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    old rides? post here :)

    Here’s my old ones. 1. Hartge tuned 220bhp Mini Cooper S. 2. Mk1 Focus RS. 3. Sierra Cosworth (still have this one).
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    No, they’ll just snap in half if you have a heavy crash. They’re just aesthetically style to give the impression that they’re a Racing seat. Get some proper racing seats if you want harnesses. Either that or get a good wheel chair for when they snap your back :(
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    Hi Front dampers - finish the rebuild

    I’ve got a spare set that I’ll be happy to sell. They’ll need a refurb. I’d want the money that I paid for them - £400.
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    Trophy for sale at Orion Solutions

    Totally agree with regards to tracing the previous owner. I wouldn’t be going near that without confirmation from the previous owner that all is good from their end.
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    Trophy for sale at Orion Solutions

    After seeing the owner on BBC Watchdog I wouldn’t be lining his pockets.
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    I noticed it’s all geared up for Suzuki’s now. Was it you that got an old set refurbished with the scraper caps retro fitted? If so, who supplied them? Was it monster at the time?
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    Where did you get the scraper seals from mate?
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    Twingo R1 Scraper Caps

    I’ve got a used set of Sachs front dampers that I’m looking to refurb. I was wanting to retrofit the Twingo R1 style scraper cap to them. However, I’m struggling to locate where I can buy them from. Does anyone know where to buy them? BG Motorsport are saying they don’t supply them but would...
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    Trophy for sale at Orion Solutions

    It does look decent if you’re prepared to get over the mileage. It’s only a number at the end of the day.
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    Caps for front Sachs dampers

    That’s what I like to hear. Thanks Rik :)
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    Caps for front Sachs dampers

    That’ll be a relief if they don’t need them. I’ll await confirmation from the Sachs guru :)
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    Caps for front Sachs dampers

    Yes mate. They’re from the group buy. Does that make a difference? Do they still need the cap etc?
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    Caps for front Sachs dampers

    I’ve realised that I don’t have the black caps for my Sachs dampers (circled in the attached pic). Does anyone have any spare ones, or can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can get a set? Any help is massively appreciated.
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Hope you get sorted mate. Not sure what the chances are of brand new ones coming on the market, but hopefully the injection of new ones will mean that some 2nd hand ones will become available.
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    A few new owner questions...

    Will that be the secret scrapyard not far from Leicester by any chance ;)