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    Door card

    Ive got a full set in the shed as i “upgraded” to the alcantara ones from a regular 182. Too big and awkward to post but I’m not looking for any money for them
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    Replacement red bonnet for Clio 182

    I certainly did. I sourced a mk2 clio bonnet in reasonable condition and the bodyshop flattened out any dents or marks. They resprayed the bonnet (obviously) and blended it into the wings. didn't touch the front bumper as there isn't enough joining red to need a 100% perfect colour match...
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    182 Trophy - Retro Reflections (Performance French Cars)

    4 page feature in the Jan/Feb Performance French Car magazine.
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    WANTED: Pair of Trophy Recaro Trendline Seats

    Someone on the weekender had a spare set! Unfortunately, I cant remember who it was. Someone with 200 recaros fitted?
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    Benson, Oxfordshire

    I think that could have been @hoolio . I’m only ten minutes up the road too. Are you local?
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    Steel Wheels
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    Steel Wheels

    It’d be a 14” wheel but with a much fatter tyre so the total circumference is about equal. I haven’t done lots of searching but it does seem it will have the same pcd and centre bore...
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    Steel Wheels

    Would you consider a plain old ph2 Clio steel wheel?
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    Trophy airbox

    Not to interrupt a sale but you should look into the 'fatty alternative induction setup' if you're looking for more noise.
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    Trophys by County

    #167 - Oxfordshire (36)
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    I'm happy to come and collect mine from Newbury. Can collect any others for a Oxford/Abingdon collection if it makes it easier at all
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    I'm happy as well. Also nervous as no. 23 on the list!!
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Add me too for the 20% discount set!
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    Insuring and taxing your trophy

    When did that change? I got agreed value last April with Greenlight. The guy on the phone did say my agreed value was realistic, which probably helped.
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    Renparts breaking 51k Trophy

    This car seems to be on the renparts website in the "breaking" section.