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    Frayz’s Inferno orange 182 - Back in the old flame

    Anything above 220-230 bhp territory is gearbox ending territory according to most turbo people.
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    isofix bar bolts

    Will let you know when mine come in - I've ordered a set from renault...
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    Trophy Branded Mats - Group Buy

    I'm still waiting on some samples to come through - when I have these I'll post an update up....
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    No. 243 - Front Shock Fitment

    Its had solid top mounts fitted in the past, looking at that pic. I'd personally remove the lot, test the dampers, bump stops etc before refitting. The knocking you mentioned - is it under normal driving or on full lock? There's a none issue on full lock, we've a thread on here about it...
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    air con recharge

    Think mine needs some love - I have it regassed every other service, but it's not working i.e. not lowering the temp, so either I've a leak somewhere or the conditioner needs rebuilding :/
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    Lost Bullet

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    Trophy Bonnet

    As above - any clio bonnet of a similiar age would do...
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    Trophy Branded Mats - Group Buy

    Just confirming a list of sorts: Interested IRK Big Stan Ian Highfield Andy Tims Wils CS 1969 Greva Eayyjgy BenG Glenn Dee K Paule 78 Paul Morris Dibous Yannick (LHD) Scott M Pundle RTaylor 760 Stuflac SharkyUK Jimmy Brown Big Dave (Fronts Only if possible) Me (Cue) (Fronts only if possible)...
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    Trophy Branded Mats - Group Buy

    IRK, are you ok if I go out for a competitive quote - a friend of a friend works in the car mats sector I've learned and for the numbers we're talking about, I think I could get a decent knock down in price. Also, I'd be looking to get top quality ones - I've had the auto style ones in the...
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    Trophy in a sorry state

    The roof and bonnet look to have suffered also, which is why I think it needs a full and sympathetic clay bar, but depends on how damaged (and thin) the paint work is.
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    Aftermarket Exhaust Failures

    Happy to hear about the outcome, was worried as I have the original development exhaust he made for the 182 and it will need some TLC in the not too distant future and while a trip to cardiff can make for good day out, it's a hell of along way from Yorkshire lol.
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    Frayz’s Inferno orange 182 - Back in the old flame

    This thread is reading like a "how to guide" for a top class restoration. Great work.
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    Trophy in a sorry state

    It's looks to have oxidised - probably been washed with fairly liquid at some point. The door, wing and mirror could be newer, hence the different appearance. Putting my car crash investigator hat on, I'd say the cars had a minor scrape on the drivers side, which has resulted in the new door...
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    Sachs Rears as spotted on market place

    Ive been running koni adjustables on the rear since '09 and haven't regretted the decision at all.
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    Frayz’s Inferno orange 182 - Back in the old flame

    Only issue with using the fogs is I'm not sure it's a high pressure area for the airflow - might be worth checking with a bit of dye in some oil smeared on the lights, then going for a spirited drive?