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    Brand New Genuine mk2 ph2 bonnet

    Price Drop to £110 collected
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    Few trophy items for sale

    That’s a confirmed on those rears. Same as 182 cup packed red and white marks.. which is what was fitted to the back of a trophy. Sorry to hear about your car. Did you buy it back?
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    Door card

    I always thought it was just 1.2 clio cards. ? See picture atf he dot current eBay listing. have a look what the 06 campus had? Bench I believe was actually only in the trophy. The same material patten can be found on some poverty spec cars but they are split folding with headrests. Not a...
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    Confused! they are on there reugulalry. If your a paid member to access sales section
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    A genuine 182 cat is a sports cat think it’s a 100 cell. I would look into trying a few s/h ones before forking out hundreds of pounds on a decent aftermarket one.
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    Lol.. you will be getting interest at the kind of money.
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    For Sale Trophy 057 £7495

    I’m sure I’d like it for £4800
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    take it to a specialst.. find out why its scraping thru? sensors, over fueling.. knackered cat.. A specialist that can actually read and decipher the car. Micks in Nottingham , not a million miles from Bradford and your allowed to drive without mot to a garge for repairs if pre booked. RS...
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    For Sale Trophy 057 £7495

    Thank goodness for that... I saw it and nearly came back for a third time!!! £4700 tidy, with spare sachs snappy and great history.. sub 100K. I did think owner must be really need to shift it!!!
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    Rear abs sensor.

    I always thought one of the differences was the male or female connector on the abs sensor.. and for some reason it got reversed on some models..but I might be wrong on that one.
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    Decent 182 handbrake cables and rear beam brake lines

    I sourced both from a well maintained 182 owner. Both had been reaplaced recently on the car so we’re pretty new. Hand Brake cables £25 plus delivery or collection. Be warned bix has to be reasonably large as to not kink the bend in the cables. Rear beam formed brake lines. The ones which...
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Lol, do you really think someone is going to send over a set of shocks so that they can authenticated and lead to a potential sale of 14 pairs of shocks? Your not buying 10,000 units on the back of a sample. Last seen at Renault for £1800 a side.... a long time ago, 600 euros is a steal. If...
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    Not mine... single trophy spring on eBay.
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    WANTED: 182 Handbrake cable

    Got some good s/h ones..
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    Brand New Genuine TDC sensors

    Genuine still sealed Renault TDC sensors. Choice of two 1 Sensor comes WITH the genuine new separate repair loom £50 posted 1 Sensor comes without the loom £30 posted PPG or add the fees please Cheers Chris