1. K

    Stolen Clio Trophy LV55 EJJ

    Hello Trophy owners My Clio Trophy, which I’ve had from new, was stolen this week. It was parked on the road just outside the house. During the night thieves broke into house front door and stole the keys. In the morning the car was gone. Stolen from Nimrod Road, London SW16. Reg is LV55...
  2. E

    Few Sachs Shocks and springs for sale

    I'm selling my Trophy Number 014 so these could be very handy for the new owner!! If there's no takers I'll put them on the car. See the for sale section. Set of front Sachs dampers in used condition with rubber bellow dust cover over piston rods. Were refurbished about 3-5 years ago but not...
  3. MarcB

    Sachs Suspension Dust Covers

    Like most people I'm on the case to try and find where the dust covers come from, If they are a reanult item with renault part number or what. So as i have spoke to Renault dealerships with no joy and RUK i thought i would message a RUK Guru on the renault sport forum (Jeremy Townsend) who seems...
  4. F

    Tarox 6 pot calipers and pads for sale

    For sale are: Tarox B280-6 Calipers. Tarox caliper hangers. Tarox pads, new fast road pads. They have just been bedded in according to Tarox instructions. Three mm wheel spacers. I'm looking for £150 for the lot (new pads are £120 alone !). With new Tarox discs and hoses at about £250 in...
  5. MarcB

    1*2 Front Calipers & Rear Carriers / 182 Exhaust Trims

    Have the following up for sale taken from my 182 Trophy. The calipers could properly do with a small refurbishment but they are in working order with everything present. These where taken off my car for them to be replaced with re-con units done at BiggRed. With these you also get spare rear...
  6. K

    147 forsale on Gumtree.. Value?

    http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/renault-clio-trophy-no147/1031298141 Anyone know who owns this? Bit overpriced but nice upgrades & not far from me!
  7. D

    Large Trophy 182 clearout! part 1

    PART 1: All these parts were taken from a stripped 48k mile 182 trophy. I have also placed a thread over on CS. I will accept paypal only (gift or YOU pay the fees) or cash on collection. I have sold loads of other parts on here and CS from the trophy already. These are the remaining bits...
  8. S

    '55 Plate 182 Trophy, £2,995 ono

    Recently purchased from Feirny for both the Bedford trackday on Saturday 16th (where it performed absolutely faultlessly, & allowed me to have a flipping awesome day!!) and to replace the R32, I’ve now been informed that a Clio is not really suitable for work/car allowance purposes anymore. As...
  9. Sean Jones

    Rear discs?

    I'm due to be changing my rear discs. I have bought standard ones with the abs ring and bearing already attached. Are these still just a simple swap like the front ones would be, or is there a little more to it when the bearing and abs ring is involved? Thanks.
  10. J

    RenaultSport Clio 182 Trophy No. 56/500 *FSH* £4,200

    Details RS Clio Trophy, First registered on 7/7/2005. Number 56 of 500 UK models. 2 previous long-term owners. Tax & MOT until 31/5/2012 Current Mileage – 104,200 2 original keys and all original handbooks £4,200 ONO I've cherished No.56 since I bought it in June '11...
  11. S

    Renault Clio Trophy #331 for sale

    -I am having a bit of trouble uploading pictures, if you get in touch I will E-mail them- Well, it was great while it lasted but unfortunately the time has come to sell the car. Clio Trophy #331 61,200 Miles 12 Months MOT No Tax (as the car is no longer insured) Good Points / Mods: Stainless...
  12. B

    Sachs Dampners Off Car

    Is there anyway I can check the effectiveness of the dampners once they are off the car? Obviously I know to check for misting on the units, though should they be pretty solid if I try to move them by hand?
  13. not normal dan

    My New Trophy

    Well few weeks back decided to sell me old 197 to free up some cash an buy myself another cheaper but still fun car. The main reason is due to me moving out with the missus but I still wanted something nippy an after hours of browsing various classifieds I settled on a ph2 sport as it ticked...
  14. R

    Scored shafts?!

    Hi,I have missed a call today from Ben at BG as he has my dampers in for refurb. Just a bit of a heads up really,but he says that one shaft needs replacing due to being scored and the other one is borderline,due to scoring! I certainly don't mind spending if necessary,but was wondering the...
  15. S

    Sachs confusion

    Hi guys, well after signing up as member 3 years ago with the intention of buying i finally picked up a Trophy on Monday....got there in the end!:D Now the confusion.... I have been looking at old posts about the Sachs suspesion for the last few days now but still have some questions that i am...
  16. S

    Sachs Damper - Bounce Test

    How much should they bounce exactly? Has anyone done a video at all ... Mine seem to move fairly easily - although they were only refurbed 13k ago lol (not by BG)
  17. I

    brake pedal travel

    I have just taken my rear brakes apart and fitted new seals. They work now (they were jammed solid before) but the first time I apply the brakes the pedal goes down too far. If I pump it, the travels shortens and the brakes work normally. The pedal is solid when it gets to the end of its travel...
  18. D

    #392 For Sale

    Heres a link to my ad on piston heads http://pistonheads.co.uk/sales/3557063.htm Thanks
  19. P

    Not been on for a while

    Not been on since selling #427 Might get another for next year or possibly another V6.....just can't keep away from them. Just to let you all know I have now left the army after 17 years and set up full time as a detailer working in Ashford. It's going to be very slow, and hope to build up...
  20. M

    Prices! Whats going on?!

    right, my beef is basically, why are these cars just not worth that much money anymore? for a car as amazing as this to drop from £15,00 in 5 years is pretty shocking, i think asking for £4000, £5000, or even £6000 when selling yours is rediculous. these cars are classic and a piece of history...
  21. D


    6ish this morning,turning right at the lights on the bypass heading towards town. Still miss 196 :(
  22. H

    Trophy Number 16 for sale

    Trophy number 16 for sale, owned by same family since new, a very well maintained and looked after car. FSH with all bills including belts changed in 2010 along with front damper overhaul by BG Motorsport. Taxed and tested until May 2012. £5750. Details and photos on piston heads...
  23. A

    Best set up with Trophy dampers for my 182

    Hi, I have owned a Cup packed 182 for over 4 years now, determined to keep it as long as possible. Always kind of wished for the Trophy set up so I have just invested in a full set of Trophy dampers. I was wondering what you guys could recommend to get the set up correct. Lots of advice already...
  24. S

    Help Me! Shocking brakes after refit

    Hi chaps, wonder if anyone can help with my issue. I've been doing quite some work to my T the last month: Front sachs refurb, fitted Ktec solid top mounts, Poly bushes fitted to lower wishbones and anti roll bar, new track rod ends, lower balljoints, koni adjustable rear dampers, mark fish...
  25. eljeffo64

    The answer to my clonking problem

    Shocks refurbished, new wishbones and balljoints, reset geometry, driving to a trackday and there was a little clonk every now and then over bumps; thinks - STM's??? nope;- Took off wheels and checked the front pads and look what I found! [attachment=0:8f0phgz7]cl5+2.jpg[/attachment:8f0phgz7]...
  26. M

    Refit or replace engine?

    My first post & a sad one. I've had my Trophy (#61) for a v enjoyable year & took it for its first track day with me the Saturday before last at Lydden Hill, having just had the expensive full cam/aux belt done. Unfortunately it seems to have blown a valve & my local Renault dealer that I...
  27. J

    ***CLIO TROPHY 5,800 MILES AS NEW***

    for sale...absolutely as new...renault stamped book...no mods..probably unrepeatable...the very finest available...£8,800 +4407968694642...NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE
  28. A

    What fuel is best?

    I just read on a recent topic that shell v power is good for reducing the carbon on piston heads. I've always used this up until recently as shell garages are becoming harder to find where I live, my nearest is about 20 miles away ! I've often wondered how much difference it makes using high...
  29. R

    All mechanics have a read and see what you think

    My trophy has gone in for its major service. It went to a garage rather than Renault them selves due to it costing nearly 500 pounds more at Renault. My trophy was having everything changed that was on the Renault major service check list and genuine Renault parts however i had a small leak of...
  30. trophy427


    Hi i have always said on all my cars i have owned if engine required major repair i.e. piston bent valve etc.. I would put uprated internals in and bolt a turbo on (if only it was that easy:-)) Just woundered wat peoples views are on turbo trophy? (Just to add there is nothing wrong with the...