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I'd be interested in you sachs dampers if you'd be willing to post them or if you are close enough to collect,

Hi Rik, how's the work load re damper rebuilds looking like at the moment? Thinking of getting my spare set done ready for fitment on to the car in March time... I know one has failed on it's top/oil seal but no major damage - what sort of costing would you envisage?
Hello bay

Been toying with the idea of buying a trophy for a while to add to my modern classic collection . Your car looks great condition .

What’s the under body like ? I buy most of my cars from japan so there exceptional underneath . I’m sure yours being a cared for example it would be too .

Regards miles
please PM me you contact detail. so i can get my Relative to get hold of you thanks.
Changed the coolant, did a complete flush of the system, hardest part of the whole project was getting the bottom hose off and on!
Hi hope you are well.
I’ve only just joined this group a few weeks ago. Looking to hopefully tie up a deal for a trophy by the weekend.

Noticed the Elise/exige in your profile have you found the trophy?

I’ve got a Boxster as my weekender at the moment but always wanted a trophy. Prices getting a bit crazy so I think I’ve gotta get one now!
Hi, sorry for some reason I’ve only just spotted this. Did you get fixed up with a Trophy