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    205 GTi vs R5 GT Turbo

    I've never driven a R5 GTT but I've had a 1.9 Gti since 2016. I took it out of the garage for the first time in about two years a few months ago. It really surprised me what it's like to drive something with so much feeling and texture as you drive down the road,you can easily forget what...
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    £22k Trophy

    I'd imagine after Millennium Heroes take their commission,if they are selling it for someone,the seller will be getting close to £19k ish.
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    Trophy Price

    If you are thinking of selling the car it would be great to see it going to someone like gonein60seconds. I think it will be in good hands there ? I dont know him either but reading his other posts,he will look after it.
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    Liquid Yellow 182 'Trophy' on M3 Cutters

    I've never seen Petrol Blue before, I've just had a quick google and it looks like it would really pop in sunlight, along with the Liquid Yellow of course :cool:
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    Trophy Price

    So are you thinking of selling it on? There can't be too many low owner cars about now I'd have thought.
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    Liquid Yellow 182 'Trophy' on M3 Cutters

    I'd imagine LY was one of the rarest colours, anyone know the production numbers?
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    Trophy Wanted - 2020 Rolex Submariner Date offered in PX (unworn)

    A lot of garage envy looking at all those pictures. Is the Vantage a manual? I still remember the Top Gear piece with Clarkson just driving and listening to that V12 engine, for once not opening his mouth.Just perfection :cool:
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    193 For Sale

    Best of luck with Collecting Cars. Be interesting to see how it does.
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    #42 on Collecting Cars.

    They have really expanded over the last few months as well. From memory I think they now operate in Australia,France,Italy,Germany,Hong Kong and possibly America.
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    #42 on Collecting Cars.

    Doubt there are too any Cup's around with that sort of mileage on them. Would love to try one someday.
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    #42 on Collecting Cars.

    That looks seriously nice. If you are thinking of selling it I don't think you will have too much trouble finding a buyer.
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    193 For Sale

    That looks like a real beauty and that it's been well taken care of. Best of luck with the sale,at least it looks like you still have a little terrier of a car there beside it to put a smile on your face ? You don't see too many black Mini's.
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    Low Mileage Trophy for sale.

    It must be starting to dawn on sellers looking for top dollar that the car has to be in very good condition and has the history to back it up to demand some of the figures being asked for now. If cars aren't being snapped up it sort of tells you people are holding back and not jumping on this...
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    Liquid Yellow Mégane 300 Trophy

    Love the seats.. Colour isn't too bad either :cool:
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    Yaris Gr

    You often see shots of hot Clio's on three wheels with the fourth cocked in the air. I don't think you will see too many Yaris GR's in a similar looking action shot. Some people are comparing it to an Evo 6 but unless my memory is playing tricks,I remember reviews of the time saying the Evo...