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    Looking for a mature comment

    Stripes for me too,if it came from factory like it then its a no brainer Although it does have a certain charm to it without.
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    R88 vox

    Spotted at the BTCC meet at rockingham raceway on sunday 28 aug 2016 in the public parking anybody on here?
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    Slim front number plate

    As long as the characters are the correct size and spacing is correct along with a BSU number is all good for mot imo. Looks much better smaller though :up:
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    Detailer Wanted ?

    Guys thats a perfect response :cool:, i love this forum. plenty of choice for me to explore. I wont be taking a T as im the ex-owner of 098 but will be taking a 2016 vw polo GTI in pearlescent white,so it's more of a refine what's there and protect it for the long term kinda thing. Cheers
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    Detailer Wanted ?

    Hi all, So we are all car guys/girls on here right,i would like recommendations for a 'A1 detailer' in the south west. Ok so i could just google this but i prefer people that come recommended by someone who has used them, seen their work or has a friend/colleague who has used them. Someone who...
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    Help me with 427

    I am pretty sure this fault code relates to the missing acoustic valve sensor,and as it usually gives no running problems is not your issue. A failed upstream or downstream o2 sensor will log a fault code for sure if your using good diag equipment and also bring on the EML light where as an air...
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    Help me with 427

    Do you have the acoustic valve disconnected, ie - a cold air feed to the air box ?
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    michelin PS3

    FYI I have been told by a man in the trade that 'blackcircles' is now owned by michelin along with expect prices to rise in the near future.
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    tyre conundrum

    The goodyear eagle F1 are proper sh*t,noisey like a wheel bearing and rubbish when worn past 50%. The AD08'S are soft so don't expect huge mileage from them but its personal choice again.:up:
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    Blast from the past - Trophy Meet Up

    Also remember these meets, the last pics are at a janspeed rolling road day i think when 098 only has a few miles on it.:cool:
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    Trophy fog lamp

    Yeah all the same .
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    Clio 182 wont start

    Its not recognising the keys for some reason? get it to a dealer who can diag the problem. Could be the uch or the decoder ring on the ign switch or any number of other factors. Has any work been done on the car recently in that area?
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    Wobbling seat / console Help needed!

    New runners is the only real solution to this max
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    Airbag light problems

    Does it have an original steering wheel with a good air bag fitted and connected? as two of your fault codes relate to the steering wheel air bag being open circuit. It could just be unplugged ?
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    Airbag light problems

    The op points to both seat belt pretensioners and steering wheel air bag all having been fired off in the accident,or at least being the area of concern.