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    LSD on Clio 182

    Great decision, mate! :)
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    2k....!!! Hahahaha! I'd drive up to you and buy it right now for that price! :)
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    Trophy Help

    Cue is right - there are no records of Trophy number against chassis. :(
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    Trophy in exalted company

    :) Superb choice!
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    Washer Blanks.. dont get too excited!

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    Specialists in the Midlands

    It's not Birmingham, but just a short journey north (near Nottingham) is Mick at Diamond Motors. If you're after a well-established and reputable specialist then look no further. :smile: He's looking after my Trophy at the moment.
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    OEM Trophy Springs

    Your best bet is to give him a quick call as the Mark Fish Trophy springs aren't advertised anywhere (as far as I know).
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    Monday afternoon outing for #407.

    Nice write-up and photo, thanks! :)
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    THE ROAD RAT - The future of Magazines?

    I've never heard of it, mate... will keep an eye open for it! :)
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    What’s the current market trend ?

    Ouch! :openmouth:
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    Speedline Turini Update

    I'd be interested in a full set of 'Trophy offset' Speedline Turinis if it could be arranged. :)
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    FYI - Maybe good discussion point

    I don't even want to go there...! :( :)
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    I had a similar problem a few years back and it was spark plugs. Make sure you get the correct ones otherwise you may still have issues! NGK PFR6E-10 (3688) are the items to look for, e.g.