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    Frayz’s Inferno orange 182 - Back in the old flame

    Looking great! Keen to hear your impressions
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    GOOD NEWS - Sachs Rears

    I’m after a new rear set so if anyone has a pair stored away let me know.
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    Thinking of selling my Trophy...

    Don’t sell it, but spend some money on it and restore it.
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    Slam panel stickers

    Payment sent [emoji106]
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    Slam panel stickers

    Oh , great work will sort this out soon for my set , thanks !
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    Slam panel stickers

    Yep still interested in three sets !
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    Slam panel stickers

    Put me down for 3 sets of stickers
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    Slam panel stickers

    Count me in too
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    OEM Trophy Springs

    Question is, how do the Mark Fish Eibachs compare on road rather than ride height looks to the Eibach Sportlines.
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    Freshly refurbished set of Trophy dampers

    Are you willing to consider offers? Obviously with the flood of fresh Sachs from the group buy, pricing for these are in a strange spot.
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Great work , gutted I missed out
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    No problems I’m cool with that [emoji106]
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Happy for it to go to iplatters as should go in order of the reserve list
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Yep still waiting on BenG to confirm and once he does I’ll make payment.