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    Trophy 31000 miles

    Why would anyone sell a 1 owner low mileage Trophy for 50% less than it's worth!!
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    Trophys by County

    #403 Cheshire
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    Any Trophy’s for sale around £7000?

    Message sent Chris
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    Worth waiting till Spring to sell my Trophy?

    Yeah cheers for the advice. Will get it all sorted and get it for sale once this rubbish weather has gone.
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    Worth waiting till Spring to sell my Trophy?

    I literally never use it and going to buy something 5 door as a daily and keep my 1M as my weekend / garage car. Question is, do I wait till Spring rather than try and sell in Winter where the car market always seems a bit stale. Thanks in advance.
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    #234 for sale on FB

    Too cheap, seems the going rate. I sold my Williams 3 with 74k on the clock for 6,500 last year which was too cheap but as I soon realised all these Williams advertised at £14k just don't sell.
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    What’s it worth?

    Totally true and the exact same scenario with E46 M3's. Some low mileage cars still need thousands spent on them. I'd rather have a well sorted car regardless of the mileage but I guess low mileage clouds peoples judgement as they are always seen as the better buy.
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    What’s it worth?

    One now on eBay with the same mileage. Wants £13k. That to me sounds a bit over the top but you never know!
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    What’s it worth?

    At the right time of year I'd say maybe £10k. I wouldn't let it go cheap.
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    WANTED: Clio 182 Trophy (sub 75k miles)

    Although some have sold for around that money I'd think you'd need a bit more for a well sorted Trophy with sub 75k. Good luck with your search.
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    Renparts breaking 51k Trophy

    No seats they tell me
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    Renparts breaking 51k Trophy

    Dropped them a line about the seats, hoping they are still around.
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    Picked up the Meg today

    Who you with? Sounds like they are decent with mods which is what I'm after.
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    Mark Fish springs

    To be honest I have no idea how much they are new? Keep me posted though. Cheers