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    The creation of the 182 Trophy and related article on Pistonheads

    I'd have liked to have had it redone, but they've stopped doing cars now - and I'm down to the last drops of the little top up pots :( But that said, when she gets a drizzle of water, she come up like brand new still - was a great investment lol
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    Wanted - Pair of front wheels

    I'm selling 4 x 15" TSW racing wheels in black for £150, which I used to use as winter wheels, while not speedline's they'd cover you while you had the refurb. Having spent the best part a year trying myself to source a couple of trophy spec speedlines, you could be waiting a while.
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    Insurance Again

    I've tended to fluctuate between greenlight and adrian flux over the last decade. Only issue with AF is the insurer they generally use isn't as highly rated as Greenlight's list of insurers. But I'm not that bothered about agreed values, you don't have to accept any payout offered and given...
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    The creation of the 182 Trophy and related article on Pistonheads

    damn right - I'm not ever selling it, spent way too much on her to let it go now.
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    The creation of the 182 Trophy and related article on Pistonheads

    Yes Graeme, an inspirational creation and what a way to sign off the epic 182. I'll suggest to Nik to sticky the full article.. If you still have any influence at Reno, then I'd suggest they should be continuing to support the model by allowing parts to be remade i.e. their user licenses need...
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    Wanted - Trophy rear bench

    The FF 182 half leather one is a nice upgrade, but if you are only wanting stock - the basic clio rear bench is the same. The trophy one isn't anything special and doesn't match the front seats.
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    Jethro Bovingdon _ Collecting Cars Podcast

    Yeah Jethro's had a Trophy for while, I'm connected with him and have chatted about the Trophy on twitter.
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    Trophy Info

    We could have a mini meet hahaha
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    Inconsistent fuel gauge

    Yeah - I remember on wheeler dealers, they changed a sender unit and it was mentioned to never do any work on them without first draining the tank a day before so a possible spark (as it's an electrical circuit) doesn't light you up like guy fawlkes.
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    182 Trophy or 200 full fat cup

    The feel like different cars to drive - the 200 is a lot heavier so the you can't feel the extra 20 bhp, the gearing makes a bit more of a difference though. The trophy does feel like a stripped out car now, compared to modern cars.
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    Trophy Info

    Make that 4 lol
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    Inconsistent fuel gauge

    Sounds like a possible sender unit issue then - you'd need to test the unit before outlaying to replace ideally.
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    What’s tops on a Trophy these days ?

    Prices will always fluctuate - if anything looking over the longer term, i'd say prices have started to creep up over the last 24 months on average....
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    Part 2 - Eibach Trophy Front Springs - 15 sets.

    I'd be suggesting taking names on a constant basis then when you hit a mark of say 10-20, trigger a group buy so you can guarantee a market. I'll be interested in ordering some more when I use the last ones I have in stock - not sure when that will be but I'm estimating it to be in the next...
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    Trophy Info

    Was thinking of taking a drive up the road to have a look at this car.... pretty sure there's only 3 Trophy's in West Yorkshire (mine, another which a lady drives, which I've spotted a few times and this one, which I've not seen about for years....) but it may be a different Trophy of course.