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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Yeah thanks for all the effort RS-Editions. I appreciate that there might be a language barrier but he could possibly make it a bit clearer and easier to understand. But then again my Dutch is non existent. It wouldn't take too much effort to set up a PayPal account,I would have thought it...
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    This is probably a stupid question. The issue is that these dampers might not be genuine Trophy dampers,if their not what else might they be for? Twingo RS? If they are dampers for the Twingo I'm assuming that their not going to fit/work on the Trophy? Or will they still fit but the handling...
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    I'm interested in this as well. Thanks
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    That's great to hear,hopefully it works out
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    I'm not on Facebook so I can't send messages etc. Is Jesse just an individual who just happens to have these Sachs? Or I'm presuming he has some sort of business dealing with car parts if he has 20 pairs in stock?
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    Trophy in exalted company

    In other words,guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time :smiley: The 996 GT3,especially if it's a Gen 1,must be quite a rare car as well. It's great to be able to enjoy them both anyway. Happy motoring
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    Trophy in exalted company

    Congrats on the new addition. Do these use the 3.5 V6 now? Wonder what it's like compared to the 996 GT3? Both are stripped out racers but I'd imagine the Exige is on a completely different level regarding back to basics motoring. You have a cracking collection there
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    Brand new Rear clio trophy shocks WANTED

    This is probably a stupid question but can the rear shocks not be refurbished like the fronts? Or are they just not worth doing?
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    Brand new Rear clio trophy shocks WANTED

    Does fitting something like the Koni shocks make all that much difference in comparison to running an original rear shock? Does Koni do a particular shock for the Trophy or is it really just for the 182 model in general?
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    Monday afternoon outing for #407.

    Seems like you have some cracking roads on your doorstep :smile: Is the standard Clio 200 like this or is it just the Cup version or cars equipped with this suspension? I think Evo did an article recently and the Clio 200 Cup got great reviews.
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    What’s the current market trend ?

    Those 355's are definitely one of the most stunning looking cars of the last 20 or so years
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    Newbie with some questions (470/500)

    Wow that definitely sounds like an adventure back,20 Hours!! Where did you come across the front dampers?
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    trophy #248 - £8000

    Congrats,hope it went to a good home :smile:
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    5th Gear To Night

    Totally missed this new series of Fifth Gear. When did it start again and what channel is it on?
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    No 33 For Sale - 36k - £12,500

    The sales of Trophy's really seems to have run out of steam over the past few months for whatever reason