1. IRK

    Trophy 196/500 For Sale

    With much regret, I am listing Trophy #196 for sale. I have owned the car for a relatively short time, but a job opportunity in the big city means it's neither practical nor affordable to keep it and take it with me. 82,800 Miles Full Service History (Receipts/Invoices or Stamps Present) 2 x...
  2. G

    Trophy for sale in Swansea

    Hello Has anyone viewed this Trophy (or know it). Its a long trek for me, but interested. Anyone know it or can offer any feedback? Thanks in advance.
  3. N

    Trophy Turinis

    1 Original Trophy Speedline Turini with Michelin Pe2 tyre, both never been used and as new. 1 Trophy Speedline Turini sourced from Renault with the correct ET offset, still boxed and brand new. (has raised markings) Collection preferred or you arrange courier arrangements. £275 the pair
  4. T

    Genuine Trophy / V6 Spoiler + Boot Struts

    Genuine Trophy Spoiler for sale, comes in Capsicum Red. £220 delivered. The spoiler has a slight bit of paint damage, where the spoiler has been hitting the roof; due to the previous owner using incorrect boot struts. However I will include my genuine Trophy / V6 boot struts, which will...
  5. BootStrap

    Genuine Trophy Spoiler for sale

    Genuine Trophy Spoiler for sale, comes in Capsicum - taken off my Trophy. Excellent condition, please see pictures. £220 delivered. Perfect 'working' order with light/elec plug and washer hose. The sale includes my boot struts to stop you from over extending the tailgate and damaging the...
  6. T

    Replacement Strut Top Mounts

    Hi Guy/Girls Has anyone replaced there strut top mounts with part number 543A09780R and if so did it all go together ok with no running problems etc. I've had my Trophy since since new so I know those I have removed are original and can see that the uppermost rubber item (7700426450B) (visible...
  7. G

    Trophy Clio for sale in trade

    Does anyone know these cars, I want to buy a trophy but need dealer facilities, clearly the dealers don't know what has been done to them, anyone know them? Trophy 176
  8. BootStrap

    Other clios in Capsicum

    Did Renault make any other clios in Capsicum? Can't say I've seen any. Anyone know the paint code? Scrap all that. 727. and I think I have found one!
  9. Mark

    The New 2015 Clio Trophy

    So ten years later this is what we are getting:
  10. B

    Trophy engine failed / died / cam belt slipped

    Well what an eventful few days it's been, the T had an oil top up at Eurocarparts and slow drive back to my work and - BANG the car sounded like it had a terminal failure. Just about ran, heavy knocking from the top end under load, almost failed to start, AA guy guessed cam shaft fail, then...
  11. M

    sideskirt stickers

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has a spare set of sideskirt stickers that they're willing to sell? I only need the drivers side but would be willing to buy both. On the subject, has anyone bought non-genuine stickers and what are their thoughts on them? Cheers
  12. MarcB

    Full Set Of Sachs Stickers (Last Set)

    I currently have 4 sets just now and I'm willing to sell "One" full set of fronts and rears genuine Sachs ZF newer style stickers. Im in no rush to sell these and if people think the price is too much then fair enough but as said these are a one off and you will NOT be able to get these from...
  13. Greenouse

    My new Trophy and her older brother!

    Hi Guys, Been reading a while and finally bought my Trophy last weekend. Really impressed so far but many more miles to look forward to. Chuffed with the car I found, #499 and a nice low mileage well cared for example. Had a little detailing session at the weekend, still a fair bit to do...
  14. S

    Need some help valuing my Trophy

    Hi guys, Asked this question on and was shocked with the answer tbh from a reputable dealer who knows his clios. However it doesn't add up tbh so looking for a final answer on here as i know a lot of members keep a close eye on values. I have owned my trophy for 5 years and...
  15. MarcB

    GOOD NEWS - Sachs Rears

    I have just got an e-mail from Renault UK to 100% confirm that these are going into production and will take around 14 weeks. I have this all written down and in an e-mail that I'm happy to post online for people too see
  16. M

    #302 engine bay freshen up.

    I have been concentrating on getting the engine bay tidied up over the Winter. I changed the brake fluid, gearbox oil and coolant and then painted the engine and inlet etc. The cam cover is Capsicum red and the engine mount, fuel rail guard etc is Audi nimbus grey. This was meant to be a...
  17. RsMax

    OEM Renault Recaro Consoles wanted

    As above: I'm after the Oem Renault Recaro consoles. if someone has a new / used pair on offer, please contact me. Will pay fair price. And yes I do have Recaro consoles but not Renault ones. please send me a p.m. Or post here. other Ideas are welcome, as well!
  18. X

    Amber engine light on dash board

    Hi all, I was cursing along at 50mph when all of a sudden an engine light came on the dash, i haved checked the oil and coolant and ran the OSD on the cars display and no faults were present just - - - - , has anyone else ran into this before?
  19. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy found on ebay...

    Trophy found on ebay, up for bargain price:
  20. J


    Hi, What is the latest on Tyres! What do people like and what are proving to be good? Thanks! jsthomson
  21. C

    Renaultsport megane r26

    Just putting up the info from my mates advert. I can pass on his mobile number if anyone is interested Well it is time to let go of my pride and joy for the last 4 years. Due to my new job being a 5 minute walk away, owning the Megane R26 is pointless. The car is going through its MOT at the...
  22. Karltrophy

    Re: Trophy Red Paintwork

    Whats the best technique/product to re-generate/ freshen up & make the Trophy look red again instead of looking faded pink colour? Understand T Cut is not a good idea, machine polish? Mopping? or Turtlewax red colour restorer? Cheers
  23. MarcB

    Clio 182 FF Alloys (Perfect Spares)

    Been trying to sell these for the last week or so. Was trying to get my money back of £175 when i bought them 6 months ago but now know thats not going to happen so popped them up on eBay with a buy it now of £120...
  24. N

    Vent control panel 'pealing'

    I've just noticed that the dark blue finish is beginning to crack, leaving the white plastic exposed. Does anyone know the part number for this ventilation control panel and how easy it is to replace please?
  25. O

    15% Off Gear Oils, Coolants & Antifreeze

    Until next Friday (30th January) Opie Oils are giving an additional 15% Off All Gear Oils, Coolants & Antifreeze with voucher code: DEAL Other offers include Free 1 litres on selected 5 litre engine oils, Fuchs Fully synthetic 5w-40 engine oil reduced from £34 to only £25 and 15% Off top...
  26. M

    Gearbox oil change

    Decided to change the gearbox oil in #302 as there is no evidence in the service history of it ever being done. Car has covered 63k. I went to the local Renault garage and they wanted £52+VAT for 3L of Elf 75-80 (after checking i found that you can get it for about £35 off ebay). Then checked...
  27. O

    Millers Oils, Fuchs, Shell & Brembo Offers

    Make sure you pay a visit to Opie Oils over the weekend and check out our current money saving offers and to see what's new (including Opie Oils new website!). Our offers includes Free 1 litres on selected 5 litre engine oils, Fuchs Fully synthetic 5w-40 engine oil reduced from £34 to only...
  28. power ranger

    My re trimmed Clio steering wheel

    Thought I'd share I had my steering wheel re trimmed as the original had gone the usual way of completly melting and looked shabby even though my Clio Trophy has only 50K on the clock. The colour of the wheel to the airbag looks slightly off but in real life its hardly noticeable. Option is...
  29. liamkirkham

    Bushes and Mounts

    Hello all, I'm slowly bit by bit getting round to all the things I wanted to check/change on the T. My question today is about bushes and mounts. I'm sure one of them (at least) needs changing but I have no idea what types there are. Bushes, engine mounts, dogbone etc. Any good guide on what...
  30. Stevie

    Trophy Steering Rack

    Hi, could someone please confirm if the steering rack on the Trophy is the same as normal 182s? Thanks.