OEM 1 Piece Exhaust

Jul 28, 2022
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Just judging interest in this unicorn item. I'm sure those interested in originality know that the original 182/Trophy exhaust was fitted in 1 piece from the cat back on the production line but replacement items from Renault were only supplied in 2 pieces, as to either remove or fit a 1 piece you had to drop the rear axle.

As the owner of a 182 from new, I have an original 1 piece exhaust in my garage. It has very few miles on it, it had a few very light spots of surface rust on it when I put it into storage so I treated it with a rust treatment at the time which stained the colour in a few spots but it hasn't rusted at all since.

So for anyone who really wants their trophy to be as it left the factory, would you be interested? It would be collected ideally and you will need to drop your rear axle to fit it.