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    Romsey 12/11

    It was camouflaged in road grime!
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    Romsey 12/11

    It was you then! Spotted in the usual place A27 towards Broadlands around 08:10
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    Romsey 12/11

    Private plate beginning with T. Not the usual member spot unless you changed the plate!
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    I'm Back! Possibly...

    I think in the current climate he wishes he had the trophy lol! Welcome back dude!
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    Trophy Nurburgring Stickers

    Hi guys. These items are made by myself and Ady182 @ n2grafix. We're offering 10% off any item in the shop for Clio Trophy members. Just send us an email to, make a note of the item number i.e N2014 detailing qty/colour required/internal or external etc. Payment can be...
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    microfibre cloths

    Ady182 is closing his Shine Detailing business. As a result he has loads of quality brand new microfibres for sale guys. Be worth sending him a pm on here and get in early ;) Similarly priced too by the sounds of it.
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    garage and member map not working??

    Nik doesn't write the software for the garage hint hint ;)
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    garage and member map not working??

    I don't think the current forum version supports the Garage function as yet. I could be wrong, Nik can answer for sure :)
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    Trophy stickers wanted

    Good website that I'd highly recommend them. You have pm and another ;)
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    Day 16/09/08 Romsey

    I'm on permanent days now so you'll spot me quite often. Tue and Wednesdays early as I have to drive in to Eastleigh to park only to get a bus back to my work place that I had past some 15 minutes before hand. All thanks to HCC and their encouragement of park and ride facilities :)
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    Just Been Pulled For Driving A 'Modified' Car = Trophy

    To anybody outside the renault sport fraternity the Trophy does look like it's been modified :? I'd hardly raise an argument against something that appears correct from a non enthusiast. On another note I'd rather not see any more fools on ClioSport thanks.
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    T28 PHY

    Where is the lad? Not seen for some weeks now, getting worried lol
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    ** Forum Improvements - Have your say! **

    Oh noes :( More work for the moderator :lol:
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    BB Performance Tuning

    ^ still can I have a few places left ;) PM if your interested!
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    Why is the register all jumbled up???

    As Nik has already mentioned there is work in progress so bear with him. The section is showing posts in chronological post order by default (as all the other sections) Does this answer your query?