470/500 £3900

Oct 26, 2018
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Renault Clio 182 Trophy Number 470/500
Mileage: 138600 (approx)
Number of previous owners: 8
Cambelt done: Dec 2015 @ mileage 126k (not due for over 1.5 years or about 65k miles)
MOT expiry: 08/04/2020
Project Thread (need to be a member to view): https://cliotrophy.co.uk/threads/470.40846/page-2
So I bought this Trophy to play with and work on as a project over autumn and winter. I barely touched the car during winter car as I had a couple of other projects on the go including another 182 and an Elise, and my old Clio Williams 1, which is in pieces still...I've spent a ton of money which I won't get back on this car, I was intending on keeping it hence so much investment but I don't have the space and I have too many Clio's as you'll see from the pictures (and there are two more Williams in storage!).
When I got the Trophy I fitted some brand new front Sachs dampers and spare Apex springs on the at the moment. These along with new solid top mounts from K-Tec.
The car has an OEM stereo with an aux input cable. The stereo is a bit tatty as I had to use an old spare, but it plays good sound.
Currently the car is on standard Clio 182 wheels in anthracite, in very good condition except one small mark where I nudged a curb when parking the other day. There is tons of tread on the T1R tyres. I do have some Cup Turini's but they are hundreds of miles away and need refurbishing. When I get them I will give the buyer first dibs at a decent price for them.
The other negative is the original Trendline seats have been replaced. I put some Trophy style numbered seat rail decals on. The original seats are still around though up north in another 182! Could probably do a deal to get them back.
The paintwork on the main body is very good, however the front and rear bumper and the V6 spoiler have scratches, and the spoiler is in need of a respray at some stage as the previous job was not great. Also the hatch gas struts need to be replaced. You can replace them with BMW 1 series for £20.
The bonnet has road rash and there is a small rust bubble at the front. Some of the plastics have the usual faded red paint, especially the door handles. Saying all that, the car still looks ace and the 'Capsicum Red' is lovely.
The car pulls well and handles excellently as it should. Like the Williams and R5 GTT Raider before it, these cars will soon start to rise in value and I've worked hard and spent plenty of money getting this car back to a condition where the car can be used as a daily driver.
I just noticed a wheel bearing is starting to let go at the front. I have a Cup/Trophy wheel bearing (bigger than normal 182) to fit already.
Due to the mileage and paint that needs doing this is a relatively cheap way into Trophy ownership. Get one while you still can!

New front Sachs dampers (about 1000 miles on them) using Apex springs (30/40mm lower)
New Ktec solid suspension top mounts
New NGK Platinum spark plugs
New injectors
New Ktec induction kit
New radiator
New alternator with Pure Motorsport replacement pulley (old pulley included)
New HT leads
New pre-cat lambda sensor
New post-cat exhaust bung
New Pure Motorsport aircon delete kit with new aux belt and another spare for it
New coolant sensor
New front Renault badge
Gear knob cap (in red numbers)
Nearly new T1R tyres all round
Uprated dogbone mount
Powerflex uprated main engine mount bush (yellow)
Powerflex inner and outer anti-roll bar bushes.
New Trendline RECARO decals and numbered sideplate badge (470/500 numbering)
Carbon fibre exhaust trims
Carbon fibre headlight washer blanks
Black silicone coolant hoses
Straight through exhaust system and Milltek backbox
New oil filler cap (yellow)
Door wind deflectors
No dash warning lights. No gearbox crunches. Idles perfectly
No rust on body except bubble on bonnet
Very clean engine bay with repainted inlet manifold and pulley cover
No dephaser noise
Brand new offside front wheel bearing (hopefully fitting tomorrow)

No service book. It was said to be a full service history up to about 116k if internet history is anything to go by. Servicing has been carried out but not by garages.
Paint needed on V6 spoiler as poorly painted and missing washer jet
The car needs a new steering angle squib as the previous owner ran an aftermarket steering wheel and I think they damaged the horn connection
Exhaust backbox hangers broke the other day so need welding back on - currently cable ties!
No rear wiper - blanked off
Front and rear bumpers have seen better days and I would personally get them repainted if I was keeping it
Bonnet dents in usual place where people slam the bonnet shut too hard with their hand (a pet hate of mine!! Grrrrr...)
Bonnet paint bubbling a little on the edge
There used to be a bolted in half-rollcage in and the bolts/holes are still present if you bother to look under the car
Radiator to slam panel mounts are broken so temporarily held in with cable ties but easy to sort out
Some of the red plastic body parts like door handles are slightly faded from UV exposure. It may be possible to buff these back or treat them to rejuvenate though...
There does not appear to be a service log book but there is evidence of servicing until about 100k, and evidence online from other sources (see link at top)
Offers around £3900 ONO. Priced low as it needs to go sooner rather than later and is a high miler.
The car is currently in Southampton with some Clio Williams and my Elise :)


Feb 22, 2016
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Really good add,hopefully it will go to a good home.

It looks like you definitely have a love for fast Clio's.
It must be great having your choice of a few different William's to drive ;)

Great looking collection of cars :)
Oct 26, 2018
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Thanks Titan. Yes, I love the Clio's and I would love to keep this car after all the work and money I've pumped in, but sometimes you have to let go :(

I lent it to my friend after her Williams and BMW were both off the road and she loved it.