Freshly refurbished set of Trophy dampers

Aug 1, 2015
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Paris, France
For those who missed out the group buy sale, I have a set of original trophy dampers in very good condition for sale. These have been refurbished a year ago by PKM Consulting in France, official Sachs Engineering service center. Refurbishment included full reconditioning, oil and gas and replacement of all seals and top caps, new stickers were applied as part of refurb. Bench test performed.

I did at most 2,000kms since refurb as I don't use the car much. I only barely use the car to commute a couple days during the week and I live 10kms from work. They perform admirably and like new obviously.

Asking Price: £720

This is only £200 on top of what it cost me for refurb, this to compare with asking prices of sets needed refurb, my set in comparison is only £200 :smile:

This set is depinned and adjuster is fully functionnal, yellow reference point is original Trophy setting and bench test verified that shocks were even at this setting as you can see in bench report.

sachs_sale.jpg fac_sachs.jpg test_sachs.jpg
Sep 25, 2014
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Are you willing to consider offers? Obviously with the flood of fresh Sachs from the group buy, pricing for these are in a strange spot.