Apr 10, 2009
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Not sure if this should be in here or another section but it may be of help to some of you .

Most people on her will probly have changed the dogbone mount for a new reno one, or to reduce the engine movment a powerflex uprated bush set .
Renault ones are to soft and allow too much engine movement and sloppy gearchange . If you fit powerflex or uprated bushes the vibrations in the car on tickover, are Not what you want in an everyday car but do reduce engine movement and improve gearchange feel.
I couldnt put up with this so swopped em for original renault again.
Also had one made by viratechnics for me this was same as powerflex results still too much vibration in the car on idle

After trying to find a solution/compromise I took off the std mount (first pic) and turned the big bush thru 90deg to do this you need to spray silicon spray or wd40 around the edges where it fits in its mount so you can then turn it. Do this carefully so as not to damage rubber hence the need for silicon spray allow to soak ,also you will need a bench vice to clamp the bush and carefully turn the mount 90 deg and make sure is central and square to refit .

Std bush position has gaps either side to stop vibration but when turned thru 90 deg these are at top and bottom and solid rubber is against moving direction points of bush .

See attached pics to try and explain.

This greatly reduces engine movement and improves gear change BUT because rubber is softer than poly it does not give you the vibration on idle that a powerflex bush does .( you will get a bit of viration on idle when you first refit it this will go after a week or so as the rubber softens) I have done this to mine and is a great improvement to std without the vibration of uprated bushes .

If you try it and knacker the bush or have problems thats not down to me (just lettin you all know what I have done )
Been on my car now for 9000 mils and no problems at all better gear change car feels tighter to drive NO vibration on tickover .
Perfect soulution imo and cheaper than a powerflex bush kit (costs sweet FA) with none of the downsides !!
position of std bush .