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May 30, 2015
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Hi all!

Sad (happy!) to say that with the arrival of a 9 week old mini me (our first!) the potential for me getting good use out of 112 seems to have passed!

As a few of the regulars will know since I got hold of this car 3 years ago it has had THOUSANDS spent on it - all with Mark Fish. All recorded here in the owners thread - http://www.cliotrophy.co.uk/threads/112.50780/ and some highlights pulled out on Mark Fish Facebook site - https://www.facebook.com/markfishmotorsport/posts/945315362279948

Cutting to the chase. I don't need to (or particularly want to) sell. However if there is an enthusiast out there who would get more enjoyment out of it than me and they come up with the cash then it's theirs.

Given the condition of the car and the amount spent (I have invoices for over £9k spent on work below...) price is £12k. Otherwise I will happily continue to enjoy!

Summary of car / work done:
- 64k on the clock
- Car is 100% refurbished underneath - complete nut and bolt job - everything either replaced or sand blasted and resprayed and waxyoiled - it is mint - full pictures in the owners section - some highlights - new mark fish springs all round, new rear dampers, refurbished sachs front dampers, new brake calipers, new wishbones, new wheel bearings all round, new bushes, bolts, washers on all parts (all OEM), fully refurbished subframe, steering arms, drive shafts, chassis rails, track rod ends etc (re galvanised or removed sandblasted and painted)
- Rear axle, dampers , exhaust system, fuel tank and pipe work, fuel filler neck , exhaust heat shields, all axle components, both sill mouldings, rear bumper and wheel arch liners - remove all surface rust, and treat areas. Three coat system used. Cavity wax injection to all box sections including both sills, new windscreen, new air con system (condenser and all), all wheels refurbished
- All of the above means the car handles like it's new
- Full cam belt, aux belt, dephaser pulley replacement @ 47k
- Garaged for last 3 years and for last 18 months used as a weekend toy only - last trip out was the North Coast 500 in Scotland in April this year - didn't miss a beat over 2,000 miles
- With the exception of mark fish springs (and bosh aero twin wipers (!) ) the car is 100% OEM including the exhaust (which has been replaced with factory version as the original rotted). Steering wheel is original and still going strong

What's not mint - for clarity thought I would list what I know isn't 100%
- Original paintwork (with associated stone chips and slightly pink door handles)
- Cracked front fog light (from stone on North Coast 500)
- Chip on brand new windscreen (from stone on North Coast 500!)
- Seat belts could do with a good clean!

Some pics below (I have a full file of pics from mark fish of all work done) and there are more on the Owners Register - http://www.cliotrophy.co.uk/threads/112.50780/

Skyfall (Glencoe) April 2018


At the Applecross Inn April 2018
Some work done over last 2 years:

Feb 22, 2016
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A lot of time,patience and money has gone into that undercarriage.

Looks better than new :grinning: