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Hello bay

Been toying with the idea of buying a trophy for a while to add to my modern classic collection . Your car looks great condition .

What’s the under body like ? I buy most of my cars from japan so there exceptional underneath . I’m sure yours being a cared for example it would be too .

Regards miles
please PM me you contact detail. so i can get my Relative to get hold of you thanks.
Changed the coolant, did a complete flush of the system, hardest part of the whole project was getting the bottom hose off and on!
Hi hope you are well.
I’ve only just joined this group a few weeks ago. Looking to hopefully tie up a deal for a trophy by the weekend.

Noticed the Elise/exige in your profile have you found the trophy?

I’ve got a Boxster as my weekender at the moment but always wanted a trophy. Prices getting a bit crazy so I think I’ve gotta get one now!
Hi, sorry for some reason I’ve only just spotted this. Did you get fixed up with a Trophy
Hi Adam. Do you have a contact number, so i could give you a call about your car? Cheers Andy
Lurker extreme it took me 11 years from joining to posting and owning a Trophy