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    CarPlay/ android auto pioneer evo62dab

    Yer the buttons are still usable as you can get a finger down the back, tho cheers for the tip and might take screen off come mot as it’s fairly easy to remove
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    Heater panel paint cracked

    I just shoved on some Gtec trim restorer and wax over the top of it, tried it on old panel first to test. . Who knows, cheers for the response
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    Heater panel paint cracked

    Does anyone know of something that can protect the heater controls fascia. A matte wrap.. ceramic coating? Lol . Ready to put my non-flaked in but want to prep with something
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    CarPlay/ android auto pioneer evo62dab

    Fitted this as if I was gonna lose my top display I wanted it to be worthwhile... rpd blanking plate for steering controls as they’re gone too
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    Indoor Car cover

    Just got mine in red after seeing this. Cheers for your mention
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    Rust Proofing and Protection - Your Experiences

    It sounds like you’ve got it under control and have some useful assistance, if you’re minds ticking at night watch road & race on his 350z who breaks his refresh down. Will be starting on mine in winter 52k atm so ? it’s like yours
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    Spare parts to get NOW

    Watching Harry’s garage restoration on something old and how every bit was so expensive (different league admittedly). 182’s aren’t being broken as much and most people on here don’t ever have plans to sell. What bits do people think you should buy now and shove on the shelf before they get...
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    LSD on Clio 182

    dry road use , probably not Wet / track use , be worth it
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    Clio Trophy Rear Shocks

    Having the cup and trophy atm on standard setups I personally think there’s not much different on the back. I had for a time b14s on the back and cup fronts as I didn’t have time to change and it was noticeably softer at the back when I put the cup rears finally back on. i might try doing the...
  10. S Trophy Artwork - Anyone Interested?

    Whoops didn’t see thread had pages ? she gets a dressing room and I’ve been told it’s going in the utility .. that’s no good ?
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    Clio Trophy Rear Shocks

    This is the only thread I can find on this from 2015... feel like the grave digger ? Has anyone got a newer thread to save going over what had been said? .. my story is I don’t think my rears have ever been changed. I’ve got some new b14’s in the attic so might shove them on however they’re...
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    Fuel Filter

    Ok thanks again for expanding on the subject. Blimey ! that reminds me of my rs3 when they had ‘lifetime’ transmission oil , and then it would break at 100k. Seems like Renault just set the mileage that high so the cars would be out of warranty.. Has anyone removed the gubbins and fitted an...
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    Trophy alloy wheel colour - paint code?

    That’s brill! thanks for that Marc and your fuel filter answer ??