Aug 31, 2007
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Hey guys!

Not posted in a while, some of you know me off other forums (Probably mostly CS) I did have this black Ph1 172:

I sold it regretebly back in 2010 (After 5 odd years and near 60,000 miles - sold on 140,000 miles and 192bhp on itb's) to buy a S1 Lotus Elise.

The Elise was fantastic, and I owned it for little over a year, before I sold it to free up some money (W have our 2nd lil'un on the way, and having £8,000 tied up in a toy just wasn't finacially viable) so after having a few cheap track cars, I chanced upon this Williams.

It is well known in both Cliosport and williams Clio owners club, and was owned by a freind of mine for the past 2 years, and pretty much sat in a field for that time!

So when he was contemplating selling, I snapped it up!

It looked like this before he washed it for me before I collected it:

After a wash it looked like this:

The specification isn't massive, but enough to make a difference:

1995 Clio Williams 2

Mileage - 107,000 miles


Usual airfilter/exhasut combo
Prowler exhaust manifold
cat cam 2225's with cat pulleys
gunnerchip (Requires a remap as running too lean on the current map)
polybushed dogbone mount (Fitted last night)
4th mount fitted


Full 172 widetrack setup:
280mm brakes, 172 calipers with braided brake lines
suspension (I think it is on Eibach proline springs - tbc)

standard bar pedal covers and gearknob


As you can see there are a few things needing attention:

Firstly, the front bumper was cracked due to someone reversing into it, which unfortunately snapped one locating bracket off the bumper, so currently there are a set of bonnet pins holding it on (Pikeysport!) - I have a new front bumper in my shed awaiting fitment.

Next, the wheels are the wrong colour, so I will be attempting to refubish them (I hate refurbishing alloys!)

Since the photos, the rear torsion bar has been reset to raise the rear up - as you can see, it was far too low, and make the car odd to drive - although it still looks lower than standard, it is now matched to the front (Slight rake at the rear as per Clio's like) and drives much better.

I have also had the cambelt changed, as back around 70,000 miles the original belt snapped and caused a full head rebuild, so I didn't want that happening again!

The car has also had a reconditioned gearbox from renault, at approx 80,000 miles and an uprated clutch at the same time.

The rear arches (As far as I can tell) are original, here is the only bit of the drivers side:


The passenger side is a little worse, (As you can see in the above collection of photos) but is only a few bubbles and the rot has not taken hold yet, so this will be sorted soon.

Sills look like this:


So the car is pretty much rust free, just a few odd places to tidy up

Plan is to keep it looking standard, get the bodywork tidied up, get a remap, do the jobs I listed above and enjoy it

It is a toy/2nd car, so the mileage will be kept down to a reasonable amount, and it's great fun!

Comments welcome!

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Dec 10, 2009
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Looks in good nic mate, i had a williams 2 and 3, and i still miss them to this day. Brilliant cars, only problem i had with mine was the rot, so i had to let my 3 go in exchange for my trophy, mechanically they were sound, but the 3 needed to0 much work on the arches and sills.
The one thing i love about them is the fact that they're 150 bhp, and 9 times out of 10 they actually produce that figure, not like most cars today with overhyped bhp figures, they're so much fun and sound great.
In my eyes they're are the ultimate hot hatch, i know the 205gti is great, and some think the mk1 Golf gti, but the Williams edges it for me!
Wish i'd have kept mine!:worried:
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Jul 27, 2006
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I'm getting well confused trying to have a conversation on here and FB with the same peeps at the same time. :smile:
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Nov 20, 2015
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Are we in some sort of parallel universe here.....who's Jaine, some sort of time traveller sent to disrupt the normally sedate atmosphere of the Trophy it male or female or hrmaphrodite !!!