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    What's your mileage (after 11 years)?

    Interesting post. Often amazed at how many Trophy 182s have 100,000+ miles recorded but I'm afraid mine isn't one of them. 004 has 20,911mis recorded, as of this morning...
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    Does VIN number collate to Trophy number?

    Slightly strange question but does anyone know if UK Trophys were all built in numerical VIN number order, which increases at an identical rate to the number plaque on the driver's seat? For example, my Trophy is number 003/500 and the last five numbers on its VIN/chassis number are 45098. Does...
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    1 owner Car

    Still got 004 after buying it off the Renault press fleet back in 2005. Has only covered 19,500 miles but all of those have been memorable ones. Pampered family pet now..
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    this months EVO + Harry's T

    [attachment=1:15aksp7w]TD1.jpg[/attachment:15aksp7w] Reckon it will be easy to spot a true Trophy fan, as they will be the ones showing particular interest in the inside their front wheel arches today.
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    this months EVO + Harry's T

    The red adjuster is attached to the inner part of the remote reservoir which, in turn, is bolted to the horizontal bracket holding it to the main damper tube. The grey outer sleeve/tube of the remote reservoir moves up and down, according to the amount of gas pressure inside. It doesn't look as...
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    this months EVO + Harry's T

    Hi Everyone Good to see a number of you are evo subscribers! Easy to tell if a damper has lost its gas pressure as the remote reservoir tube (which has the red adjustable knob on top) should sit clear of the right angle support bracket, which attaches it to the damper tube. Once the gas...
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    Evo this month

    I'll try and shed some light on why the Trophy appears slower than a Cup in this month's Fast Club feature; First off it was an extremely cold day when we did the lapping so that was part of the reason why the Trophy went slower as cold tarmac and coldish tyres isn't the best combination for...