1. Greenouse

    My new Trophy and her older brother!

    Hi Guys, Been reading a while and finally bought my Trophy last weekend. Really impressed so far but many more miles to look forward to. Chuffed with the car I found, #499 and a nice low mileage well cared for example. Had a little detailing session at the weekend, still a fair bit to do...
  2. Mark

    Autocar 28 January 2015

    Shame about the incorrect photo........
  3. trophy427

    Urgent help needed please

    Hi everyone its very off topic but I wouldn't ask if I was desperate, its really quick & simple. Would any of you click on this link, click on the photo and like the comment with 'Roo's Button Boutique' its my better half's business and she dying to win this competition. Cheers...
  4. Big Dave

    Front Splitter

    Hi Folks. Can somebody tell me where I might be able to get a new front splitter from? And aprox how much it might be. I had a very slight mishap and removed the passenger side corner of mine. So I need to replace the hole thing. Ta.
  5. Big Dave

    Sachs Damper settings

    Im contemplating doing a track day soon in my T, and just wondering what settings to have the front dampers set to for it. Its got un-pinned dampers up font with MF springs all round and on the standard rear shocks. Cheers...
  6. D

    Trophy 28

    My clio trophy after a quick polish [/URL] [/URL] [/URL] [/URL]
  7. L

    Clio 182 Trophy #441 for sale £3300

    Clio Trophy #441 for Sale Here for sale is Trophy #441. I bought the car on 1/8/13 on 103000 miles and have now been given a company car hence it is now up for sale. It has been a good runner and it still has the Sachs dampers unlike some for sale. MOT Till - 11/12/14 Tax Till - 30/8/14...
  8. steve f

    My retrimmed steering wheel

    Just got my steering wheel back from Snappy on cliosport who retrimmed my wheel to the way i wanted it. Very happy with how it turned out.The quality of work is top notch. The difference in the colour of the airbag and wheel isnt as bad as the pic makes out.From the other pics of trimmed...
  9. Johnny E

    My special No 456 for sale

    Just put up for sale now not sure if im doing the write thing. Just read the ad ive done a lot to this car
  10. P

    Made a little change at the weekend...

  11. S

    Recaro trendline seat cover BNIB

    Uploaded with £65 Steve
  12. S

    Trophy 108 For Sale - 54k miles, Superbly Maintained

    Clio 182 Trophy No. 108 After 4 years of ownership I am reluctantly selling my much loved Trophy. It has received nothing but the best treatment in its life, and is a truly superb example of the car. I have had to purchase a smart fortwo to get me around the streets of London, and the Clio...
  13. keo

    Just a quick pic

    Had my T for about 3 and a half years. Its done 50k. Pro speed exhaust
  14. PS CUP

    Spotted this Trophy at Goodwood

    I parked 2 rows behind this T at Goodwood this morning anyone off here?
  15. marrow

    Now that's what I call clean

    Am no expect at uploading photos - did this work?!
  16. FISHER

    few pics of 231

    I have a load more but when I try and transfer them to the forum they fail. I think its because there too big 4000 x 2500 or something, I dont know how to resize lol simon
  17. Saamm93

    Seat stickers

    I'm looking to get some more of the trophy stickers that are on the bottom of the seat frame. Anyone know who can make them? My one is looking tatty, I don't want to remove it as its a nice touch to the car
  18. S


    Number 152 for sale below....Noticed this ones never been added to the register...shame about the wheels!
  19. J

    Race/track prepared Saxo VTS with dolly. Very fast as is 840kg & 160bhp

    For sale Saxo VTS with dolly. High spec including high lift Newman phase 3cams, remapped by chip wizard with knife edge butterfly valve, ported and polished head, 4-1manifold and full magnet system, oil cooler, BMC induction systems with cold air feed. Bilstien group N suspension HR springs...
  20. jesus

    172 Alcantara/Leather Rear Seats (Good Condition)

    These will need to be collected from Manchester area. Bought just to try but I prefer the standard Trophy seats so now they are up for sale. When I was fitting them, one of the seatbelt holder things caught on something else in the interior and snapped off. I glued it back on and when...
  21. steve f

    Scotland Run In The Trophy

    Just back from 3 days away going round scotland.Been wanting to do this for ages ! Left Dundee Monday morning and headed over to go up Loch Lomand,over to lochgilphead then up to Oban. Tuesday went from Oban to Glencoe,Fort William,Glen Nevis then upto Applecross. Wednesday went from Applecross...
  22. son of solo

    Recaro rattle resolved

    Been looking at the front seats today, one of the main rattles comes off the adjustment handle at the front, but I discovered by slipping in this 6mm nylon washer (cut as shown) it completely cuts out the rattle from the handle mechanism without effecting the use. simply push the handle towards...
  23. Sean Jones

    2118's and standard springs?

    I'm looking to buy a set of 2118's as my turini's are shagged. But is it going to look like a moon buggy with the 15" wheels without lowering it? Or will I need lowering springs to avoid the puddle jumper look? Has anyone got a picture with the, on without the car being lowered? Thanks.
  24. M

    Bj55 fwr

    Hi there, new to this forum but looking to buy trophy reg BJ55 FWR. Can see it is a previous members car so any info would be massively appreciated on it. Got a clio v6 and renault 5 gt turbo so the trophy will complement them well. Cheers in advance, matt
  25. D

    Pro race 1.2 alloys toyo proxes t1 r

    Team dynamics pro race 1.2 alloys and toyo T1Rs 7 X 17 4x100 off clio 172 2 of the wheels have small cracks in the inner rims that may require welding still hold air , however all wheels are straight and not buckled NO KERBING at all, very good condition apart from few paint chips. they are heat...
  26. D

    Brand new quality jacket .

    Brand new Renault trucks mens medium size jacket made by regatta top quality waterproof fleece lined water proof still in oe packaging hood in collar. Worth buying just for the available trade discount youget when goin into dealers or car parts places wearing it (trust me it works ) These...
  27. Sean Jones

    Exhaust mount problem on scorpion 192

    Hi, I recently purchased my trophy and it came with a scorpion 192 exhaust on it, however it seemed a bit squint so I had a play around under the car and the centre section mount has gone and there is only one on the rear. I bought new ones the same as these...
  28. biscuits alive

    Trophy won't start. Disconnected cables?

    Hi, i wondered if anyone here could help me. My car wouldn't start the other day, i assumed it was a problem with the battery, but checking it with a voltmeter confirmed it was fully charged. When i removed the battery, i noticed a loose plug not connected to anything but i can't find where it...
  29. S

    brand New Winter Tyres- 205 45 16 -X4

    Brand New in Renault Bags from Renault Switzerland. Goodyear Eagle ultra grip winter tyres. 205 / 45 / 16 original price £650- probably new in the UK- £450 delivered. £335 OVNO collected or postage at cost. Steve
  30. S

    Renaultsport Clio Trophy #336 £4675 **

    TRADE SALE £4675--- No offers ( please see the bottom ) OR WARRANTY SALE £5375 - with the couple of bits done. So then, Renaultsport Clio Trophy 61k Miles. 55 Plate 4 prev Owners HPI Clear with Cert- Full Renault History X5 - All Main dealer Renault. Renault Minute 12k Renault Martins...