless...