1. T

    John Deere kids Gator ride on electric truck

    John deere kids gator suitable for 3-8 year olds. 12v battery drive, 2 speeds plus reverse, single pedal control, push to go-release to brake. Adjustable seats. This does have some scratches and scrapes but otherwise is in excellent condition. Brand new wheels and tailgate just fitted. Comes...
  2. O

    Heatshield Products NOW available at Opie Oils

    Opie Oils are pleased to announce the NEW and SCORCHING addition of Heatshield Products to the Opie Oils web site. Heatshield Products have been making the most complete line of products for thermal and acoustical insulation needs since 1985. They pride themselves on the quality and honesty...
  3. R

    150 - new owner

    Recently bought myself number 150 after many months of looking. I've only ever owned Clios in my life and I'm still not fed up of them yet. especially as the trophy is possibly the best hot hatch ever made. This one had 1 previous owner - a member of Mcbusted... but never mind that because my...
  4. B

    Trophy engine failed / died / cam belt slipped

    Well what an eventful few days it's been, the T had an oil top up at Eurocarparts and slow drive back to my work and - BANG the car sounded like it had a terminal failure. Just about ran, heavy knocking from the top end under load, almost failed to start, AA guy guessed cam shaft fail, then...
  5. eljeffo64

    New Toy

    New addition to the garage - now I have 3 non daily drive cars 1960 TR3 (birthday present for the Mrs)
  6. J

    Trophy #475 For Sale

    First off, apologies that this is my first ever post on here! I've done a lot of reading of the forums, but never had anything useful to say! The sad time has come to sell my Clio Trophy. It’s a beautiful car that never fails to put a smile on my face when I take it out for a drive at weekends...
  7. Miller

    Cams ...

    Hi im thinking of getting all the belts and pulleys done very soon but also thinkin about uprating the cams while im doing everything else. So just want to know which ones, where and general advice Cheers Miller #116 :cool:
  8. MarcB

    Rear Damper Problems (group buy)

    Right I have just spent over 40mins on the phone and spoke to Mark @mark fish Motorsport. He is happy to do a group buy for the rear Koni dampers providing there is enought people. The dampers are standard rear Koni adjustables and they are sold at £100.vat Each + shipping. renault OE Sachs...
  9. R

    Supercharged T for sale - maybe

    As per title - Depending on interest and offers I will be putting my supercharged trophy up for sale. Have owned the car for past 5 years, spent over 10k and am now considering selling it to help with deposit on house. Car is immaculate, covered just 27K miles, is running 275Bhp with Driftbox...
  10. C

    New Trophy Owner! Help!

    Hi all, I've just purchased a 182 Trophy (No.382) today, rather a nice upgrade from my Fiat Seicento Sporting! It needs some work doing to make it perfect but it's brilliant to drive all the same :D However the battery light is on, as is the STOP light. At high revs this goes out so I believe...
  11. Big Dave

    Agreed Values for Trophy,s. ??

    The other thread currently running about the stolen car has got me thinking. How easy is it to get your insurance co to put an agreed value on the car.? I had one on Porsche 968 I owned, but that was on "classic" limited mileage policy..
  12. R

    Hello Clio Trophy Members

    Hello members please guide my how was your experience about clio trophy, because soon i am the owner of clio trophy.
  13. Stevie

    Altrincham / M56 - Yesterday approx 8.30am

    I went past you and gave me a wave. Are you on here? Your car looked nice and clean!
  14. Gambit

    Project #126

    Hi Guys, Picked up #126 just the other week. Previously owned a 172 PH2 in Oz before with mild mods, and now that i'm in the UK thought i'd go back to where it all started. Always wanted a Trophy and now the dream has been realised. As far as modifications previous owner installed a...
  15. M

    Refreshing rear suspension

    Hi - probably a dumb question, but if I want to get #478 feeling as "new" as I can, and i'm already all-in for a BG damper refurb, assume it makes sense to do the rears as well. Original sachs rears seem to be £105 as well - questions are: - Just the shocks, or make sense for Springs as well...
  16. A

    renault clio cup 172 hill climb, sprint track msa log booked

    Here we have my Renault Clio hill climber that ive used for the past 3 years with great success. This car has been developed throughout my ownership to be a competitive car and the quickest Clio in class winning both my class and overall championship in 2013. Throughout 2014 ive spent time...
  17. Radioegg

    BMW M6 to Clio 182 Trophy - some practical questions

    It might seem like a bit of an odd swap (long story), but I'm on the cusp of selling my 08' M6 and looking at some alternatives. I nearly bought the original 172 but got a MINI instead, and have always had a hankering for a RenaultSport Clio. But got some boring questions as the M6 wasn't the...
  18. J

    Black Gold 182 (Trophy Spec)

    Hi all, Some of you the forum will know me already, although I've been quiet for a couple years. I've owned my Black Gold 182 since Oct 07, so I've had it for nearly 7 years. The car has been absolutely fantastic in this time, however due to me recently purchasing an E46 M3, I cannot justify...
  19. D

    Clio 182 Trophy No. 351 £3350

    Up for sale is Clio 182 Trophy number 351 of 500. Go through the basics of the car first: 95,800 miles, Mot until August 5th 2015, Tax until November 31st 2014 Two owners from new, last owner had it from new until last year. Full service History, all up to date and with Renault and...
  20. Big Dave


    Hi. Im just wondering a few things. On my car I have a set of Mark Fish springs. The car came with them fitted. I also got the standard springs as part of the deal. Without changing them around, can somebody tell me,, Are the MF springs shorter an stiffer than he standard ones.? If so, how...
  21. E

    Early Trophy for sale

  22. tholman

    Clio Trophy #192 for Sale

    It is finally time to say goodbye to my Clio, need to make room for a new arrival (Lotus Elise:up:). I'm sure there is a good home for my Clio out there. Car has full service history from Renault dealer all up to date, recently replaced gearbox has only done 400 miles, 12 months MOT all fine...
  23. heckler

    For Sale: #167 @ £5200

    Since I withdrew from sale in 2011 (previous thread here with further details), #167 has done another 10K quick and reliable miles. Still puts a smile on my face with every drive and I hope it goes to a good home. Selling because we now have 2 other cars and the Trophy is not getting used...
  24. Mikeyjp

    10 years coming up

    so next year will be the big 10! must be worth organizing some sort of meet? maybe at another car show, something like Origine RS or prescothill climb, basicly one of less chavy shows :D
  25. P

    Diff bearings gone at 66.5k miles

    Just been to Mark Fish to investigate a noise i had on the car. Turns out it was worn diff bearings. Cue engine and gearbox out, suspension off exhaust off. rebuild diff and gearbox. new clutch, new belts and pulleys etc. im gonna be brassic this month. any spare change?
  26. clioalbania

    rear door panel removal

    hello i'm having difficulties with the rear door panel removal. i tried to remove it because of a malfunction of the automatic opening (vacuum or electrical) i unscrew all the screws but something is fixing it, maybe it is glued or it has some additional plastic clips since i dont want to...
  27. P

    Anyone still running JMS RS2?

    Hi after a period of doing nothing to my Trophy and it not getting use due to me setting up a car showroom i was wondering if anyone is still running this mod? I still have mine. Has there been any further work done on these, i do love the torquey nature and the noise although it's very harsh...
  28. F

    2006 Forester STi

    Not needing a big car anymore and having found a car that I fancy I am advertising my Forester STi for sale. Summary: 2006 (06 plate) Subaru Forester STi WR Blue 60,500 miles FSH MOT: December 2014 Tax: end of January 2015 £12,500 During the 5 years I've owned this car it has never let me down...
  29. J

    Trophy 259 For Sale

    I am considering selling 259 due to a change in circumstances. I have only driven 200 miles in Trophy in the last 8 months, 150 of those miles last weekend. I originally bought the Trophy due to the requirement of needing a fast but economical car. Now it is proven that I don't need the...
  30. D

    Engine noise

    I got hold of a trophy at a reasonable price. I knew it needed work. One of the things it came to my attention is the sound the engine is making. Here is a quick video. 182 trophy engine grind: I got a receipt for the dephaser and Pully. If the engines gubbed I...