1. MarcB

    The New Wheels

    Well my genuine Trophy Speediness are now in a bad way. One has a slight buckle in it, the other has a rather large chunk out the wheel and the lacquer is badly coming off them. I have spoke to a few people to try and buy 2 genuine OE trophy wheels but I'm looking for the older style and not...
  2. N

    Trophy No: 140 36k miles

    This pains me, but a recent divorce and a new house purchase necessitates it; I've owned two of these and it'll be sorely missed. This is a very special example: 36,000 miles 1 previous, retired owner to 2012 and 18k miles Full service history with no expense spared MOT until end November...
  3. C

    How much are trophy turinis worth?

    Got a set of 4 I would look at selling in a few weeks! 1 is damaged but still true and not cracked, but I wouldn't probably sell individually! How much are they worth individually? Would need a refurb
  4. T

    Clio Trophy #167. 76k. Immaculate

    It pains me to do this and I know I'll regret it but #167 is going up for sale. Its been a very short romance but a change in work location and a newly acquired diesel daily means its now a 3rd car and prob won't get used. I hope the previous owner doesn't mind me robbing the particulars...
  5. G

    soft brake peddle

    Can anyone help. With the car running normally but stationary should it be fairly easy to push the brake peddle to the floor. On a damp road (in safe circumstances) doing 50 - 60 mph I can hit the floor without triggering the ABS. The car stops pretty well but I feel this is not as good as it...
  6. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy found on ebay...

    Trophy found on ebay, up for bargain price: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/renault-clio-182-trophy-/311293338566?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item487a8763c6
  7. J


    Hi, What is the latest on Tyres! What do people like and what are proving to be good? Thanks! jsthomson
  8. C

    Renaultsport megane r26

    Just putting up the info from my mates advert. I can pass on his mobile number if anyone is interested Well it is time to let go of my pride and joy for the last 4 years. Due to my new job being a 5 minute walk away, owning the Megane R26 is pointless. The car is going through its MOT at the...
  9. D


    Thinking of ordering these ? http://www.camskill.co.uk/m62b0s344p111616/Uniroyal_Tyres_Car_Uniroyal_RainSport3_Uniroyal_Rain_Sport_3_-_205_45_R16_83V_FR_TL_Fuel_Eff_:_E_Wet_Grip:_A_NoiseClass:_2_Noise:_71dB Are they the right ones
  10. M

    Humming/droning sound - don't think wheel bearings

    Hi, I have an annoying low droning sound that seems to be coming from the rear of the car. It is linked to roadspeed not engine speed, and raises in pitch with speed, but then beyond 40mph seems to stay at the same level. Everything you read about suggests rear wheel bearings, but there is...
  11. S

    Tyre Sizes

    Hi there. I recently bought #091 (Yeah I've read all the history but she's in good shape), and I'm shopping for tyres to fit the stock alloys. Can anyone tell me whether a 215/45/16 will work on them? I have done a bit of research and it seems to be fine but would be grateful if anyone has...
  12. A

    renault clio cup 172 hill climb, sprint track msa log booked

    Here we have my Renault Clio hill climber that ive used for the past 3 years with great success. This car has been developed throughout my ownership to be a competitive car and the quickest Clio in class winning both my class and overall championship in 2013. Throughout 2014 ive spent time...
  13. G

    Trophy 125 for sale. Excellent Condition. £5,490

    No 125. Must be one of the nicest condition Trophies out there. Car has been properly maintained and all parts replaced as and when required. I have loads of receipts to prove this. Car has a fresh MOT. Work carried out at the MOT included new front discs and pads and new rear callipers...
  14. T

    15 " track wheels

    Anyone got any 15" wheels to sell. I need a set for track tyres to go on. If not. Where can I get some.. Thanks
  15. heckler

    For Sale: #167 @ £5200

    Since I withdrew from sale in 2011 (previous thread here with further details), #167 has done another 10K quick and reliable miles. Still puts a smile on my face with every drive and I hope it goes to a good home. Selling because we now have 2 other cars and the Trophy is not getting used...
  16. M

    Team Dynamics Pro Race 2 with Federal 595 RS Tyres 5mm

    Hi All, I'm looking to sell my set of Team Dynamics Pro Race 2's. They come with Federal 595 RS tyres. The tyres have done 1 trackdays so the tread is 'scrubbed' but they have approx 5mm of tread remaining. The wheels are in good condition. There is a slight kerb mark to one of them but this...
  17. R

    Low Mileage Clio Trophy for sale - 36k

    This is a very low mileage and very well cared for enthusiast owned car. I've owned it since October 2012. In my ownership I've had the below maintenance performed; - Timing & auxiliary belts changed replaced - New original Renaultsport splitter replaced - Trophy Sachs dampers refurbished...
  18. P

    No.464 upgrades

    Hi, this is what i currently run with some thoughts on changes; JMS RS2 with upgraded engine mounts ( probably replace with standard and get updated map ) upgraded dogbone and gearbox mounts. fully polybushed all round. whiteline rear arb. standard suspension all round with refurbed front sachs...
  19. R

    Trophy buying info

    Hi all, been looking at getting a second car, and a Trophy has always been on the list...:) Have saw one and put a deposit down, but as it's so far away haven't been able to inspect it. There's no info about whether the dampers have any attention, so I'm assuming they won't have had a...
  20. J

    Trophy 259 For Sale

    I am considering selling 259 due to a change in circumstances. I have only driven 200 miles in Trophy in the last 8 months, 150 of those miles last weekend. I originally bought the Trophy due to the requirement of needing a fast but economical car. Now it is proven that I don't need the...
  21. D

    For sale 445/500

    With deep sorrow the time has come to sell my much loved Trophy as I am now in need of a 5 door car as we are expecting a new arrival in the family. The car has been very well maintained and drives absolutely superbly. I have owned the Trophy for 5 and a half years and have not had a single...
  22. T

    Recaro's and Trophy Speedline's wanted

    I am returning 299 to standard as I've now started my own business and am going full time with Stealthsport. We are a Renaultsport specialist based in Basingstoke in Hampshire. www.stealthsport.co.uk
  23. T

    Wanted 182 track wheels

    I need a set of track wheels for my 182. Anyone got any?
  24. S

    Koni Rear Damper Settings

    Hi there everyone, im the new owner of Trophy 309. Been driving it for less than a day and i really cant understand why ive not bought one before, amazing! However it has adjustable rear dampers and ive been told by the guy that there on full hardness however after driving ive noticed that the...
  25. Badgerman85

    Tyre Bargain!

    Anyone used http://www.tyre-universe.co.uk Just got 4 PS3's in 205/45/16 87W XL Delivered for £331, £82 a corner, even if you have to pay £10 a corner to get them fitted that's £92 a corner which is around £20 a corner cheaper than the cheapest fitted quotes I got! All their tyres seem to be...
  26. J

    JAMason's 172.

    I'm new here so thought I would introduce myself. My name is Jack and I have been on a few car forums in my time having owned a number of different cars. Iv been over on CS.net... It's ok for a laugh but it's not really that good for technical help and you can never be on too many forums...
  27. M3 Y RT

    2002/52 Ph1 Clio V6 230 £9250ono will take a Trophy in px.

    Just passed its mot today and will have 6 months tax on from Tuesday. The only reasons for sale are I want a T5 Transporter for towing my race car and I just don't have the time to give it the TLC it deserves and I would normally lavish on one of my cars. The plan was always for it to be kept...
  28. B

    Clio 172-182 wheels for sale

    Hi hope I'm in the right place. I have for sale a set of 172/182 alloys in fair condition. 1.9 mm tread depth all round. But front need replacing as building on side. I'm looking at sensible offers. And I'm based in Exeter Thanks for looking
  29. T

    Renault Clio 182 Trophy for sale £4,295 West Yorkshire

    Hi, I'm selling my Clio Trophy as I'm 6 months pregnant and need something with 5 doors. Here are the details: 72,000 miles full service history serviced May 2014 MOT til May 2015 - no advisories Tax til end of July 2014 front dampers were replaced by cup items by previous owner...
  30. steve f

    Trophy turinis

    After a set of trophy offset turinis must be mint ! Prefer without tyres. please get in touch