Trophy 182 on German Sachsenring with Willams nr 116 bought in GB

Mar 6, 2006
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As some of you might know I own a FF182 with the Trophy suspension (the only one besides my mates Trophy in Germany).
I took part in a german Renault Sport Trackday at the famous Sachsenring circuit.
My Clio has covered 100.000miles, dampers were refurbed 30.000 miles ago. Tyres: Re002 Bridgestones street tires with
20.000 miles covered. Brakes: ATE Powerdisc, standard pads and ATE super blue fluid. The guy filming me runs RE070 on a 172 cup. Top Speed down the large hill 120-132 miles/hour.

the second link shows my mates Clio Williams No. 116 which he bought 2 years ago in GB for 1.250GBP.
The car is equipped with HR coilovers, strut brace, OEM refurbed wheels and yokohama ado8r tires. 8th owner and covered
115.000miles. brake Brembo HC / Ferodo DS2500. Awesome car. Awesome fun. We call her "Grandpa" or "OPI" in German.

I wish you fun. And tell me what you think of our driving :)

1. Me and my 182. Lap 1-6 and the last 5 minutes are huge fun

2. Watch the Williams being driven as she wants to be with 22 years (No.116)
Best scenes within the last 5-6 minutes. From 22:00 wath the 182 drifting ;)
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Dec 15, 2014
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Looks like you had fun! nice cars, Good to know there are Renault fans in Germany, I work for Volkswagen however own a 182 Trophy and a Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider. :)