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    Warminster Services A350

    Just caught a glimpse as it drove by on Wednesday morning 13th June at approx. 0730hrs
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    Spotted last night on A505 going past McDonalds
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    Trophys by County

    #288 Hertfordshire
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    Female in Trophy - Sheffield

    Oblivious ... sounds about right for a female whilst driving ;)
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    K-Tec Supercharger Conversion Kit

    Sorry the Kit has now sold, the conversion kit was very good and easy to install / remove. Just a simple bolt on package if your switched on mechanically. Produced 240 Bhp standard and 270 Bhp with a smaller boost restrictor. Misterdroid; Yes the kit will go onto any 182, you will only have...
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    OEM Renault Parts

    Top Man ! Thanks so much, I never thought about searching the french eBay !!
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    OEM Renault Parts

    Hello all, I require a few parts, I have the Renault part numbers however they are ridiculously priced in both France and UK. Was just wondering if anyone can help or advise? 2x Cold air feeds for original 182 box 2x brackets for air box (Front and back) Air box fixings OEM air filter I'm...
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    Trophy 220 fastest hot hatch
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    Clio 182 work shop manual detailed

    Would you be so kind to send them through to me please? Depending on size you may have to use a dropbox website of some kind?My email is, in advanceRob
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    Clio 182 work shop manual detailed

    Does anyone have a detailed workshop manual including exploded diagrams parts etc. I have managed to find a work shop manual for the F4R 730 engine however it is very basic, in fact its document title is Basic manual M.R.337
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    KTR Uprated Engine Mounts

    2off engine mounts like new, covered less than 3000 miles: Lower engine mount (dog bone) with Purple Powerflex bushes push into genuine twisted Renault lower mount: RRP for...
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    K-Tec Supercharger Conversion Kit

    I don't have a membership on this site so I therefore do not think I can post on there?
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    K-Tec Supercharger Conversion Kit

    Hello all, My Trophy last night had the final parts of the K-Tec supercharger kit removed. The kit has been packaged up and is now ready for sale. The majority of you Trophy purists are unlikely to favour this kit however I would appreciate it if the word can be spread. The conversion kit was...