Pretensioner cover - new idea

Aug 1, 2015
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Paris, France

If you're like me and hate the ugly pretensioner covers Recaro provides, this might be of interest to you. I designed a solid cover that just clips on the pretensioner while offering to my taste at least , a better look. I attached the left side STL file (for personal use only) that will allow 3D printing of the cover (rotate it to print it with flat outer face against the bed and just mirror it in your favorite slicer to get the right side equivalent). A minimum of 300mm 3D printer bed is required. Once printed just sand it to remove defects and imperfections and cover with your favorite 3M (or other) black vinyl covering. Just be careful during installation not to break the clips, remove the handbrake cover prior to installating the covers. I installed them on Jon Foz extra low Recaro adapters, hope it will fit the same on renault or recaro adapters. I hope they will be tall enough though to still look good as the original adapters are evidently taller...

Here are some pictures (pardon the quality, the car was in the dark in the garage and I was too lazy to drive it ouside...).

Pretensioner cover final outside.jpg

Pretensioner cover final inside.jpg







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