1. S

    Undersealing Trophy

    Hi All, I have just started to refurb my brake callipers and whilst i was having look underneath the car and i noticed that there were a few areas that had surface rust on. Has anyone sorted this problem out ?? if so was it a DIY job or does anyone know a professional for the job ??
  2. K

    Trophy market back on the rise?

    Seen this on ebay, 74,000 miles or so very similar condition and miles to my own, with the amount of ebay watchers is this a realistic price? Estimated value from low-high? £3,000-£6,500? Thanks.
  3. Jamie

    X1 Trophy Turini with brand new budget tyre - £120

    For sale I have one Trophy Turini in good condition (pic to follow) with brand new budget tyre on it (205/45/16). Wheel and tyre does not include centre cap which are about £17 from Renault. Ideal as a spare - £120. Price does not include postage/freight. Happy to post - but at your cost.
  4. H

    Anyone going to SPA?

    Hi, Anyone going on the Renaultsport trackday to SPA? Wondering if I'm going to see another Trophy! Mark
  5. S

    New Renaultsport Clio 200 Turbo

    I recently read a promotion article for the new Clio 200 Turbo and was fairly disappointed tbh. The new car will apparently only have a paddle shifting gearbox and not a manual gearbox. For this very reason I am put off and my interest with staying with the clio evolution of models is somewhat...
  6. RsMax

    RS Max 182 from Germany

    Hi everyone As I am following this forum from the very beginning I wanted to introduce me and my 182 to you. My name is max and I am from Kassel (middle of Germany) but at the moment I am working in Passau (south east) near to Austria. My Clio is a full fat 2005 182 with both cup packs, first...
  7. heckler

    Trophies on Google Streetview

    I'll start us off... Just spotted myself outside my old house, waiting for mobile tyre change! This must be 4-5 years ago now. Any others out there??
  8. 2

    should I upgrade from a 206 1.1 60bhp to a clio 182 cup?

    I really like the 182s because they are so cheap for the performance.  However my car is cheap to insure slightly cheaper to run and gets me from a to b if it breaks it is cheap to fix like the 182s so why would I upgrade what would be the point why doesn't everyone drive the same cheap eco...
  9. P

    Sept/Oct 2012 issue of PFC Magazine available now

    ONLY £20/YEAR or single issues here:- http://www.performancefrenchcars.co.uk/content.php?224-Performance-French-Cars-Magazine-Subscriptions-Back-Issues-amp-Graphics IN THE SHOPS FROM 23rd August 2012 (Retail finder) - Click here 8 PLANET PFC The latest news from the French car scene 12 NEW...
  10. W


    ET 43 or 45??? i hear about the palmersport ones??....whats the best to fit the trophy. hoping to order tomorrow...pe2s are on their way, should be here fri.
  11. W

    adding quality to the clios handling since 1993

    just dug out a couple of the old williams es wheels/tyres. tyres are pe2s, and shot tbh. but the ride is sooo much nicer over the bumpy b roads round here. only put the fronts on at the mo just for a trial run. but i think rather than getting new tyres for the original rims, il be getting...
  12. rickywilly


    Is this chap for real? Just look at the comments http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1996-RENAULT-CLIO-RSI-1-8-110bhp-0-60-6secs-Show-and-Shine-Car-NOT-WILLIAMS-/180895896855?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item2a1e3c5517#ht_1235wt_1270
  13. I

    Low Mileage Trophy's ?

    Interested to know how many low mileage cars are left out there. Saw Asim's on here (25k) in the for sale section, just wondering how many more there are! and what current guise they are in (100% standard, lightly modded, highly modded?) Seem to be a very rare breed, I keep an eye on the for...
  14. R

    My Williams 2

    Hey guys! Not posted in a while, some of you know me off other forums (Probably mostly CS) I did have this black Ph1 172: http://www.cliotrophy.co.uk/forum/showthread.php/44737-Hi-im-new I sold it regretebly back in 2010 (After 5 odd years and near 60,000 miles - sold on 140,000 miles and...
  15. T

    new to the mk3 scene

    Hey guys, names Tim and im toying with the idea of an upgrade. currently driving a williams and have owned several mk1 1.8 16vs and hybrids but i think its time for a change. Are there any key points i should look out for when viewing? ive noticed alot of the trophys on the market have had...
  16. W


    how much difference to the handling does dropping down to say....15 inch williams rims on 19/50/15s on do??? they are pretty much the same rolling radius just a little less width. i know quite a few people drop down a size in trackday wheel/tyre for cost reasons...but how much diff would they...
  17. Jamie

    Loads of Trophy Parts - 2 x turinis etc.

    Hopefully you can all log into Clio Sport, or see the below thread. http://www.cliosport.net/forum/showthread.php?635215-Trophy-Non-Trophy-items-for-sale
  18. son of solo

    Who hasn't re-furbed the dampers yet ?

    Having been looking for another trophy for around a month now and there seems to be quite a few that still havent had the dampers re furbed yet. Just wondering how many on here are still running their cars without problems?
  19. I

    Does anyone use 15" wheels on the Trophy

    I am one of the people that mourn the loss of Pilot Exalto 2s. I know they do them in 195 50 15 V (at half the bloody price of 16s!) so wondered whether it might be an idea to run 15" wheels and have the benefit of cheaper (better?) tyres? Could there be other advantages such as lower weight...
  20. J

    R-Sport Wimbledon today

    Mine was in for its 60,000 mile service. Anyone on here?
  21. G


    I met Harry Metcalf at an evo track evening last year and he asked me why I had not thought about a newer car, implying that the new models are better. Any way with this thought in mind I went and test drove a Clio 200 on a cup chassis the other day. My thoughts, new car is bigger, much more...
  22. G

    Michelin Contacts?

    Does anyone have any contacts at Michelin? Preferably in product development, manufacturing or supply chain. Customer services or marketing better avoided. Looking at Michelin's current UK range the Pilot Exalto PE2 (for the Sports and Roadster segment so they say) is still available in...
  23. S

    Whos still on the original exhaust

    There must be a few ?
  24. S

    One owner Trophy's

    Just curious as it'll be 7 years this year since I bought mine, anyone else owned their's from new?
  25. W

    k tec exhaust

    anyone had any problems with these?? mine seems to have ripped the hanger off the rear box on the o/s. is this a common fault??? only had a quick shufty but n/s seems to be braced, o/s not. bit of a shite design imho.
  26. wigstar1

    Raider Anyone???

    http://www.evo.co.uk/news/evonews/273484/renaultsport_clio_200_raider_revealed.html Nice, but gonna be a total pain to keep clean and looking good. And some of us think it's hard stopping a T 'pinking', try keeping that matt paint looking decent. [-X Even the Renaultsport email says "It's...
  27. M

    Prices! Whats going on?!

    right, my beef is basically, why are these cars just not worth that much money anymore? for a car as amazing as this to drop from £15,00 in 5 years is pretty shocking, i think asking for £4000, £5000, or even £6000 when selling yours is rediculous. these cars are classic and a piece of history...
  28. Jamie


    How do you get the pages to go in numerical order? I'd like to do something similar on Williams Clio.
  29. L

    Trophy 026 for sale, 65k miles, quick sale needed.

    Unfortunately, the time has come where I can't put this off any longer, it is with great regret that I am offering my Trophy up for sale. I need a 5 door car, as running my 16 month old daughter around in the back is just not practical, and with a long term back injury, I find it painful...
  30. L

    Trophy Breaking

    Hi guys just seen this on cs http://www.cliosport.net/forum/showthre ... -on-ebay... Its a T being broken, i know the guy on cs has supposedly bought the spoiler and boot lid struts but if anyone wants anything its worth jumping in early. Its a link to an ebay page so i will post the link up...