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    For Sale - Winter Wheels and Tyres

    Rupert, where are you based and could they be couriered ?
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    Trophy in exalted company

    Great setup Andy. I remember you and the GT3 from over on Impact Bumpers ??? Did a John Glynn organised Spa Tarck day in 2010 with my RS engined '73 I built with Tuthills and would love to do the same with the Trophy ... have you Tracked your Trophy ?
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    Brand New Genuine mk2 ph2 bonnet

    Chris I hadn't appreciated it needed painting my apology. In that case I'll pass on this occasion as mine is fine but has some stone chips that can be dealt with as and when. Enjoying driving it at the moment [emoji16] Sent from my SM-J530F using Tapatalk
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    Brand New Genuine mk2 ph2 bonnet

    Chris I'd be serious about this if I could get it to me more easily ! I'd then remove mine and switch over the fitments to it as alternative to a repaint. I'm happy to pay for Hermes or the like but would need you to wrap it. Is that possible? I shipped in a 911 bonnet from California so a...
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    Replacement red bonnet for Clio 182

    Could you PM me with price and postage options please, as mine is stone chipped and may consider new rather than repaint. Given it is Mat's thread he has first dibs though :smile: Thanks Scratch that, seen your for sale post on another thread.
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    Specialists in the Midlands

    I'd be interested in any other feedback as I'm in Stratford and will need belts etc. next year
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    Monday afternoon outing for #407.

    I lived in Leeds and Harrogate in the 70s and 80s and visited Harewood with a friend who had an RS1600. His Dad was the UK Hillclimb champion [emoji16] I also helped a colleague with a Skoda sillhouette car with a BDA and a Pilbeam single seater. So yes a blast up the now longer course through...
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    Monday afternoon outing for #407.

    Hillclimb Academy sounds interesting. I'm close to Prescott. Where were you considering? Sent from my SM-J530F using Tapatalk
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    Monday afternoon outing for #407.

    Glad I'm not the only one who feels my old fillings are in danger when I use the FF 200 with Cup .... still a great car but the Trophy is so much easier over poorer surfaces. I'd be interested to track day both though. Perhaps I'll get an opportunity to do one of the RenaultSport Days in 2019.
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    #31 and RS200 wah day

    Having driven the car as a regular (not daily) driver the these past few months, with an M25 100 mile trip, and then Surrye lanes in the evening, I thought it about time #31 got a good wash and wax. Well done to Simon the previous owner for keeping up wit this regime, as it is always easier to...
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    Speedline Turini Update

    I have two original and two new so I'd either take two old to refurb or two new to match. Sent from my SM-J530F using Tapatalk
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    Trophys by County

    #31 in Warwickshire with its younger RS200 stable mate Sent from my SM-J530F using Tapatalk
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    KTR induction kit

    Marc where did you source the battery cover and does it only fit the standard size as a believe my battery may be slightly larger ?
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    driver trophy on ebay with realsitic price

    Nice to see an open and honest advert but is corrosion really to be expected ? Never consider it with a modern car ! Sent from my SM-J530F using Tapatalk
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    On Ebay at £4k and MOT to March 19

    and that is all it says ? Ian